stainless or blued

stainless or blued

This is a discussion on stainless or blued within the Defensive Carry Guns forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; Not sure if this has been covered before, if so than my apologies. Which do you prefer, stainless or blued finish on your carry guns? ...

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Thread: stainless or blued

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    stainless or blued

    Not sure if this has been covered before, if so than my apologies.

    Which do you prefer, stainless or blued finish on your carry guns? Whats the advantages and disadvantages of both?

    The reason I ask is I am on the fence as to which I prefer. Blued is less flashy, and generally cheaper, but can rust if not properly cared for, and i really dont like the way a worn blued gun looks. Then with stainless, its less likely to rust and less prone for noticable wear, but is more flashy and noticable. I like the looks of both, I'm kinda leaning towards stainless, but I am car guy at heart, so nice and shiny is my way of thinking usually, but for a carry gun, I'm not so sure if I should a apply that thought.
    Though even as a car guy, function over looks rules all. All the looks in the world mean nothing if it cant back it up.

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    I perfer stainless. That is just me. It is easier to clean and take care of but like you already stated it is more noticeable. I just think a stainless weapon is nice looking and that is why I like to wear. I do not have good facts on the pro's and con's of either.

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    Easy to clean, and won't be as affected by sweat. Also the added bonus that it looks really good. As far as visibility goes, I saw a quote on another forum that sums up my feelings on this matter: by the time the BG sees your gun, all he should see and hear is a flash and a bang, and should then be asking God where he made his mistake.
    Gun control is hitting what you aim at...

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    Thumbs up

    All of my carry guns will be Stainless Steel from now on.

    Now that there are no longer any galling problems with Stainless I can see no reason why Blued carbon steel is any advantage at all.

    One huge advantage of Stainless steel is that if you are planning on doing any modifications to your firearm then you do not need to send it out to have it refinished. Stainless is Stainless all the way through & there is no surface finish on plain Stainless.

    Scratches are easily repaired at home and holster wear is not a problem.

    Satin or matte Stainless is no more reflective than any other firearm.

    I love Stainless Steel for firearms.

    Especially if you carry inside the pants or in a shoulder rig under the pit like I do...I love the no rust feature of Stainless.

    Some people have said that they have had Stainless steel rust on them but, I have never been able to get any of my Stainless firearms to show even a hint of rust. I have camped with Stainless guns that have stayed damp for days at a time and I don't worry about them at all any more.

    I think the greatest thing that has ever happened to firearms in Stainless steel.
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    no doubt stainless steel. Its easier to keep clean.
    One of my carry pieces is blued for the fact its no longer made and I didn't have a choice. I'm just lucky the blue is a deep quality finish that is reputable in such a firearm. It gets a little more attention.

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    Given just those two,I would definately pick SS.(I have.)

    But remember that you have alot more choices out there than that. Some are cheaper than SS. Some are far less prone to rust than SS also.

    Anodized aluminum. "Plastic". Also all the coatings,or embedding processes that are on the market nowadays.

    Would suggest that you take a look at 'em all before final decission. --------

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    Third alternative - blackened stainless

    Several manufacturers offer semiautos with stainless slides finished in a black nitron finish. I have a Sig P229 in this configuration, and the slide matches well with the black anodized aluminum frame on the gun.
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    I agree with POGO stainless with ablue finish, if not stainless anyway.

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    Stainless. If what you what isn't offered in SS, get it Teflon coated, at your soonest convenience.

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    SS or Blue ??

    I too prefer stainless for the reasons the others have mentioned.
    Given a choice, I always select the stainless modelon a carry gun. If you are worried about the gun being shiny and flashy, if a satin or matte finish is not available, it can be bead blasted. Had that done to several of my single action cowboy guns to lessen the glare on the sights.

    My blued guns are not normally carry pieces. Stainless is far more durable and easier to care for in a carry gun.

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    Blue... just to be different :)

    Honestly, my main carry piece is a rather dull hard chrome, and my 'sometimes' carry guns are parkerized.

    I have 1 stainless handgun, I just got it, and if I had been able to find the same model in a nice deep blue for the same price, I'd have bought it. I also have 1 stainless rifle... same thing goes for it.

    Just personal preference... I like blue-and-wood guns and black-and-plastic guns better than stainless. Yeah, stainless is less likely to rust, but good maintenance takes care of that!
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    I have a stainless ruger single six that came with some rust. I knew the man that had owned it and knew he neglected his guns. So if you try hard it will rust, besides there are probably some non-stainless parts in it.

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    I certainly like Stainless. But... this newer blueing technique on the new guns is a far cry better than it used to be. Its more of a Blacking and its harder and resists rusting and abrasion better than the olden days. It looks nice too. So I am not afriad of it if I can't find what I want in Stainless. My little 38spl is the new Black blued finish. Doesn't, so far, appear to be a high maintenace finish.

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    To simply add to the other good points on the thread...Depending on what type of gun you carry I have noticed that many of the semi-autos that are availible in stainless tend to be stainless on both the slide and frame, which adds significant weight in the frame in comparison to either composite or alloy frames (usually between 8-12 oz extra for the stainless frames, depending on the pistol). Luckily, a lot of quality companies are offering lightweight composite/alloy frames with stainless slides; which give you many of the advantages of stainless for those concerned about holster wear, and the majority of the slide will be covered by most holsters or clothing (for the IWB carriers) if there is a concern for the less subtle color of stainless.

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    Aesthetically speaking I would choose blued but - practically speaking I am not going to carry a nice piece of Smith bluing and risk corrosion against this sweaty old body!

    Carry is SS ideally and my 226 ST reflects that, as did my SP-101. I will carry the 228 or 220 if need be but am very aware in summer of how often I will have to check for and protect against corrosion.
    Chris - P95
    NRA Certified Instructor & NRA Life Member.

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