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Need some advice for a 9mm.

This is a discussion on Need some advice for a 9mm. within the Defensive Carry Guns forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; Try the S&W 3913. I bet my life on one daily for the last two years. Its 25oz, 8+1 capacity, stainless slide with aluminum frame. ...

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Thread: Need some advice for a 9mm.

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    Try the S&W 3913. I bet my life on one daily for the last two years. Its 25oz, 8+1 capacity, stainless slide with aluminum frame. Mine is monotonously reliable. They can be had for $400 LNIB. I shot mine alongside my friends Springfield EMP, mine grouped as tight as his did. He was not pleased, having spent substantialy more on the EMP. Good luck with your search. Regards 18DAI.

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    Quote Originally Posted by johnbrodie View Post
    The SS slide doesn't seem prudent for concealed carry. Any thoughts?
    As long as you have a holster that covers most of the "bright" parts, and you don't routinely have CCW faux pas where you accidentally un-conceal it, there won't be a problem.

    I worried about that too before I purchased my first stainless handgun; after a little while I stopped worrying.

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    This is a kind of old post, but there has been some recent activity. If you are lookin for good prices in the Columbus area try Vance's on Cleveland Ave (bad location but good prices, and no I don't work for them although maybe I should for all the time I spend there.) I am not sure about either the Steyr or CZ 75 but i know they have some really good deals going on this month.
    I bought a Smith and Wesson Sigma 9mm from them last week. I took it out and broke it in and didnt have any problems with it once I got used to the trigger pull which was really heavy and lightened up a hair near the end of the outing, as opposed to my SA .45. I bought the Sigma because I was looking for a 9mm smaller than my GI, and for $280 and it holds 17, it fit the bill for me. If you have the money, I'd go for the Kahr over it, but for the money it meet my needs. Just my .02.

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    We are ALL SOOOO Lucky!

    I've read five pages of posts from passionate gun owners about their choice in 9mm CCW carry pistols. You CAN'T go wrong with a S&W 3913, or Sigma, or M&P 9C. Kahr makes a GREAT pistol (I've had three). Sig P239 is a pro-shooter favorite. CZ is a semi-well kept secret (I very much like my P01). The Springfield XD is anvil tough. Steyr is a Porsche of handguns. GLOCKS? Hell, who can argue with their almost complete success? Taurus fans forgive me... I'm still trying to get a BAD TASTE out of my mouth, but I hear terrific things about the 24/7.

    My point is...we're all so lucky to live in a place & time where all these fine choices are AVAILABLE to us. They're as close as the local gunshop with cases of top-flight self-defense ammo on the next shelf. We shouldn't (and CAN'T) take this for granted. Europeans did and their chance is GONE. Same for Australians. If you think it can't're a fool.

    Shoot well & often. Vote informed & wisely. Enjoy the freedoms of today & pass them to your Grandchildren. If you don't...who will?

    Now...go buy that CZ and TRY to wear-it-out. I'll buy the pieces.

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    If fortunate to own a few "compact high capacity" 9mm's. Of those, my Walther P99AS Compact, Steyr S9, and Beretta 8000F Type L Cougar and 92F Compact are outstanding guns.

    The Walther is easiest of the lot to conceal (it can even be concealed in a pocket holster if you got a big enough pocket since it's as big as a Glock 26 9mm), it's accurate, jumps a tad more in recoil than the other guns, and reliably reloads from 15-round full-sized P99 magazines.

    The Steyr is a joy. I have the first generation S9 and not the later S9A1. It's midway between a Glock 19 and 26 9mm's in size. Has those great trap/triangle sights (wish NS were made in that exact configuration though), has a great trigger pull compared to other polymer "Glock-like" triggered guns, sits lower in the hand than the Glocks and probably as low as an HK you can shoot it fast with little recoil, and it has a manual safety that is easy (for me) to use.

    The Beretta's are just fantastic guns...they look good (There, I said it! The Cougar L looks good!), they are IMHO the smoothest operating guns made by any company, are accurate and very concealable. However, neither are being made any longer...the Cougar L might come back (maybe??) courtesy of Stoeger?

    In the single stack 9mm's....I love my Kahr P9 Covert and PM9. They were my off-duty carry guns before I had to start carrying my duty SIG P229 while off-duty.
    USAF: Loving Our Obscene Amenities Since 1947

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    Any of the guns mentioned would serve you well. Go with th eone that fits you best. I myself started w/S&W 3913, then a Taurus pt111, then a S&W 457, and ended with the pistol that I'm packing today: an XD9 subcompact. If you haven't tried it, you owe it to yourself. The Steyr was a close second, but extras/price for the XD made the decision.

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    since you are mostly worried about the wear and weather issues on the slide....and already have a P99c......
    I would say.... hardchrome it and take the money and put it towards a fullsize P99

    I know we all want to have as many guns as possible... but I came to realize that if one gun is worth owning it... get 2 or 3 since you never know when the last time is you can get one (look at the P7's as they seen their last days of importation)

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    Quote Originally Posted by walther1 View Post
    I am in the market for a new gun and am looking for a 9mm (yes it has to be 9mm) stainless steel compact gun. Would like all stainless but could have stainless slide and composite everywhere else.

    I would like to have something similar in size to a Walther P99c (compact) or smaller. I would like it to hold 10 rounds of ammo (or in that neighborhood) and would like to spend no more than $600. !



    This P99c/AS arrived at my house a couple of weeks ago.. I love it!
    I bought this pistol, sight unseen, just from excellent reports on several firearm forums including (or something like that). At that forum "Shipwreck" has several and really sings praises for the P99 series.

    My P99c/AS is as accurate right out of the box as any pistol I've ever owned, including my all time measuring stick for accuracy, the Sig P239. I have run approximately two hundred rds of cheap wwwb ammo thru it with nary a hitch, and remarkable, for me, accuracy.

    A couple of the things that some people don't care for in the P99 series pistols surprisingly turned out to be some of my favorites.. I love the location and working of the decocker on the top left of the slide. I love the dual mag (drop free mags too) releases incorporated into the bottom of the trigger guard.

    I love the three trigger (striker) options of DA/SA/SA w/long trigger pull.. I love being able in DA to pull the slide back slightly and having a single action trigger. Perhaps many people won't care about such things as a red "chambered round" indicator, or the visable cocking indicator.. I love both.

    The P99c/AS has the greatest trigger (striker) I've even experienced in a new pistol. I hear it gets smoother with use, but mine is great now. Rapid reset, and 2nd strike capability are all plusses for me.

    I read someplace where the P99c/AS is like a Glock 26 on steriods, with all complaints corrected.. I had 2 Glocks in the past, and I can agree (for me) with that assessement.

    I'm not a "Glock-Basher" as I think for professional leos a Glock is an excellent firearm.. My Glock 26 just felt like a brick in my hands, I didn't care for the always light trigger action and it wasn't as accurate, for me, as my Sig P239 was.

    I took the P99c/AS out back two days ago and shot it "head to head" with my all time favorite Sig P239. I think the Walther is actually more accurate w/factory sights, but the Sig has Crimson Trace Lasergrips, and at self defense range (the only distance I shoot from) the laser affords the Sig just a bit more accuracy..

    I like my Walther so much I want to buy a full sized P99/AS next.

    You won't go wrong with a S&W 3913, Walther P5, KelTec P11, Bersa Thunder 9/UC.. I have these and they are all excellent in one way or another.. But for an overall package, the Walther P99c/AS, or the Sig P239 are my favorites.

    Best Wishes,

    J. Pomeroy

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