Trying to Decide on Which 1911

Trying to Decide on Which 1911

This is a discussion on Trying to Decide on Which 1911 within the Defensive Carry Guns forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; Greetings All, First post here after lurking for some time. I’m thinking about getting back to a 1911 platform because it just seems to fit ...

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Thread: Trying to Decide on Which 1911

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    Trying to Decide on Which 1911

    Greetings All,

    First post here after lurking for some time. I’m thinking about getting back to a 1911 platform because it just seems to fit so perfectly in my hand. I want to stay with 9mm as I like that caliber and I have lots of that ammo at home.

    The new gun would be my every day carry but I also don’t have $1000 or more to spend on it. I would probably trade my HK USP for part of the purchase. That was my duty gun and as I’m retired, it seems to be rather large to try and conceal.

    There are a couple of RIA 1911 GI Series locally for about $600 and today I saw an STI Spartan at Cabela’s for I think $700. I liked the FO front sight on the STI. Pro and con opinion on each please or should I try and save up the dough for one of the Kimbers or Springfield Armory. Thank you.



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    Welcome, David!

    Great question. After I get my BUG (Sig p938, stainless slide aluminum grips), if I can ever find one, I'll be saving up to buy my first 1911. I've been scouring the net for info and advice and from a purely 'internet research' point of view, which could be highly suspect, it sounds like Springfields are a great model for a first 1911. I've seen the Range Officer, Mil spec and Loaded mentioned as good ones to start with under a grand (some as low as $700-750) with the TRP being a really great option if you can afford it at around $1200. Also, Colt, Colt and Colt. Entry level ones seem to be just a bit over where you're talking. Purists seem to really like them; they seem quite open to later customization and have proven to be reliable. Dan Wesson Heritage interests me, but I'm not sure I want to go that high or if I'll ever see one in stock. I definitely am seeing a lot of guys really like their STI's so unless someone here can give you a reason not to, they look good. And of course there's Sig. Lot's of guys seem to love their Sig 1911s.

    Anyway, when you win the lottery you can order your Les Baer, Ed Brown or Nighthawk.

    So, chime in guys. Enquiring minds want to know...

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    I'd take an STI any day over the RIA guns. I don't own either, but I'm a 1911 guy and I shoot weekly with many more. STI makes some seriously durable guns and their customer service is quite good.
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    I have a Kimber in 9mm (stainless pro carry) and I really enjoy that. A family member also owns the Kimber Ultra CDP in 9mm and that is an excellent gun as well. You can find the Kimbers for around a grand on Otherwise I have shot a Sig and springer and preferred the sig. More money though.
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    I'm saving for my first 1911 and I'm leaning toward the Kimber myself. Great looking pistol and I have heard nothing but good things about them.

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    Take a look at Ruger 1911. Lots of upgrades for $600+

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    Re: Trying to Decide on Which 1911

    Never trade in a gun when you can sell it outright. You will always losses money on a trade. Either keep the USP or sell it yourself.

    If your are looking to move a gun you like, I would highly recommend avoiding the "budget" guns and get something a little higher up the food chain.

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    Here's a thought....

    You like 9mm. You own a USP. Provided that your USP is a V1, you can operate it as a single-action only pistol, much the same as a 1911. Perhaps that can be part of the answer for your handgun needs?

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    I vote for the Kimber or Springfield EMP. Most folks never eventually regret buying quality once they have it.
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    600$ is way overpriced on the RIA.
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    I'll second that!!!

    I carry my USP45c V1 in the same condition as my 1911's. At times it's my primary, since all my 1911's are Gov. models, because it's lighter. If you can do that you can carry the USP in condition 1 and save up for a 1911 and your set.
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    Re: Trying to Decide on Which 1911

    You may want to checkout metro arms American classic. A great quality inexpensive 1911. Should be able to pick one up around $500. Similar to the RIA

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    I have a Springfield Armory 45ACP which is a dream and have heard good things about their 9MM version as well as STI.
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    My opinion is the 1911 was meant to be in .45 acp. If you must go 9mm it limits you (given your budget) to either the Springer EMP or the Kimber Aegis line if you want a quality gun. I have a Kimber in .45acp and absolutely love it.
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    why spend all the cash just pick up a RIA 1911. these are nice pistols

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