MGW Sight Tool for Glocks.

MGW Sight Tool for Glocks.

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Thread: MGW Sight Tool for Glocks.

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    MGW Sight Tool for Glocks.

    I had to install night sights on my Glock 26, 19, 30, and 2 Glock 17s (mine and a brother-in-law's). I figured if there was ever a time to buy "The Tool", this was it. So I ordered one specifically for the angled stock sights from Optics Planet December 27th. I was informed it was backordered after I placed the order. I ended up canceling the order Thursday last week and ordered one through my LGS last Friday. Optics Planet wasn't a problem, they just couldn't get one and were very cooperative.

    My LGS was successful. I Picked it up this morning, stopped by the hardware store on my way home, picked up some Loctite 242, 262, and 620. Got home around 10:30 and went to work. I'd spent some time on the WEB studying videos (some of which are really misguided) and looking for how-to articles. It turns out to be a relatively simple task.

    I dry ran the whole thing by removing the first set of stock sights, then reinstalling them for practice. Rear sight, no probem. Getting that screw in the front sight wasn't going to be easy for my 70 year old fingers that have the finger prints (tire tread) worn off them.

    I solved the problem. I have a Wheeler Engineering "Pro" (yeah, right) set of tools. In it is a very thin wall 3/16" socket which is perfect for removing the Glock front sight screw, but way too deep to hold it for instalation of the new front sight screw. I thought about that for a bit, then took a bit of pencil eraser, used a razor blade to trim it to fit in the socket and made it 'just' long enough that the new screw would sit on it. That looked pretty good. I made a trial run with the stock front sight and after arranging a light to shine vertically upward, was able to holed the slide with my finger on the sight with the screw pointing up sitting on the eraser insert in the wrench and get it started, no muss, no fuss. Tried it a couple/three times. No problem.

    Once I had a technique for the front sight screw installation, the rest was easy.

    I cleaned the sight, screw and the slide with lacquer thinner, put a couple of drops of 620 on them, screwed it in finger tight, but as finger tight as I could get it. Then I checked the front sight alignment, and when it was good, went to the back sight.

    I just used the tool to push the rear sight in. It started by hand for a bit more than the required 1/8", so with the MGW tool well lubed I followed the instructions and it pushed the new sight right into place no problem.

    By the time I was done I was popping the stock sights out and the new ones in pretty much like the old Shick Injector Razor - push-pull-click-click. I took my time but was still able to easily and professionally install a set of Trijicon nights sights in 15 minutes.

    There is nothing quite like having the right tools. I got by with the modified wrench for the front sight screw, but if I had it to do over, I'd go ahead and spend the extra money for the Glock front sight tool that has a magnet in it.

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    Hey at least you got it done. But yeah having the right tool for the job makes a world of difference.

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    I bought one to change the sights on several Glocks I purchased in the Before Time. Works great.
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