I have the pleasure to talk to Doug over at ATEi (Maker of the Costa M&P (ATEi) for those who don't know) fairly frequently and stopped by his shop to look play with the Vanguard 2 by Raven Concealment to make sure it works with my undercut trigger guards.

Started talking about his trigger work and he asked to see my newest compact. I handed it to him and in five minutes he had it feeling like a new gun! Didn't do his full trigger job but put his reset on it, reduced take up on reset, radius'ed and polished plunger and modded the spring.
Showed me around the shop and some cool stuff he's working on.

Wow, what a great guy. Every interaction I've had with him has been more than positive.

I had bought my full size with work already done on it by someone else and felt it was good enough. Now he's getting my full size for SURE.

PS. The VG2 (VanGuard 2) is gonna be awesome! Can't wait to get my grubby hands on one.