Who carries a PX4?

Who carries a PX4?

This is a discussion on Who carries a PX4? within the Defensive Carry Guns forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; I've continued to be asked about the PX4 for sale on our website. Our team members personally don't have one and I would like to ...

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Thread: Who carries a PX4?

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    Who carries a PX4?

    I've continued to be asked about the PX4 for sale on our website.

    Our team members personally don't have one and I would like to hear if any of you guys carry one? It seems to big for me personally but I guess it all depends on how you plan to carry and what your style is? The answer is YES if you're in Texas, right :) ?

    Thanks for any input you have!
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    Who carries a PX4?

    If it helps.

    I had a beretta cougar in .45 for a while. (I think it has a similar profile). Carried it on rare occasion, in a shoulder rig.

    I bought my XD subcompact because of it ;)

    I sold it not too long ago. It was an excellent "little" .45 at the time, but was heavy and bulky. If I ever go back to a .45 I'm seriously considering the XDs. I got the chance to look at one at a local shop. Really nice for a small .45.

    I like Beretta's guns, but my EDC is an XD right now. (I'm also considering a Sig P938).

    Hope that helps you out?

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    I will occasionally carry my full sized PX4 9mm during cold weather months in my White Hat hybrid style holster. It is a little large for everyday carry but is a great shooter and has been dead on reliable.

    I primarily use it as my bedside gun and range toy.
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    Well If my LTCH ever arrives I'll be carrying my full size 9mm. I just ordered a Remora holster for it. I figure I'll be able to find somewhere to carry it since the Remora allows pretty much infinite carry positions. I'm hoping to get away with AIWB but if worse comes to worse I'll be a 3 or 4 o'clock guy.

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    I have a full-size 9mm PX4 and have found that a NateTactical IWB can do the job. Don't usually carry IWB, but there are some holsters that will work. I do, however, prefer OWB and the PX4 in the Inox (SS) model is mainly my nightstand and range gun. My EDC is now my Taurus 709 Slim, 9mm, with the SS slide.
    P.S. Jeff at HaysHolsters is making me an OWB for the Beretta.
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    I own a full-size 9mm and a full-size 45ACP. They are great guns, but I would suggest installing the low profile kit if you plan on carrying it. The stock slide release and safeties are somewhat large.

    The only thing that sucks is the cost of magazines.
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    I carry a PX4 in 40 S&W daily as my duty weapon. They are very good pistols but I prefer the Beretta 96 and Sig P229 that I carried on duty before the PX4.

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    I would like to hear if any of you guys carry one? It seems to big for me personally
    Not as easy to carry concealed as a Glock 19 but easier to carry concealed than a Beretta 92. As with any other full sized pistol the right holster, belt, and cover garment combo makes it do-able and the PX4 Storm is worth the effort.

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    Which one ?? Full size / Compact / or Sub-compact ???? I can talk to the Compact and Sub-compact versions. Both are 'great ' guns. They shoot great, well made , little recoil and good on follow up shots, etc. They are very accurate and very reliable. They conceal easily for some reason, even though they are wider and you might not think so, they do. I know the sub-compacts were used by many police depts before they were open to being sold to the public, and Beretta used all input from those depts to improve the gun and work out any bugs before the gun hit the public. I know several LEOS" who own both , out of choice, and who love them and woudln't trade them for anything else. I've never heard anyone who's owned one or owns one , to have any complaints about the gun at all. Some depts use the full size as their issue gun as well.

    The sub-compacts fit most XD holsters as well, as they front barrel area and dimensions are very close to the same. It and one other gun, are the last two in the guns I have that I would ever give up.

    Hope that helps.

    Comparing one to a Glock and in the terms of how they are made, it's like comparing a KIA (Glock) and a Mercedes (Beretta).
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