New Glock fan!

New Glock fan!

This is a discussion on New Glock fan! within the Defensive Carry Guns forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; I picked up my first Glock this week. For all the years I have owned guns I have never owned a Glock so I decided ...

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Thread: New Glock fan!

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    New Glock fan!

    I picked up my first Glock this week. For all the years I have owned guns I have never owned a Glock so I decided to try one and bought myself a G26 4gen. I took it the range yesterday and I have to say I am impressed. My typical carry gun is a Usp compact but I was looking for something a bit smaller and lighter. It definitely shoots different than my DA/SA HK but it is a great shooter! For my first range trip with it yesterday it felt very comfortable and just easy to shoot. It is a lot more accurate than I thought it was going to be with some very decent grouping with good follow upshots. I ran about 200 rounds through it with a combination of crappy aluminum Blazer and Speer gold dot HP with no issues. I think this will be my new carry weapon once I find a good owb holster for it. It looks like Glock is not all hype and I would definitely recommend one so far. It is also a pretty easy transition from my HK to the this gun as well.
    Thanks for reading!
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    Glad you like it I carry a Glock 23 for EDC
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    New Glock fan!

    I love my glock 19 and 23, both gen 4. They are great, simple handguns that just go bang every time.

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    I have a glock 30 and its rock solid dependable!

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    I just picked up a gen 4 G26 a few days ago to replace the G3 G26 that is on load to a friend. I absolutely love it. It's everything that makes my G3 great with a couple extra bells and whistles. The G26 is still the compact carry gun that I judge all other compact carry guns by.
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    The 26 is one of the best models they make. If you wear the right trousers you can even carry it in a pocket holster.
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    Doesn't that koolaide taste great!!!!!!!!
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    I have owned a Glock since ~1991
    Glock > any DA/SA
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    You guys and your Glocks, oh there great, oh there the best, bla bla bla. Tell ya what, take your GLOCK box it up and..............I'll give you my info so you can send it to me. One 17 here 2 19's but no 26 yet. I'm jealous. Enjoy your new GREAT and Awsome gun.
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    Love my Glocks and I want to get a G23 for EDC. My Sigs were bothering my back so I've switched to the lighter Glocks and it has helped my back.

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    Love my Glock 27 and 17 for that matter.

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    I've never met a Glock I didn't like.
    That Glock-26 is a fine carry pistol. Just this morning, I took a visiting sister-in-law, who had never fired a gun...out to the range.
    We started with a .22, then a .32, on to a .380...then a .38 and to a .357. Then we jumped to a couple of Glocks. She fired the G-36 pretty well, she wasn't intimidated at all. Then she fired the Glocki-26 and put 6 out of 10 inside a 8" circle at 21'...I was was she.
    She liked the Glock-26 best of all.
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    The trouble with Glocks is that you have to shoot them.

    If you just fondle one in the store, you'll never be impressed. Looks are so-so, ergos are merely adequate. The factory sights leave much to be desired.

    But if you shoot's on. Throw some real sights on it and you have a darn good gun. Very fast.
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    Glad you are enjoying your glock! The 23 is my favorite gun and plan on getting some more glocks down the road.

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    New Glock fan!

    Quote Originally Posted by Bowie View Post
    I picked up my first Glock this week.
    another one hooked on the Glock teat. welcome to the dark side. I like many different handguns but none have been as reliable as my G19 or G26.
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