what should i buy revolver or semi auto

what should i buy revolver or semi auto

This is a discussion on what should i buy revolver or semi auto within the Defensive Carry Guns forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; i been looking at a new cc gun i want some ideas some one help me pick my new cc piece i had my eye ...

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Thread: what should i buy revolver or semi auto

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    what should i buy revolver or semi auto

    i been looking at a new cc gun i want some ideas some one help me pick my new cc piece i had my eye on a shield but idk i want a pocket carry or iwb give me your ideas i was also thinkin revolver i have never owned one otherwise a semi auto give me ideas on guns that i should get i want to spend 500 or under pf9 is a no go junk lc9 i dont like the trigger pull i looked at a rossi 38 5 shot snub give me ideas guys help me choose my next carry peice

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    If there is a place in your area that rents firearms to try before buy that is the best way to go..... While you will get many good suggestions on this forum many will be based on the posters personal preference......

    See also.......
    Natural point of aim
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    Ask 20 people and get 20 answers...go to a gun shop and start holding the guns, one will start calling your name.
    Don't buy right away, but when you find some favorites, come back and ask about them here.OMO
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    Revolvers have BIG pluses, simple mechanics of shooting, visibility of load status, less able to have problems you need to have fixed etc. They shoot 6 or 5, some consider that too few, but realistically I think the average is 2 or 3 shots in an SD encounter. Still, it COULD be too few rounds.

    However 2 of my semi-autos have never had a failure to fire: Sig P220 45acp Elite Stainless and a Beretta 92 FS. So, depends on which semi-auto.

    What you get down to is simple taste, some like this and some like that - and many, like me, use both for CCW (I don't mean wearing two guns at the same time).

    Shoot some of each. Revolvers take more trigger skills to learn properly, but if you can shoot a revolver with ease and accuracy you can shoot most semi-a. easily.

    And then after trying a number of each, you make a choice, maybe get the other next. Few people have one gun - sort of like having one pair of shoes. Maybe you'd end up after a few months with one full-size semi-auto you could Carry with ease, and one snub.

    Perfect pairing, as is visa-versa!

    Have fun shopping, you can't go wrong with either!

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    I like Revolvers but, you have to shoot a few and see what you like. My wife is practicing for her CCW Permit. She liked my 442. I was surprised, I thought I was going to loose my LCR. Wednesday she will try a 605 Taurus shooting 38 Spl. Ammo. I think she may like the extra weight to help with recoil. You can't rush into a carry gun.

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    I've got a few revolvers and have shot them for years. The thing that made me get a semi-auto for CCW was the idea of reloading and carrying extra ammo. With revolvers, I have to carry speedloaders, which are really bulky. The magazines for the 9mm are pretty slim. Also, the time needed to reload a semi-auto is a fraction of that of the revolver, even with speedloaders (at least for me--I can't do it without looking down, wiggling the speedloader to get the cartridges to fall, etc.)

    I bought a Kahr CW9.
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    You got alot of good advice go to a range that rents guns an shoot a few you will figure it out

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    No one but you can answer that.
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    I think every gun owner shoould have at least one S&W revolver and one Colt 1911
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    I love revolvers. They are dependable and always go bang. On the other hand, some of my favorite guns are semi-autos and I love them, too, and they always go bang. I guess this wasn't much help. good luck

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