Dress or Nice clothes...Dress or Nicer looking Gun

Dress or Nice clothes...Dress or Nicer looking Gun

This is a discussion on Dress or Nice clothes...Dress or Nicer looking Gun within the Defensive Carry Guns forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; I have a glock 21 gen 3, but I was thinking about this: Glocks are not "pretty" to look at. This might be touchy/feely sounding ...

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Thread: Dress or Nice clothes...Dress or Nicer looking Gun

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    Dress or Nice clothes...Dress or Nicer looking Gun

    I have a glock 21 gen 3, but I was thinking about this: Glocks are not "pretty" to look at. This might be touchy/feely sounding but I'm looking for a nice looking gun to carry with a suit/dressier clothes. Yes, I am concealing and this is the touchy/feely part-- It would make me feel good (inside) knowing I have a Nickel .357mag revolver or a 1911 with a stainless look, not a dirty, polymer glock, but still be able to conceal it in a suit (read: subcompact/5-shot snub.)

    My hangup is that I don't have a whole lot to spend since I just picked up the glock and I have a bunch of kids. However, I wear a suit 2-3 times a week and go business casual the rest of the time. Layaway is my friend.

    I guess I look at the Glock and think, good for jeans, khakis, shorts, coats, etc..BUT when I dress up, I like to dress everything up. I wear a nice watch, right? I sport a nicer wallet. I wear a lapel pin sometimes. I think you all get the point.

    What would you choose? I'd love to hear your opinions minus the flames I might get for the touchy/feely.

    (also, I was thinking about how expensive ammo is (uh, why did I buy a .45acp) and looking at 9mm, .38spcl, etc...)

    P.S. I have a 4" barrel S&W 38 special that I inherited from my father-in-law. It isMy only other handgun right now and it is steel framed. Yet, I haven't figured out if I shoud/would carry it. The Glock was my first handgun that I bought, and my dad never owned guns, so I wonder if I made the wrong choice SIZE wise. I know the glock is a fantastic firearm.

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    One of the beautiful things about a GLOCK is they are black (well most of them). They go with anything but you are concealing so I don't see the point of how purdy your pistol is. I rarely dress up but even if I did I doubt it would influence my concealed carry choice as there is no better choice than a GLOCK (see what I did there, now people are gonna flame me instead of you). I could see if you open carried but personally I'd stick with the GLOCK. Same pistol, same carry location, just makes it simpler if you ever need to use it.
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    Buy a nicer holster. It dresses up a plain jane gun nicely.
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    Get a 1911, they look good with everything.
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    Like Sixto said, I would get a "pretty" holster and stick with the Glock. In fact, that is what I did.
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    If I were in your shoes I would buy a nice looking holster now and start saving for a commander sized 1911 or a Sig p938.
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    This guy will make you a holster you will love hayesleather.com image.jpg you can always send your revolver to gemini to look like this image.jpg my 60

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    This is not meant to "flame" at all. I'm serious here. A gun, that you chose to be your primary self defense tool, is NOT a fashion accessory. It is a life preserver, or a seat belt or, a fire extinguisher.

    Ugly or pretty shouldn't enter in to the equation. If it is what will save your life, that is beautiful!

    Let it ride in comfort in a good looking leather holster on those dressier occasions but stick with the tool you chose. After all, you chose it for a reason, right?
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    Quote Originally Posted by BuffaloRider View Post
    I'd love to hear your opinions minus the flames I might get for the touchy/feely.
    You won't get many flames at all for touchy/feely here! Just look at some of the "gun porn" bcmgilvray posts of his classic blued-steel and wood guns, and all the oohs and ahhs they generate. Yep, we get caught up in the utility side of our guns, but most of us here (I think) are true gun folk who can appreciate the art and beauty in the metal, wood, plastic and leather implements we use.

    Until you can afford a "barbecue gun," the advice to invest in a classy holster is solid, and even a custom rig will be far less expensive than another gun.
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    Well I will admit this: If I wear a sport coat / tie, I like to carry my PPK/S in my Galco executive shoulder rig or my Kimber Pro-Ultra carry in my Galco Miami Classic shoulder rig. Most of the time I look like a bum and have my G-26 or Ruger LC9 IWB.
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    Your going to start getting into the BBQ gun conversation pretty soon.

    For those occasions where I am dressing up a bit, I generally carry my HK P7m8. It's as black as your heart, and goes with everything. It also rides in a shark skin Milt Sparks VMII holster.

    NOT because it's pretty, but because it conceals really well. And the holster is shark skin because it's really durable and the shark skin belt loops are a lot heavier duty than the horse hide ones on my other Sparks' holsters.
    If I have to show it to anyone, things will have already gotten very ugly.

    I often carry the same rig when I am wayyyy dressed down, and for the same reasons. Black goes with everything
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    Desert Eagle .50 chrome. That's class.
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    1911 or a SIG. They have class.

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    Refinishing that S&W .38 might be an option, if you're open to altering it. So long as it's not a classic collector's piece, I can't see why not. Might be your simplest and least-expensive option.

    Give Robar a call, to inquire about what refinishing/coating options might impress.
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