New .45 ACP Pistol Advice

New .45 ACP Pistol Advice

This is a discussion on New .45 ACP Pistol Advice within the Defensive Carry Guns forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; I want to purchase a full-size .45 ACP pistol to use as my dedicated home defense handgun and which will be kept locked inside a ...

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Thread: New .45 ACP Pistol Advice

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    New .45 ACP Pistol Advice

    I want to purchase a full-size .45 ACP pistol to use as my dedicated home defense handgun and which will be kept locked inside a Gunvault biometric Speedvault safe attached to the side of my nightstand for quick access. This role is currently being handled by my Heckler & Koch USP Compact in .40 S&W, but I want to move up to .45 ACP for increased firepower.

    My available options here in Costa Rica are the following:

    - HK45
    - FNX 45
    - Glock 21
    - Beretta Px4 Storm
    - M&P 45
    - Sig Sauer P220 Combat
    - Kimber Desert Warrior
    - Para Ordnance Black Ops
    - Remington R1 Enhanced
    - Springfield Armory Operator 1911

    The Kimber, Para Ordnance, HK, FNX and Sig Sauer are all VERY expensive in Costa Rica, but they are clearly top shelf handguns and a real beauty. The Beretta, M&P, Glock, Remington and Springfield are more affordable. The most affordable of all is the Glock 21. What do you guys think? Is it worth it for me to spend heavily on a say HK45/FNX or should I just focus on buying a plain ol' Glock?
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    Here's a thought...

    What you've listed are all fine handguns. Clearly some with better craftsmanship than others.

    You mentioned that this is your first .45. When buying a gun, perhaps don't assume that you'll have the option to buy another someday. Pretend this is your first and last .45. Consider parts availability and best reputations for reliability.

    Does that change your decision logic?
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    H&K 45 it is close to your other weapon. Has DA/SA, good grip, night sites, The Sig 220 Combat is nice but that will be lower in capacity. The FNX is not as nice as the H&K or Sig.

    It sounds like the price is your ultimate factor so then it is a very simple choice. Glock 21.
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    Glock . . . reliable gun, plenty of parts available should they ever be needed and the price won't break your bank. G21 is fine but consider the G30 or G36 models as well, if available.
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    Home defense..............Glock 21.....hands down, the best.
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    G21 is the way to go for HD use.
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    Glock 21 or M&P 45 would be my top two picks from your list. Probably leaning toward the G21 due to higher capacity assuming you shoot the two equally well. They also happen to be on the more affordable end of the spectrum.
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    agree with Sparky. The M&P and Glock are very good guns and the most affordable. For home defense, I have a Springfield Armory XD .45 that holds 13 rounds
    of .45acp that I bought used for $400. Not the most expensive gun.....but Lord help the guy that comes into my home uninvited that has to stare down the
    huge hole at the end of that barrel. Its accurate and has never had a failure.

    You don't need to drop big bucks on a gun to get one that will get the job done.
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    You've had a lot of votes for the Glock 21, and I would have to add mine to it. But, as WHEC724 stated, parts and support equipment are a consideration. I would add that you need to give consideration for climate, particularly in your region. If you have access to Glock parts and support equipment, hands down I would take the Glock. It will likely take the climate there better than most others and extend its service life. This is of course my own opinion. You also need to base your decision on which one you shoot best and are most comfortable handling.
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    Thanks to you all for the advice! I have been leaning towards the Glock 21 as well due to the great value in terms of price, reliability, capacity of 13+1, accuracy and the fact that I already own a Glock 26 and love it.

    Just so you guys cherish how good you have it up there, here's the prices for the aforementioned handguns:

    - Glock 21 $700
    - Beretta Px4 is $1,150
    - HK45 $2,300
    - M&P 45 $1,200
    - Kimber Desert Warrior $2,500
    - Sig Sauer P220 Compact $2,100
    - Remington R1 Enhanced $1,575
    - Para Ordnance Black Ops $2,000
    - SW1911 $1,800
    - SA 1911 Operator $1,500
    - FNX 45 $2,200

    I'm gonna get this one:

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    My personal top choices are:

    I would avoid the Para Ord and Beretta. Nothing wrong with those companies. I just personally don't care for the product. Sig is nice, but I don't think you get any better of a firearm for much more money.

    If you go with a 1911, that is another conversation. You need to dedicate yourself to running that platform. It has its own set of needs. I have a Kimber for my home defense pistol. The Springfield is a great pick. The Rem is o.k. at its price.

    Your post came up as I was typing. That is a HUGE price gap! I thought you were talking $100-200!

    The H&K and M&P aren't that much better than the Glock. (I hate Glock ) you made a good choice.
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    It looks like you are making a good choice in the G21 especially with the prices you would have to pay for some of the other ones. But I have to ask if 10mm ammunition is readily available to you. If it is I would consider the G20

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    I have the Glocki-21 with a SureFire x300 light on it...the perfect HD weapon.
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    Para Ordnance and Remington top tier guns?

    But hey, you can't go wrong with the Glock.
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    If I were you, I'd get the Glock 21. Inexpensive (relatively any how), reliable, available, and resistance to the heat & humidity of Costa Rica. If available, you may consider a Glock 30/30SF/30S with a couple of Glock 21 mags on hand. All the firepower of the 21 and the compactness of the 30 if needed.
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