Is your first EDC gun still your EDC?

Is your first EDC gun still your EDC?

This is a discussion on Is your first EDC gun still your EDC? within the Defensive Carry Guns forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; This was the poll I really wanted to do but instead did one on the first gun bought. I have run this poll on other ...

View Poll Results: Is your first EDC still your EDC?

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  • No, I do not carry it at all

    67 44.08%
  • I carry it once in a while but not every day.

    30 19.74%
  • Yes, I carry it every day

    33 21.71%
  • I carry it the most but not every day.

    22 14.47%
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Thread: Is your first EDC gun still your EDC?

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    Is your first EDC gun still your EDC?

    This was the poll I really wanted to do but instead did one on the first gun bought. I have run this poll on other forums and am curious as to the results here.

    Most people tell me that they do not carry their first carry gun. I tell new students that the odds are that they will end up with several carry guns so not to stress too much over their first carry gun as if it has to last them the rest of their life.

    So is the first carry gun you bought for every day carry still carried every day?

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    Marion County, Ohio
    Not the first, second, third, or fourth.
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    Yes, indeed. Ruger SR9c. I have others that are used but this one gets carried most often.

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    My first edc was an LCP. I carried it for over a year. I shot it on a regular basis. One of the few guns I've owned that I have truly hated. I got rid of it a few months ago.

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    No, although I could. I use it in my safety class as a demonstrator.

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    Absolutely not! I started carrying 9 years ago with a beretta 32. It was ok but since then I have gone through a multitude of carry guns until I finally found what I believe to be the ideal carry gun. I could have saved a bundle if I had bought it sooner! I don't name it here because what is ideal for me may not work for someone else.

    Here's what I wanted In a carry gun:
    Decent caliber
    Very light weight and thin
    Small enough for pocket carry
    Decent sights
    Fairly good accuracy
    So far, 100% reliable
    Eats everything I feed
    No unnecessary controls

    What more can I say?
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    While not the same gun I do carry the same type and model. (XDsc)
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    Glock 23. It is a perfect tool for edc. That's why I bought it. I want to add a pocket pistol for this summer but the glock will always be the go to piece for me.
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    Everyday carry is not limited to a single handgun around here however the Smith & Wesson Model 10, which was my first handgun back in 1975, is still in the rotation.
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    My EDC gun was my only handgun for about 6 years. It was an XD 40 SC. I bought a Glock 19 and it became my EDC (usually).
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    I carry a glock 19 gen 3 with DPX in a Frickie Archangel AIWB holster. Ghost trigger. Sprinco spring and guide rod.

    Very happy, nothing hardware related to change.

    Train FoF where I make changes/improvements to tactics.
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    My first EDC was the LCP. Now the LCR gets the carry nod most days.
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    Kind of, I bought a PF9 since I was intrigued by the small size and weight for a 9mm. I've since bought several nicer guns but the PF9 remains my jogging/getting dirty/need something super small choice. It works fine (I got lucky) but if/when it starts to rust out I'll probably just retire it to the safe if Kel Tec can't fix it for free.

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    No, my first EDC was a S&W model 60 that I carried for many years. Since the model 60 I have carried a S&W M&P 9mm, a M&P 40 and now a XD40 SC. I do often carry either a LCP or a LCR when dress dictates.
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    I guess I just don't like change. I've bought several other carry guns, and even tried them out a few times, but I still end up going back to my original.

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