Who here when you bought 2nd gun

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Thread: Who here when you bought 2nd gun

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    Who here when you bought 2nd gun

    Bought another same as first one or one just like one you already had?
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    I just picked up my new (used) 3" SP101 in 38 SPCL today. I bought it to carry because I don't want to carry my 3" SP101 9mm.

    Don't get me wrong, my 9mm 3" SP101 is my most prized gun, but that's why I got the 38. 9mm SP101s are rare and discontinued and only going up in value. Currently there is a 3" 9mm SP101 that is already up to $1195 on Gunbroker, still has about two days to go and others are selling for $800-1000, sometimes more.

    So, in the very limited chance I have to use my gun in self defense or whatever else could happen, I don't want a $1000 plus gun going into an evidence locker.
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    Well I have two Colt Detective Specials, got great deals on both. I also have two S&W Model 19s in 2 ˝ inch one blue and one nickel. And a whole double handful of 1911s in various sizes and calibers.
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    I bought a Bersa Thunder 380 years ago. I love that gun so much I bought one exactly like it this week and picked it up yesterday.

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    I'm trying to get one made by each company.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Str8upguy View Post
    I bought a Bersa Thunder 380 years ago. I love that gun so much I bought one exactly like it this week and picked it up yesterday.
    Ever since I got my 1911 Llama in 380 I wanted another one just like the first or at least a 1911 in 380. No luck yet.

    I got a cousin what carried a Bersa 380. It was his Baby. I'm the last cousin who still owns handguns. I'm also Single. They ain't.

    Get the picture?
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    None of the guns I've purchased have brothers/ sisters. Each one is totally different. Keeps life interesting.
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    Funny you should ask...just bought a second Glock-36 a couple of months ago!
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    I have been considering a g27 to go with my 23, but that is as close as I will come to 2 of the same handgun.
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    I normally buy guns totally different than what I previously bought or own and that is getting harder and harder since I average buying one new gun a month. When I called my LGS today and asked if they got anything new in this week the told me that they got nothing in the store that I have not owned already.
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    Haven't really bought 2 of the same, but I let my girlfriend borrow my M&P9c for about a month until she got her own. It is almost identical to mine, except hers has the thumb safety and mine does not (she isn't really comfortable not having one yet), I now have mine back in my EDC rotation.

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    Bought this Sig P938

    P938 Nightmare.jpg

    Liked it so much I had to buy this Sig P938 because I also like bi-tones and, as you can see from the above picture, the first one I bought was not a bi-tone.

    Sig P938 bi-tone.jpg
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    I have a pair of HK USP 9's. Only difference is the date code on the slide- one was made in 1995 and the other in 2013. I love having two! Same holster fits both, same mag pouches, and I now have 8 mags between them.
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    i usually never buy 2 of the same guns, however, if i had to do it, i would buy another CZ po7... not a high end gun but is sooo accurate and dependable.. most fo my guns have room for some kind of improvement but i think for the money id buy another CZ. and yes, i have glocks, Springfields and most other brands but when i go to the range and want to see just how small groups i can get, i grab the CZ... but my carry gun is the 1911, go figure..................


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    Have 4 1911's they are different, but kinda the same. Would love to have a twin to my Hi-Power.

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