I have a Springfield XD subcompact 9mm with 13rd. and 16 rd mags, blackhawk level 2 holster, 2 IWB holsters (one leather, one nylon) The gun is about 1 year old and in great working/cosmetic shape, only slight holster wear on slide. I also have a late '70s Ithaca Model 49 single shot lever action rifle in predictable shape for a rifle of this age, shows wear but operates fine.

I have been offered a used Glock Gen. 3 Model 26 (gun looks great, appears to have no cosmetic wear) including 2 ten rd. mags and one 15 rd. mag (all Glock factory) and 60 rds of ammo in a straight trade.

Any ideas if I am giving to much or getting a fair deal?