Thoughts on edc

Thoughts on edc

This is a discussion on Thoughts on edc within the Defensive Carry Guns forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; I'm from Illinois and granted concealed carry will enact here sometime in June. I have a Springfield XDm .45 acp compact which I love. What ...

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Thread: Thoughts on edc

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    Thoughts on edc

    I'm from Illinois and granted concealed carry will enact here sometime in June. I have a Springfield XDm .45 acp compact which I love. What do you think about it as far as every day carry?

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    I dont have exp. with the Springfield, but .45 is a great caliber. It was my first carry as well. I now carry G19, I like the round count. Oh and of course the simplicity of the gun.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Stef.45 View Post
    I'm from Illinois and granted concealed carry will enact here sometime in June. I have a Springfield XDm .45 acp compact which I love. What do you think about it as far as every day carry?
    I heartily approve of your choice of caliber. Time will reveal what the new law will be for you and your fellow citizens of Illinois. let's hope that the new law will be one that may be used as a model for other states.

    Unfortunately, our far-left legislators in the current General Assembly of the State of Colorado have chosen to take steps that appear hostile to freedom loving 2nd Amendment advocates, like me.

    As time passes, I hope that you have many, many Illinois citizens join you by getting their CCW, too.

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    I carry a Walther PPS, but I have nothing but praise for the XDs. It is an outstanding EDC and I am confident you will love it. Congratulations!

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    I have no experience with the XDs but my friend has had one for about 3 months & loves it. He's very short & slim but he conceals it well. I wouldn't mind owning one myself. I like .45 but have settled on .40s&w & am on my second .40 gun right now with an M&P 40C coming soon (I hope).

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    You'll be fine. While not my personal favorite, the XD platform is quite proven. The guy that runs our shoots is a big XD fan, and has his own cult following. Haven't seen one grenade yet.

    45 is an excellent way to go as well.

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    As long as you have confidence in your gun and you practice, practice, practice with it then you are set to go with it as your EDC.

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    No experience with em myself (yet), but the xd's are definitely one of the proven brands with tons of people that use them. If it has proven reliable for you, I say your set.
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    For what it's worth, my advice is to carry it daily and see how you like it. I tried a bunch of stuff before I found a snub .357 that was comfortable for me to wear every day. I've heard the expression that guns are supposed to be "comforting" rather than "comfortable", but personally, I don't buy that. Obviously, you want something that is reliable and has some stopping power, but like I said, you'll be carrying it a lot more than you'll be shooting it.
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    If your XDm is reliable and you shoot it accurately, it will make an excellent EDC. If it fails on either or both of those accounts, you should find a different firearm which passes the reliability and accuracy test.
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    My buddy EDC a full size 1911 He's about 6 foot has a pouch, wears slightly larger clothes and keeps it in a Crossbreed Holster.

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    No experience with the SA XD guns, but from everyone I know who has one loves it. As to the .45. It's a proven round, if you do your part, it'll do it's part.

    As to CC in IL. While the courts have given the state a deadline, it did not give rules on how to implement it. Just my guess, but IL will be a "May Issue" state, will honor no other permits, and make it almost impossible for someone to obtain a permit, especially if you're in the Chicago area.
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    As long as you can shoot center mass at 10-15 yards with it you're golden.
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    You'll love carrying it. I carry the XD9 sc and XD 45 sc on rotation. Two of my favorite guns.

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    Depending on your method of carry, and XDm can either be fine or way too hard to conceal, it is not a small gun at all.

    Not to rain on your parade, and I really hope I'm wrong about this, but what are the chances that you actually get an IL permit? From what I'm reading, they're expected to make it "may issue" on paper. Realistically speaking, so are NJ and MD, but it's almost impossible for "normal people" to get one.

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