Alright hikers our season is here what does everyone carry?

Alright hikers our season is here what does everyone carry?

This is a discussion on Alright hikers our season is here what does everyone carry? within the Defensive Carry Guns forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; With spring here I finally got out on a good hike today and wanted to start a thread on what everyone's woods guns are. Lets ...

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Thread: Alright hikers our season is here what does everyone carry?

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    Alright hikers our season is here what does everyone carry?

    With spring here I finally got out on a good hike today and wanted to start a thread on what everyone's woods guns are. Lets see em'

    GP100 4.2" stoked with either hornady 158grain XTPs or buffalo bore heavy 180s


    Also if you have any good front sights for outdoor use with the GP100 make sure to post them

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    Same here: GP100 with BB 180's.

    ....however, I'm in the process of finding a .44 Rem Mag for carry in Bear country.

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    Glock 26 with Corbon 125 HP.

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    Glock 20sf with Buffalo Bore 220gr Hard Cast

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    My favorite is a Ruger Vaquero in .357.
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    I don't get too far out in the boonies, but there are a few nasty critters in the Superstitions and elsewhere where I hike. I'm comfortable with a G23 with 180s.
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    Glock 19, Remington Golden Sabre 124 g +p. I usually OC when I hike, unless I am in a state park (you can only CC in state parks in PA).
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    Whatever floats my boat at the time. Sometimes a .22 is on the list if I'm going to do a lot of plinking. I have many to choose from, so it just depends.
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    Same thing I carry every day, XD 40 with 165 Gold Dot's. If in Grizz country I might switch to the 44.

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    I used to love the S&W 686, but switched to the S&W TRR8 as it holds 8 rounds and is lighter.
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    I'm the guy next door that is polite, but does not tell you crap.
    A sharp stick, so I can poke you in the eye, and then outrun you when the bear is a-chasing......................................... oh, and a Super Blackhawk .44 Mag. with max loads (semi-wads) for bear............. just sayin

    And yes, it does take 'all day' to pull that .44 out of the thigh holster.................. LOL
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    S&W 640 in 357 Magnum.
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    same thing i carry in the city, Hkp2000 with 165 gold dot. plus a reguler stick, and a knife. so i can sharpen the stick if i needed too. and safety goggles in case ANGILCO tries to poke me in the eye.
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    Here is one that I have been carrying and stashing on the 4 wheeler when I'm up and about in the Ozarks.

    When the Ruger "takedown" version came out, I thought it had great potential as either a backpacking rifle or a bug-out gun that you could stick underneath a seat or in the trunk of a car. It's light, it comes with its own backpack, it has a rock solid lockup and it's pretty accurate. The pack has provisions for carrying 6 of the BX 25 magazines for a total of 150 rounds of rapid reload capability.

    As I thought about it more and messed with it, I thought that the utility of it would be improved by adding a folding stock. I modified an AGP stock to fit and used the factory fore end. It felt great and was accurate. As time went on, I threaded the barrel for a suppressor. It worked great, but was a bit longer overall than I like. I cut the barrel to 9.5" and threaded it for a suppressor so that when it was mounted, it wouldn't be any longer than the original rifle length.As it turns out, it was a great idea. It made the gun handle very well, it was just as accurate and very quiet. The balance with the suppressor on it feels great. Although the pictures don't show it, I mounted a picatinny rail so that a scope,red dot or even night vision could be used. I ended up mounting a set of quick detachable rings with a Nikon scope. The whole thing assembles or disassembles in less than a minute and fills the niche quite nicely.

    For the readers that worry about such things, it is registered as a SBR and they are legal to hunt with here in Arkansas


    Another plus is that this thing is small enough that it could be packed in a sack, the inside pockets of a coat or in something that was pretty unobtrusive if one needed it to be.Using CCI subsonic or standard ammo, the predominant sound of the shot is the action noise and the bullet thumping the target.

    For the times when a handgun just wont cut it, this may be the answer.
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