Caliber Arguments

Caliber Arguments

This is a discussion on Caliber Arguments within the Defensive Carry Guns forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; Ya' know..I've probably heard or read as many caliber arguments as anyone. The whole thing smacks of the game of golf to me...Do this..keep your ...

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Thread: Caliber Arguments

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    Caliber Arguments

    Ya' know..I've probably heard or read as many caliber arguments as anyone.
    The whole thing smacks of the game of golf to me...Do this..keep your head down, new clubs, new ball etc as the list just grows.

    That said; I came across a rather lengthy article written NOT by a scientist, but rather a former LE officer who now works in a morgue and has seen
    hundreds of handgun/bullet caliber fatalities.

    Please don't pick out a sentence or two from the article and find fault. He does a excellent job qualifying many of his statements if one takes the time to read at least
    80-90% of the article.

    Terminal ballistics as viewed in a morgue

    While I am not a empirical scientist either, I tend to formulate my responses and decisions based more on "real world" user reviews and less on manufacturer's bold claims.

    I DO understand basic physics, so this article makes sense to me. I agree with much of it.

    While the overused battle cry "shot placement" is accurate on it's face, I am re-thinking things now; especially when I consider WHY I carry a gun.

    I don't CARRY a gun to punch paper. I carry it to defend myself; and I want the weapon to stop the threat as soon as possible.

    I suppose if 90% of the self defense scenarios we run into were happening at 75 feet, my weapon choice would be different; but as we all know too well, if or when we need to use the weapon, 99% of the time it will be at far closer ranges.

    The link above is simply food for thought. It has me thinking.

    Spoiler alert: This gentleman is completely against the 9mm as a caliber choice for stopping a threat.
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    ...there are as many studies and expert opinions one way as the other...kinda like coffee studies

    ...but they make interesting reading and thanks for posting it...

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    I've been on Smith & Wesson forum for many years. This piece originated there some years ago as the opening post to a thread. I think the original poster was later discredited in some fashion but can't recall why. Perhaps someone else can. It has since reemerged regularly on this and other forums.
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    Thanks for posting it. I have read it before. I'm not sure if it was on here or another forum but gives you something to think about. But my conclusion from it is ....... The mighty .357 still rules especilly in a service size gun. Let the games begin. Ok I'm just playin folks, well kind of.

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    This goes back to at least 2008 here at DC. Terminal Ballistics as Viewed in a Morgue - very interesting!!
    Do a search and you'll find it posted half a dozen times.
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