Cleaning around the firing pin?

Cleaning around the firing pin?

This is a discussion on Cleaning around the firing pin? within the Defensive Carry Guns forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; I just picked up a xds 45ACP. So far its been great. I am new and still learning and would like to ask you guys ...

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Thread: Cleaning around the firing pin?

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    Cleaning around the firing pin?

    I just picked up a xds 45ACP. So far its been great. I am new and still learning and would like to ask you guys how do clean around the striker/firing pin?

    Here's a pic just to clarify the area I am discussing (Click On Picture To Enlarge) Cleaning around the firing pin?-1076_breach.jpg

    I know you aren't suppose to get any oil or cleaner near that striker. but with this xds especially being a 45 so small it can get dirty and dry q-tips just don't do it!

    Thank You,

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    I usually clean that area on my xdm with clp and q-tips, then just make sure its wiped dry when i'm done. I do not oil/grease around that area, but it's gotta get clean somehow.

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    On my Glocks I remove the striker, cups, spring, and the firing pin channel liner. I use Simple Green 50/50 with water to clean all of these items with a toothbrush. I then put some on a q-tip and clean the striker channel. Also coming out is the extractor, firing pin safety and it's spring. These areas get cleaned with another q-tip and simple green mixture. The breech face is cleaned with a toothbrush and then dried with a patch. A patch is run into the firing pin channel to insure it is dry. Reassimble to Glocks instructions and that is all I do for the striker. I do wait for a few minutes to insure all is dry before doing a re-assembly. During this time I am doing the lower and barrel cleaning. On the 1911 I do the same, remove firing pin and spring. Clean firing pin channel with q-tip and scrub the breech face with a toothbrush. And yes none of this gets any lube at all during re-assembly.
    Hope this helps.
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    Quote Originally Posted by crue2009 View Post
    i just take a cleaner such as M-Pro 7 and spray a generous amount on a clean tooth brush or gun brush and scrub the area you have circled,making sure to hold the the muzzle end up so nothing drips into the firing pin channel..
    You mean muzzle down?

    With the breech end up, I brush the face and extrator with a bristle brush dipped in solvent. Then I blast a shot of gun blaster or some other aerosol cleaner down the firing pin channel from the backside. I also use an air nozzle to blow any residue out. If you notice any brass shavings, you may need to chamfer the upper edge of the firing pin opening slightly--just enough to remove any sharp edge on the opening. That's what shaves the brass as the casing slides up. Once in a great while, maybe annually, I'll break down the slide for a thorough cleaning.
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    i just spray a generous amount of cleaner such as M-Pro 7 on a clean tooth brush or gun brush then scrub the area you have circled,making sure to hold the slide so the firing pin channel is facing down..(muzzle end down)

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    I'm glad someone asked. Though I have a different make and model, there isn't a single word in the manual about
    how to clean the gun properly.

    I spray that part with Break Free because I feel I need to do something, but often worry that the solvent will drive dirt into the

    I wouldn't use a Q tip as cotton fiber might work its way in eventually and jam everything up. I prefer to use
    a dry cotton patch. Just my uninformed opinion.

    Waiting to hear from experts.

    So, same question for a S&W 99 or Walther 99.
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    Wow you must have some cheap guns. I have never had to clean either of my HiPoints and they both have at least sixty rounds through them. They do stay pretty clean in my concealed carry drop rigs though.

    I second QTips and CLP.

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