Great day at the range w/ my Shield except...

Great day at the range w/ my Shield except...

This is a discussion on Great day at the range w/ my Shield except... within the Defensive Carry Guns forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; ...the slide would not stay back/in a locked position when the last shot was fired from both the 7 and 8 rd mags. Weird. Never ...

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Thread: Great day at the range w/ my Shield except...

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    Great day at the range w/ my Shield except...

    ...the slide would not stay back/in a locked position when the last shot was fired from both the 7 and 8 rd mags. Weird. Never had it happen before. I've got probably 1500+ round through it little to no issues (one stove pipe when a buddy limped wristed it...that's it).

    When my bro-in-law and buddy were done...I stay a few extra minutes just to see if it was a fluke. I loaded 4 mags...first three were all the same...the slide would not stay locked back when the last round was ejected from the gun (thus racking and me me pulling the trigger and it going "click" with no "bang"). I asked the range marshal if he'd seen anything like it from the Shield or any other gun and he said no. Said to have the gunsmith on site look at it. I said good idea.

    So I slapped the last mag in my Shield, shot through every round, and by freaking gooly...wouldn't you know locked in the open position letting me know it was officially empty.

    Anyone have any experience with what this might be?

    Other than that, it was a great day at the range...the FS 9 and 686-6 rocked the house and the Shield even shot ate everything I gave it (Remington, Federal, and American Eagle).

    Thanks for the insight!
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    I have the same problem with different guns. My thumb tends to ride the slide stop and prevent the slide lock. If it's not that, then you might have a dirty gun, causing drag on the slide lock, or worn followers.

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    what ammo were you using.. ?

    9/10 times this happens because someone is riding the slide release..possible magazine issue but not likely..

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    Can you lock the slide back by hand easily when you are having the problem? If not, take your slide off and spin the guide rod spring and try it again.
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    I had the same issue from the first day with my baby DE in .45. It would either not lock the slide back after final ejection or go directly into battery once I drove home the next magazine. Once I broke it apart and looked at where the slide lock and slide engage, I realized there just wasn't enough surface area to break the forward momentum of guide rod spring. Plus the notch looked to be worn down at an angle. I just took a file to the back edge of notch and on the slide lock where they engage to make it a more flush fit. This has solved the issue for me 100%. I would recommend taking to a gunsmith if the gun is your EDC or home protection. I took the chance doing it myself because it's just a range gun.

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    I had the same issue with my Shield. Make a point to turn your thumbs out and not touch the slide catch lever. Guarantee that's what your problem is. I also have this issue with my P30. Haven't been able to change my grip enough to remedy it with that gun yet.

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