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Thread: Think I'll try something new

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    Think I'll try something new

    While I like the idea of pocket carry, I've not had much luck thus far. First attempt was a model 60. Just a bit heavy, heh-heh. I gave that gun to my father, and he loves it. Usually carries it in the Alessi Talon Plus that I got for it. Then I got a SIG 238. That carried much better, but was terribly picky about ammo. A picky gun is OK, and a 380 is OK, but a picky 380 is unacceptable. Away it went. Recently tried another 238, a Scorpion model (first one was the plain Nitron model). This one was just as picky as the first. Heck with that. It, too, went away.

    I am getting a j frame this week, a 442. Yeah, it has the lock. It is the only j frame I have seen since January. I dropped it in my pocket, and there was very little weight. This gun is gonna carry well. I have always been a bit leery of an aluminum framed revolver, but if they didn't hold up, Smith wouldn't still be making them. Probably take a bit to get used to the trigger, and a bit more to get used to the snappy recoil (all chest beating aside, a 15oz gun has to buck).

    And just got off the phone with Bob Mika. Ordered a holster last Friday, and he takes the time to call me about it. Pretty good service. Hope to have it before the trip to Montana next month.

    Sounds like a pretty good rig. Can even get ammo for 38 and 38+P around here. Looking forward to breaking it in.

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    Sounds sweet let us know how it works for you.

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    722 pocket rig is a 442 in a Mika holster. LOL

    It really only works in cargo shorts and feels like I'm carrying a wallet in my front pocket, but it's lightweight and comes out of the holster very easily. I think you'll like the setup.

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    I have the 642 and the 637. Both are excellent for pocket carry and also carry very well in a remora holster.

    Smith has a lifetime warranty so if anything goes wrong they will fix it. A trigger pivot pin broke on my 642 and I had a new on in less than two weeks turn around time.

    They are snappy with +p but are very fine with standard loads.

    Practice with it, they are a bit demanding of the shooter!
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    Can't go wrong wit a J frame sized revolver. I love my LCR and carry it often.
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    I carried a snubby for 20 years mainly in a front pocket. You may find that a longer 3 finger grip work just as well in your pocket. If so those Hogue and pachmayr soft rubber grips go a long way to aid control with hotter loads.

    I changed over to a kahr cm9 a few years back for pocket cc and have other larger kahrs for iwb or open carry.

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    A revolver is the way to go for a pocket gun. The smaller the auto, the more problems appear, IMHO.

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    Re: recoil- my wife prefers to shoot her 442 than my steel frame 9mm compact.

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    I went around the same block with a 238 (only took me once though). Then I went with an Air Weight. A Model 638 in my case. That was a few years ago and I wish I hadn't taken so long to get to it. In my case I was surprised at how quickly I gained proficiency with the thing. No issues at all with the aluminum frame, or alloy....whatever it is. Soon enough you'll probably not be concerned with the recoil of +P's. I was much more focused on sending a Silvertip load that hot down range, especially as it stacks up next to 380. Very wise decision IMO. A j frame is a versatile as you can get in a carry gun.
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