What gun and how would you carry if you were me?

What gun and how would you carry if you were me?

This is a discussion on What gun and how would you carry if you were me? within the Defensive Carry Guns forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; Some background info: My family is anti-gun, as are most of my friends. I plan on telling nobody other than my parents when I get ...

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Thread: What gun and how would you carry if you were me?

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    What gun and how would you carry if you were me?

    Some background info:

    My family is anti-gun, as are most of my friends. I plan on telling nobody other than my parents when I get my CWP. It is imperative that nobody has any idea that I am carrying a firearm.

    I am about 5'11" and 145lbs. Very thin and lean.

    I live in South Florida and wear shorts and a tee shirt most of the time unless it is at night or during the winter.

    I know that it is highly suggested that a newbie purchase a full-sized gun to start. I may do this and also buy a smaller gun for concealed carry. I understand that some of you would go into 110 degree weather with a trench coat to conceal an AK but I am not going to wear heavy clothes in the Florida heat.

    I realize this is something that only I can decide, but I don't have much experience with guns or concealed carry so I am asking for opinions. If you were in my situation, what method of concealment and what gun would you carry? Would you buy a full size gun for home defense / winter carry and another for summer/better concealment?

    Thanks everyone!

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    Sure, if your budget will allow it. The more the merrier.
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    Buy some Hawaiian shirts or bowling style (Charlie Sheen) shirts in larger and longer sizes. You can carry anything you want. I carry a 1911 on my hip and a Springfield XDS-45 in my front pocket that way. I have carried my Desert Eagle 50 AE that way to win a bet with a law enforcement friend who said it couldn't be done.
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    I was a newbie recently but I went with a mid-size (Glock 23). I don't see why being new necessitates getting a full size. Sure a couple extra rounds would be nice and I understand the benefit of a longer sight radius. For me, I kind of assumed it would be my only firearm, so I wanted something good for both HD and CCW.
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    S&W 642 snub great in pocket or milt sparks summer special IWB nobody will know
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    I carry a G23 no matter the occasion or season. It is not hard to conceal a full sized or service weapon and it is easier to use a larger gun under duress. The reason you are considering carrying a gun to defend yourself, is it not? I don't advertise that I carry, but also don't care if others were to find it offensive either. That is the thing with "rights", you have the option to choose for yourself. Someone else's choice does not and should not affect you. Use the tool that will best suit your purpose and that will get the job done effectively.

    A good gun belt and holster will be a good investment to keep whatever weapon you choose to carry concealed.
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    If you want an auto I would reccomend a Glock 19. Hard to go wrong, is fairly easy to conceal, makes a good range gun as well to get in lots of practice, and they are easy to shoot IMHO. Second tip for concealed carry in FL polo shirts w/ longer tails. Very common and don't look out of place and will conceal a Glock 19 with AIWB or even a OW high ride pancake holster w/ a GOOD quality belt. YMMV.
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    Full size means less with today's choices. I have a "compact" frame that holds 14 rounds of 9mm. It is a similar height and length of a Glock 19 (I use this only as reference as the most common Tupperware discussed on the Internets). I have the 5-7 round Walther PPS for easier concealability. My "full size" is my 1911 which only holds 7 rounds. The point is capacity and size are not always proportional.

    I can't tell you what to buy. You need to get some guns to shoot. Don't take this in a negative way, it's just pragmatic. If you are going to put little into carrying, get a gun that takes little attention. A S&W 642 (my first choice- i carry a 442) or Ruger SP101 (2nd choice- my dad carries one) require little maintenance, training, and carry easily.

    At the other end of the spectrum is a gov. size 1911. This requires a high level of training, pistol experience, maintenance, high quality holster and belt, and has the highest cost to get a quality carry piece. This is a fine pistol, but deserves dedication to the platform. I don't recommend this platform.

    Then there's everything in between.

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    A fellow S. Floridian here, and the number of suitable firearms available to you is almost infinite. If your family is so "anti," I'm not sure telling even your parents is a good idea. Family gossip is the worst. The minute you tell them the rest of the family will know.

    Any handgun experience? What calibers interest you? Any capacity concerns? Do you prefer a semi-auto or revolver? You've asked a pretty wide-open question with little specifics as to your preferences.

    I don't necessarily agree that one needs to learn with a full-size handgun. While people tend to shoot larger guns more accurately, training will overcome any deficiencies. Besides, what are you going to be carrying out of the house, your full-size gun or your concealment gun? Learn to shoot what you'll be carrying and you'll be fine. Practice, practice, practice.

    I can conceal my Glock 30 under a loose-fitting shirt quite easily with an owb holster. With a G21 13-rd mag installed, it fills the home duty bill nicely. But small and compact it is not.
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    I'm 5'6" about 220. Live on the east coast of FL. I carry a FS 40 in shorts and a tee-shirt mainly. No printing problems. If I carry all day say on a trip. I wear shorts and a "wife beater" with a button shirt like a Columbia. Wicks the sweat and stay pretty cool also. I have worn a "wife beater" under just a tee, but the tee needs to be just a tad larger because the 2 cotton materials tend to cling. (sorry, I didn't coin the term wife beater) nor do I endorse it.

    +1 on the gun belt and holster info from matthew03. That is most important for comfort.
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    I carry a gun because a policeman is to heavy.
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    I use a Ozarks IWB holster, cargo shorts with a Amish 1.5 inch belt and a t-shirt and carry a Glock 23
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    I prefer a mid sized gun. A j frame revolver, or a Walther PP sized gun. They are just as at home in a pocket or a belt. I look for guns just big enough to get all fingers on. The size usually has a 3 to 4" barrel in an auto, and a 3" or shorter in a revolver. As long as you don't want skin tight clothes these will be easy to conceal in a good holster. Good luck DR
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    Glock 19 or a Glock 26.

    26 is a little lighter and more concealable, 19 has more capacity. Both will do EDC duty warm, cold, hot, whatever...
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    Take a look at a ruger sr9c or sr40c. They're small enough for good concealment, but come with a larger magazine and grip extension to make it more like a full-size handgun, if you want to. Similar things can be done with a glock 26, Smith and Wesson m&p compact, and other brands (at higher cost).
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    Several people have made good suggestions already. I think with IWB or AIWB holsters and some loose clothing, you can conceal a small Glock, Shield, or J-frame easily. What is your budget?

    But I have another question for you. If you are concerned that your family won't approve of your carrying a firearm, how will you deal with your family's reactions if you have to use it?

    Won't they be surprised.

    If you plan on using your right to bear arms, I think you need to be comfortable letting other people know you are going to do so. If you are reluctant to defend your decision to carry to your friends and family, can you use a firearm with conviction and purpose to kill another person or even a rabid animal?

    Something to think about.
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