Deciding on a versatile CCW

Deciding on a versatile CCW

This is a discussion on Deciding on a versatile CCW within the Defensive Carry Guns forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; Hi Everyone, I'm new around here and relatively new to firearms (a year or two). I've been shooting with the shooting club at my University ...

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Thread: Deciding on a versatile CCW

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    Deciding on a versatile CCW

    Hi Everyone,
    I'm new around here and relatively new to firearms (a year or two). I've been shooting with the shooting club at my University and whatnot, but I've finally decided it's time that I get a handgun of my own. What I have in mind is a double stack compact handgun that can fit full size magazines of its larger counterparts (i.e. G17 mags fit all 9mm Glocks) that can be used for defensive carry, home protection, and enjoyment at the range. I've done some homework and narrowed my search down with a set of criteria:
    • 9mm
    • Lightweight (most likely polymer)
    • Striker Fired (SA/DA would work too)
    • Compact/concealable

    I've basically narrowed it down to the M&P 9c and the XDm 3.8c 9mm. Glocks are great but they just don't fit my hand well. I know the real answer is to get some range time and shoot them to see for myself and that what is "concealable" is different for everyone. I guess what I'm asking is if I've just completely overlooked any options out there and if you guys have experience with either pistol.

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    Another option is the Sig P-250. It's a pretty modular pistol. The trigger assembly can be completely removed and dropped into a different size frame. You can get the "2sum" kit which gives you the trigger assembly with the subcompact and full size frames so you're essentially getting two guns in one. A buddy of mine didn't get the 2sum but bought the subcompact and compact frames. He loves both set ups. I had a chance to fire both sizes and really liked it. He hasn't had any malfunctions after several hundred rounds. I only offer this as another suggestion since you've apparently ruled out the Glock 19/26. ;)
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    Welcome from Central Texas!!!!!

    G26 is a good choice!!!

    I like and carry G36 some and G26 at other times.
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    Asking on a gun forum what kind of gun you should buy is like asking people which flavor ice cream is best.... you're going to get 100 different opinions of what's the best and usually that person's favorite. There are a number of options out there now tailored to the CCers needs. You have the Beretta Nano, Kahr CM9 or PM9, S&W Shield, Springfield XDs, and countless others that I can't even think of this time of night.

    Ultimately that's a decision that you're going to have to make for yourself. Visit as many gun shops as you can and touch and feel and hold the weapons you're interested in, ask to dry fire them once or twice to get a feel for the trigger on them. If at all possible, go rent as many as you can and and see which one you shoot best with.

    And when in doubt.. buy them all!

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    the 9mm Longmire burkenstock is probably the best gun ever

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    Ruger SR9C. I don't own one (yet), but IMO they have the best implementation of a larger mag in a double-stack sub-compact. The gun comes with one ten-round and one 17-round magazine (the one used in the full-size SR9), and a grip adapter that goes on the larger mag. Basically when you insert the larger mag with the adapter, it creates a full-size grip that's nearly identical to that of the SR9.

    It also has an excellent trigger. The dimensions are nearly identical to a glock 26 or the other options you mention. You should be able to find one NIB for about $450, about $100 less than the other options.
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    I really think you should spend some more time with a Glock 19... about as versatile as a gun gets.

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    Welcome to DCDO.

    Once you have narrowed it down to your final 5-7 choices, look at weight, number of rounds, size, versus your body size and where you like to carry.

    Holster options, accessory options, magazine availability and things like safeties, magazine disconnect safeties, ability to swap sights, attach lights or lasers (picatinny rail, or trigger housing types).

    Though the XD(m) 3.8 9mm compact and subcompact are great handguns, they weigh in at 27 ounces unloaded, and with a 13 or 19+1 magazine loaded, you're getting up there in weight.

    People will tell you that with a good belt, and your body shape and weight around 180-200-ish you can carry a 1-1.5 pound package, but that doesn't count extra mags and other things.

    I would suggest you make a spreadsheet and list your final choices in an easy to see overview.

    Bear in mind that a 'range gun', like a full size XD, or even the XD compact is not necessarily what you want to carry daily. At the 3 year mark you may be wishing you stayed around 25 ounces with a fully loaded 10 round magazine. Many people have a carry gun and a range gun which might be a lighter and heavier version of the same platform.

    Your final 5-ish choices should be guns you can shoot well, fit your grip and shooting style and that don't have any 'problems'. Magazine detachment safeties, other oddities, bad triggers, problematic functioning (FTF, FTE, stovepiping) and so forth can make your carry gun a nightmare.

    You can go to and look up your preferred platforms and do a compare.

    Good luck!

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    The CZ 2075 RAMI might be an option, as well. While the polymer versions are no longer currently available from CZ (just recently discontinued), they're everywhere on the used market. Similar in size to the Glock 26 9mm, it's DA/SA, relatively light (in polymer version), fairly compact, double-stack, highly regarded for reliability and quality. Even if you get one of the current models (the one with manual thumb safety or the decocker variant, both of which have an alloy frame), you'll be well served.

    Another might be the Heckler & Koch USP line. In the USP Compact variant, you get a gun not much larger than the Glock 26 that also supports the larger-capacity USP magazines of its larger counterparts in the line. Highly reliable, durable, a design that's proven itself for many years.

    Many also highly regard the Bersa Thunder Pro pistols ... the Thunder Pro and the Thunder Ultra Compact Pro. A tad larger than the Glock 26 9mm, the UC Pro will support 10rd, 13rd and 15rd mags, is DA/SA, relatively light, double-stack. Decently ergonomic in the hands as well.

    Though, if you're looking for compatibility across an entire line and would prefer striker-fired, IMO the Glock series is tough to beat.
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    The Steyr M9A1...lower bore axis than a glock and fits your hand like a friggen Luger. Sweetest sights on offer...Incredible guns.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Sibo View Post
    Glocks are great but they just don't fit my hand well.
    A few years ago, I bought a G27 and installed this mag floor piece on it, and it makes a HUGE difference in the grip.

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    Welcome to the forum.

    ccw9mm's recommendation of the CZ RAMI is a good possibility. Another one might be the Kahr CW9.
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    Welcome to the site from Maryland ............Ruger SR9c great small CC extra rounds 17+1 Mag. Picking mine up in 8 more days (waiting period in the Md. 30 now was 80 days)
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    First it appears you have decided on a doublestack and from your choices sub compact. While I am not a Glock fan I know too many people that own them to say anything bad. My choice in that size would be a H&K P2000sk, reliable, accurate, easy to fire, manageable recoil with double recoil springs. I just love the quality feel of a H&K plus all the trigger options. Second and more affordable for me would be the S&W M&P sub compact mainly because of the way it feels in my hand not to mention the usually great CS.
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    First, there is nothing versatile about a sub-compact gun. If you want a gun that is easy to conceal then go for it. If you want a versatile gun you should be looking at bigger guns.

    For a real, honest and true "all rounder" you need to look at the G19, M&P9, H&K USP9c, a commander sized 1911 or any quality arm with a 4 or 4 1/4 inch barrel. Guns in this size were the original compacts and are easy to conceal AND easy to shoot. They retain their high(ish) capacity and longer sight radius making them easier to shoot well.
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