Personal weight and size issues

Personal weight and size issues

This is a discussion on Personal weight and size issues within the Defensive Carry Guns forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; Hi, Since I stopped smoking over 10 years ago, I have gained a lot of weight. I own a Sig P229 and had carried it ...

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Thread: Personal weight and size issues

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    Personal weight and size issues


    Since I stopped smoking over 10 years ago, I have gained a lot of weight. I own a Sig P229 and had carried it regularly in a Sparks IWB holster. Since I carry my weight in the belly area and may resemble an egg standing on end, it is impossible to literally keep my pants from sliding down when I carry the Sig and walk. Don’t laugh!!

    So now I carry the Sig in my brief case while driving to work and then place it in my desk drawer at work. I’m the boss so there is no issue there. When I go out, I leave the gun in the car which I hate. I work in an office setting and am looking to carry something all day long.

    Now that you have some kind of background, I guess I have two issues. First I would like to buy a smaller semi-automatic that I could carry comfortably in my front pants pocket. I would like to carry something larger than a .380 but weight and printing might be an issue. Kel-Tec P-3AT might solve my problem, but a lot of people have mentioned problems with them. The Sig P232 might be viable, but length and weight might be an issue. Does anyone else here have my weight problem? Any suggestions? Yes, I know……lose weight and live longer…..

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    While I've lost some weight, I'm no flat-belly, that's for sure!

    When I had a similar problem, I used SmartCarry with my Glock 26, which worked very well, especially with pleated Dockers.

    I also used a belly band to carry on my weak side, just under my left armpit...this made for a draw similar to a vertical shoulder holster. Again, this worked out well.

    Another option, which I used at the range was wearing Perry Suspenders, which easily hook onto your belt to give more support to the downward pull of holster, gun and full mag pouches. I even got a set of narrower ones in a beige color to wear when out and about, business casual, but I can't find them....arrrgggh, they're in this house somewhere.

    I don't see your situation as a gun issue, but an issue as to how to carry. Don't immediately reach for a mouse gun to solve your problem!

    Go with SmartCarry, he's got a 60-day trial offer, so there's no risk if you don't like it...good luck....
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    I know you specified "semi-automatic", but when you talk pocket carry I simply must mention the S&W 642. I bought one to "get me by" while I saved towards a Kahr. In less than a month I had forsaken any idea of getting a Kahr. The 642 is the perfect pocket partner, and many consider .38 Special superior to .380. Depending on what pants I'm wearing I have forgotten it was even there. I am a Beretta guy, but the 642 spends more time with me.

    You must be comfortable and confident in your carry piece, and if you simply can't do that with a wheel gun I understand. Otherwise I suggest you take a serious look at a 642 and you just might fall in love as I have.

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    I am a little round in the middle as well. For those combinations of pistol and holster type which may drag down my pants, I wear 2" wide red suspenders. I cover the suspenders with Hawaiian shirt, flannel shirt, fleece, sport coat, big sweater, whatever it takes.
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    Agree on 642 revolver

    I also have a Sig P229 and agree about its size. It is a very good gun but weighs about 32 ounces empty and maybe 35 ounces loaded. It can tend to pull your belt downward.

    If I were you I would try the S&W 642 revolver in .38 +P caliber mentioned above, with boot grips in a pocket holster. This gun weighs 15 ounces empty and possibly 17 ounces loaded. Pocket carry works best with dark colored, pleated slacks having deep pockets. You can still leave the Sig in your car or briefcase for backup, but the 642 would be available instantly if you needed it.

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    Im5foot six in tall and at 275 i qualify as a Pear shaped individual.
    That being said, I have found what works for me. I use a S&W 638
    with a uncle mikes pocket holster. Altho a 642 wouldn't be bad either.
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    Would a Shoulder Holster be a workable option for you?

    A Super Nice pocket 9mm would be one of the little Rohrbaugh 9mm pistols but, they are bit expensive.

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    smart carry, suspenders, revolver, all great can always diet and workout too. you'll be able to carry your Sig again and be much healthier. :)

    ps: I looked at the Kel-Tec the other day and wasn't impressed with it. I didn't like the gap between the slide and the frame, to wide. I've seen toy guns made in china with better quality. Just my opinion.

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    Welcome to the forum.

    Smart carry with pleated pants work well for a medium sized gun.
    Pocket carry works well with a j-frame or Kel-tec P32 or P3AT.

    Either solution should work for you. It does for me and I'm not a small dude!

    "If everyone is thinking alike, then somebody isn't thinking" - George S. Patton.

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    Someone mentioned suspenders, but most don't hold where you need it. If they attach front and back the holster on the hip will start to sag anyway. The answer may be side clip suspenders. Take a look here: Side Clip Suspenders

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    Those side clip suspenders look pretty neat, might have to look into them.

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    I've Never Seen 'Sideclips' Before...

    Quote Originally Posted by dr_cmg View Post
    Someone mentioned suspenders, but most don't hold where you need it. If they attach front and back the holster on the hip will start to sag anyway. The answer may be side clip suspenders. Take a look here: Side Clip Suspenders
    But if I were going that route, why not just get a shoulder holster rig? I bought one from Fist...great for cooler weather (here in FL) riding my Harley...or just wearing a light jacket. I felt funny wearing it the first few times, but it is light and no pull on the 'belt line'...I'm no Slim Jim either!

    Now for the KelTec...I've had one for almost 4 years with never a problem...but I usually only carry it around the house or cutting the grass. It's a great pocket gun, but I carry 'bigger' when I'm 'out and about'...a P3AT? better than nothing! You'll never know it's in your pocket.


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    Thanks for all the advice! I just returned from a gun store that has an indoor range. I was able to rent both the Kel-Tec -3AT and the Sig P232. They did not have the S&W 642 available at the time so I will go back next week to try it. I was able to at least hold the 642 and compare it to the 340. Boy, did I like the "feel" of the S&W 340!

    Every clip I fired with Kel-Tec P3AT had a jam on the third or fourth pull of the trigger. I tried to make sure my wrist was locked and tried single fire and rapid fire. The jams continued with every clip no matter how rapid I fired. It was disappointing. When I mentioned this to the employee at the gun shop, he said a couple before me had the same problems, but when he tried it, there were no problems. So his conclusion was that the wrist wasn't locked.

    The Sig P232 shot great and felt real comfortable! My only complaint is the dang magazine release. I am so use to the one handed button release on my Sig P229 .40. With the P232, I must use two hands to eject the magazine. The P232 was bulkier in my pocket as well. While you could not see any outline, you sure could tell something was there. This was with baggy jeans.

    Next week I will go back and try both semis again and hopefully the S&W 642. I'll dress is my business slacks to see if that makes a difference in noticing the bulg in the front pocket as well.

    The smartcarry and suspenders are terrific solutions! Due to my size, I would feel more comfortable with a pocket pistol or revolver. Now that I carry my own insulation with me all the time, I seldom wear a sweater or jacket (even in winter, if I did, I would overheat!). Even with suspenders to hold up my pants, I would still have trouble carrying concealed.

    Thanks again for your help!
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    Same here for the Kel-tec I don,t trust them.

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    FWIW I trust the P-3AT in my pocket completely. Never had a hiccup. Own 2 of them, both 1st generation. My understanding is the 2nd generation (external extractor) guns are better out of the box.

    Another .380 option is a Pocketlite Colt Pony (DA) or a Pocketlite Colt Mustang ( SA -- OBTW Colt is no longer making these, but they are readily available used.) I love my P-3AT, like my Sig 232, but I think the Colt Pony is nearly perfect.

    Having said all that I'd point you to a Kahr PM9 (9mm luger). It's a bit larger than the P-3AT and slightly heavier, but smaller than anything else that's been mention save the Rohrbaugh... The PM9 should run about $500 (1/2 the cost of a Rohrbaugh) AND if you can hide a J-frame in your pocket, then the PM9 will disappear.


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