New M&P, quite a different trigger

New M&P, quite a different trigger

This is a discussion on New M&P, quite a different trigger within the Defensive Carry Guns forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; Picked up an M&P 9 today. Had one before, and traded it for a Glock. Kind of missed the Smith, so I bought one today. ...

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Thread: New M&P, quite a different trigger

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    New M&P, quite a different trigger

    Picked up an M&P 9 today. Had one before, and traded it for a Glock. Kind of missed the Smith, so I bought one today. Got an Ameriglo Proglo front sight and a few spare mags (that's right, my guys had 'em for 29 bucks. I rock.)

    While they were doing the paperwork, I kicked the mag loose, cycled the slide and pulled the trigger. I was expecting the patented M&P grit.

    I got none. Very smooth takeup, no grit at all. Wow. That's not bad. Broke clean.

    I held the trigger and racked the slide. I started letting off, expecting the old M&P false reset bump. Didn't get it.

    When the trigger reset, it was audible and clean, with a good feel, very positive. I was stunned.

    An M&P with a sweet factory trigger? Unreal.

    Then my guy said that I had the new M&P trigger, and how did I like it? Well, I like it a lot. I had heard that Smith was going to revamp the trigger, and I'd say they did. Gun has a born on date of May 13th. This trigger may kill what I consider to be the M&P's only real weak spot: the atrocious trigger. That is why I preferred Glocks to Smiths. Glocks come with a reasonably decent trigger. Looks like the new M&Ps do as well.

    It's a bit premature, as I have not shot this gun yet, but the trigger (dry firing) feels every bit as good as my G19.

    Maybe better. All shall be revealed at the range.
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    I may be in the fog of the unknown here, but my 9c bought in 2009, and my .357 sig, bought usde(like new) from a forum member here, who bought in and around 2006 or so is, FAIK just fine.
    They are not like the trigger on a $1000 pistol, but they work well, and I am accurate as all get out with them.
    Glad they are getting better( I wish it was a tad lighter by a pound or so).
    I think if they had triggers from Hades, not many agencies would be utilizing them, regardless of getting a deal on them or not.

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    The new triggers are far better then they used to be. I still think the reset is a little to be desired, but I am a trigger snob and have been babied with my custom Glock triggers and my PPQ. Those two have such positive snappy resets that they are almost arrogant in nature. Did you get the CORE model? I sure wish everyone had that option! Very cool

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    I heard they were redoing the triggers as well, but was unaware they were now on the street. That was really my only complaint with them. Good goin for Smith! As C hawk Glock pointed out with the PPQ, I believe it has the best "stock" trigger on the market. It really has to be handled to explain it. I NEVER thought my Glock 19 would ever leave my hip, ever as my edc. Well, the PPQ M2 has made that happen a bit.

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    I bought the M&P compact 9, before my Glock 19s. I took it through fighting pistol, 1K rounds in two days. As a result, I got used to the M&P trigger.

    There was no problem picking up a glock, but I was forced to learn the subtleties of the M&P trigger, and didnt have the Glock trigger already imprinted on me.

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    Added an Apex trigger to my M&P Pro and it is great. I know many people who almost automatically add an Apex. Perhaps that wont be needed any more.
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    Interesting. I am anxious to see a range report. All my M&P's have all been a mixed bag of triggers. Shield is decent, the M&P40c and 9c were decent on breaking the shot, horrible on reset, my full size 45 has a crisp trigger that is UN-M&P like and my 45c had what can only be described as "an old sponge".

    Glad to hear they may have finally fixed it.
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    I, too have found the trigger to be the only shortcoming on my M&Ps. Glad to hear that S&W has finally addressed it.
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    This is good news. The #1 complaint I've always heard has been about the poor trigger.

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    Very nice those M&P's are. I would love to have one. Man, S&W has come a long way from it's SIGMA days. Even the SD series, SIGMA redone, are much nicer. Hope your gun runs long for you!
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    Quote Originally Posted by rugergunner View Post
    Very nice those M&P's are. I would love to have one. Man, S&W has come a long way from it's SIGMA days. Even the SD series, SIGMA redone, are much nicer. Hope your gun runs long for you!
    Everybody should have a first-gen Sigma as a starter gun. Once you shoot THAT well, you have learned trigger control, grasshopper.
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    I am also used to Glock triggers and love them. I just bought an M&P Shield and noticed though it was slightly heavier than a Glock pull, it was crisper. I have since polished the sear and although it is not any lighter, it feela like it is. Super smooth and crisp. I think I want a full size M&P 9 to compliment the Shield and have the same trigger on both guns I carry.


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