Anyone carry a .22/.22 mag derringer or NAA?

Anyone carry a .22/.22 mag derringer or NAA?

This is a discussion on Anyone carry a .22/.22 mag derringer or NAA? within the Defensive Carry Guns forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; I'd like to have a small NAA .22 or .22 Magnum to back up my RAMI or LCR, but the Double Tap 2 -shot derringer ...

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Thread: Anyone carry a .22/.22 mag derringer or NAA?

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    Anyone carry a .22/.22 mag derringer or NAA?

    I'd like to have a small NAA .22 or .22 Magnum to back up my RAMI or LCR,
    but the Double Tap 2 -shot derringer looks flat and good for CCW as well.

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    NAA 22mag. with 1" or so barrel key holed at range at 10'.

    4' barrel would be the way to go with one of these little jewels.
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    I've shot other's but I don't want any watch-fob-sized .22s of any sort, revolver or derringer. Others may be comfortable with them but I only want to carry something that will make a real difference if it is used. After chronographing .22s of the type, I don't see much capability to make a difference.
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    Not when there something close in weightin a 380 or larger and has more rounds on hand.

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    I our neck of the woods a .22 is great for tin cans and peter rabbits! As for Bears, .22 will just piss them off and place you on the very bottom of the food chain.

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    I have the NAA. In 22 mag
    Has the interchangeable wheel for 22lr

    I use the Hornady 22 mag ammo

    Very very short range bullet impact drops fast

    I just use it for deep concealment and shoot once and a while at the range
    Can hide it anywhere will take on jogs or bike rides
    Not an everyday carry
    Fast is fine, but accuracy is everything.
    Wyatt Earp

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    I have a 22 mag with an 1 1/8 inch barrel. I use it for deep cover backup gun at times but it will never replace better guns that I own for carry.
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    Quote Originally Posted by bmcgilvray View Post
    I've shot others' but I don't want any watch-fob-sized .22s of any sort, revolver or derringer. Others may be comfortable with them but I only want to carry something that will make a real difference if it is used. After chronographing .22s of the type, I don't see much capability to make a difference.
    I agree, and particularly like the statement in bold
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    IMO, the NAA guns are like beautiful little jewels. i had a .22LR model with 1" barrel. it was reliable, VERY slow to reload, and VERY HARD for me to hit a man-size target beyond 10'. i sold it.

    while i firmly believe that any gun is better than no gun, i think there are better choices these days. if you have to have a minimum size gun, i'd recommend a laser-equipped Ruger LCP, or Kel-Tec P3AT over any .22LR/.22WMRF.
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    I have the Pug and the 22mag. Great little guns. I always have one with me, regardless of anything else I might be carrying at the time.
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    Yep, I carry a NAA 22lr revolver in my pocket all of the time that I am awake.
    A wise man once said: "Bugout bag?..What's that? Is that all the junk you sidewalk commandos plan on humping when the SHTF...I'll grab a Nylon 66, a box of 22s and a poncho liner and in less than a week I will have all of your stuff and everything else that I need for the duration."

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    I have the NAA in 22 mag, with their folding grip. Adding the grip allowed me to hit reasonable targets at 5 yards.

    When I carry it, it's usually filled with snake shot and carried for reptile control at very close range. It's easier to tote around than a hoe.

    However, once, when I could not carry a gun, I was mighty glad to have the NAA in my pocket when I thought a bad situation was about to get worse.

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    NAA 22 Mag

    I carry the NAA 22 mag as a back up. It is the 1 and 5/8 inch barrel. I wear it on my weak side.
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    NAA's are very well made but I don't think they are a good option for self defense. They are very difficult to operate under stress where gross motor skills are needed usually under less than ideal conditions. If one is inclined to carry a rimfire for defense there are better choices such as the LCR in .22 mag. JMHO.
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    When they first came out had to buy one, well made nice little gun but would be hard to manipulate in a stressful situation IMHO

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