First CC Handgun?

First CC Handgun?

This is a discussion on First CC Handgun? within the Defensive Carry Guns forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; I have narrowed my search to three 9mm models. I will list the three in no order with the only qualifier that the price differences ...

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Thread: First CC Handgun?

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    First CC Handgun?

    I have narrowed my search to three 9mm models. I will list the three in no order with the only qualifier that the price differences are not an issue. Please give me your opinions regarding weight and carry, size, mag capacity, reliability, and safety.

    Glock 26

    Kahr P-9 covert

    Springfield Arms XD-9 sub compact

    Thanks in advance for all the input.


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    I really like my xd in .45. I've shot the 9mm and like it just as well. I prefer the angle/pointabilty and feel of the xd grip over the glock, but then again everyones hand is different. I don't have any first hand experience with the kahr, though their reputation is good enough. When it comes right down to it, I'm sure all 3 would serve you well (dependable, accurate). What do you like? Would the grip safety on the XD make you feel more comfortable? I can tell you that it is very unobtrusive. I would rank them according to the following criteria

    1. reputation for reliability
    2. desired safety features?
    3. ergonomics(trigger pull, grip, ability to conceal, sights to your likeing)
    4. magazine capacity
    5. warranty/availability of parts and or experienced gunsmiths

    These are just off the top of my head, and I'm working on the assumption that the vast majority of handguns from the manufacturors you've narrowed it down to are adequately accurate at combat distances.

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    I have the XD9 Service Model, and I would much prefer to carry it over my 1911s, because it's lighter, and I'm able to shoot it more proficiently. I also like the safety features like the trigger safety, and the grip safety, and the sights are fine for me.

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    Altho I have none of the three I'd go for the XD - I prefer the idea of a grip safety, and am not a fan (myself) of Kahr.

    Glock is OK but - no grip safety.

    The decision for me would be easy!
    Chris - P95
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    What P95Carry and spyderdude say is sound advice...

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    VIP Member Array Bud White's Avatar
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    The Xd Sc is a fine Carry gun it was my first carry gun

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    If extra thumb/grip safety is not an issue I suggest the Glock 26. It's very reliable durable and you can use the original ten round mag, 17 rnds. and even 33 rnds. as a spare mag for carry. I own one and carry it during winter/cold season. Good luck...

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    I have that little XD-9SC and it's a really great gun. It's been 100% reliable, very easy to maintain, and is amazingly accurate for its size. I bought it because of all the added safety features and extras.

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    I carry the Glock 26 after trying several other's my choice because I shoot it well and the short grip makes it very concealable.
    "It's a big gun when I carry it, it is also a big gun when I take it out” – Clint Smith

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    Anyone of the 3 would be a fine selection. But with that said, I have a Kahr TP-9 which slide is a half inch longer then the Covert, and would prefer it over the other 2 with their high capacity. It's (Kahr) thinner then the other 2, simplier then the others (no safety other then the one between your ears), and seeing that most gunfights result in only 3 shots being fired. It's just the right size in my mind.

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    The xd and the glock both carry more ammo , but also will be more of a pain to carry ( much thicker than the kahr ) If smaller round capacity does not bother you go for the kahr since it will tuck away much easyer and in more places than the others . If you plan on missing a lot go of one of the others LOL . For myself My choices would be 1. kahr , 2. XD and 3. glock .
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    Carry Gun

    I carry the XD9sc daily. I also have a service size XD. I love to shoot all makes and calibers. But the XD9sc is so easy to CCW in a C-TAC and points and shoots like a longer barreled gun. With me the XD is the whole package. At the range I shoot the XD-9 service model. I think the key here is this is the gun for me. You must shoot them all. When you do one will be your best fit. I also carry a KelTec P32. Often as a BUG instead of a spare Mag.

    Shoot safe,

    -- Richard

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    Kahr - most expensive, possibly less reliable (due to what I've read on this site)
    Glock 26 - medium priced, boringly reliable, smaller and lighter than the XD
    XD sub - most comfy in the hand, larger and heavier than the Glock, cheapest (probably), very reliable as well

    I carry a Glock 19 everyday, and even though the XD is more comfy in my hand, I still prefer the simplicity, durability, and reliability of the Glock. Put a pinky extension on the 26, and you're good to go.
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    I carry an XD .40sc and I can tell you it is a fantastic gun. The grip is great. It is accurate. And it carries easy.

    I would reccomend the XD.

    Let us know what you decide.
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    Thanks for the input

    It pretty much follows my process. Each gun has it's strengths and weaknesses, perceived differently by each person.

    Kahr + lighter, shorter and slimmer.
    - mag capacity, reliability(from reading forums), no grip safety

    Glock + proven reliability, excellent capacity, trigger safety
    - heavier, longer and wider than Kahr, no grip safety

    SA-XD9sc + trigger and grip safety, mag capacity
    - heavier,longer and wider than Kahr, reliability, grip safety

    I shot a few rounds of the larger Springfield at the range, and felt that I was paying too much attention to the grip safety. It probably will go away quickly, but I didn't go through enough rounds to get a feel of the minimum amount of pressure needed to disingage the grip safety.

    Right now I'm leaning toward the Kahr, but as several people have pointed out, if a shooting does occur, you're probably losing the gun for a long time. I guess price shouldn't be a factor in a situation like that, but......


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