How much do you shoot that pocket gun?

This is a discussion on How much do you shoot that pocket gun? within the Defensive Carry Guns forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; The common and expected response might be as much as I can afford at a given time. However I was having a discussion with one ...

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Thread: How much do you shoot that pocket gun?

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    How much do you shoot that pocket gun?

    The common and expected response might be as much as I can afford at a given time. However I was having a discussion with one of my buddies and the following came up. He almost always carries a Ruger LCP and owns many other guns. He mentions he puts maybe around 200-300 rounds through his LCP a year, and over 1,000 rounds through his Glock in the same amount of time. Granted 9mm ammunition might be more widely available and cheaper. Also the recoil from his LCP with such size would be much greater than the bigger glock. But it baffles me to think the gun one carries gets shot and practiced with three times less than the guns one keeps in the safe.

    With that in mind, if you own a pocket gun, or even better--if you carry a pocket gun, how much or how many rounds do you put through it in a year on average?

    P.S. Guns like the Glock 26, Shield and XD-s can indeed be pocketed but I'd like the thread to target the smaller sized guns.

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    The only pocket guns I have are NAA mini revolvers. My normal carry guns are a Bersa 45 or 380 thunder. That being said, I put at least 600 rounds through my little pocket guns a year.

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    My main pocket gun is an LCP, but I also carry a S&W Airweight. I can't say exactly how many rounds a year I put through them, but it's quite a few. I go to the range two or three times a month, and I never go without shooting both pocket guns.
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    I would put about 600 rounds per year through my Kahr P380 if I could find .380 right now. I use it as a BUG and occasional primary carry if dress or extreme heat pushes me that way. My primary carry Bersa Thunder Pro UC 9 (not a pocket gun) gets 3,000 rounds per year by contrast.

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    About the same. I usually shoot one or two of my guns each trip throughout the year. Each one gets about the same amount of ammo ran through it each year except for the .22s.
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    I have a Keltec PF9 I bought in may this year and have about 400 rounds through it. I carry it about one third of the time, a Sig P250c 9mm or a XD40sc the other times.

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    So called pocket gun is a 25 auto shoot it a few times a year hit center mass with it every time.
    Once you have been shooting for a number of years. Unless the weapon is some real junk you can pick up any handgun and at a reasonable distance.
    A distance you would be involved in a SD fight hit center mass. You do not need to put hundreds of rounds in paper with every weapon you may shoot to hit center mass.
    4th of July We had an unplanned range day. A group all walked over to a private range and we shot each others weapons all day long.
    Amazing what a group of people that enjoy shooting have at any given time on there person and in the trunk.
    We did have to send out for more ammo after lunch.
    No madder who was shooting no madder who's weapon they shot everyone hit center mass every time and that was both male and female shooters.

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    Unfortunately pocket guns are meant to "carry a lot and shoot a little". Due to the size of them they can be brutal to shoot.
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    Even though its not fun, I shoot my compact guns more because, that's what I carry

    from my phone

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    Not nearly enough.
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    In the neighborhood of 2000 rounds / year through my Sig P238. About the same for my wife with hers.

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    I have several dedicated pocket guns, some in 380ACP and a few in 9mm. Just this weekend added the Kahr PM9 to go along with my CM9. I took several to the range yesterday and ran each through its paces. I find that I can adapt to each pretty easily and have no trouble what so ever putting rounds on target with any of um; regardless of how long it's been since I've had it out of the safe.

    While the Kahrs are a tad on the large size for dedicated pocket carry, for me that's only related to office attire. During the weekend & off time, pocket carry is not an issue regardless of what I'm toting. I make a point to practice with my pocket guns every-time I go to the range. Whenever I pickup a new pistol I always get to the range to break the puppy in, and that's when the safe gets opened up for additional toys to take and compare the pistol. I try to get to the range often, but with all the ammo shortage and price gouging going on lately, I decided to relax on the range trips a little, I don't want to feed the frenzy and line the pockets of the ones that are part of the problem. Just as I suspected, Im just as deadly now as I was then, mostly due to my choices for defensive pistols I guess, but also due to the fact that it's sorta like riding a bike IMO. One would have to be pretty outta touch with your muscle memory to forget how to shoot accurately enough for defensive purposes. And we're not talking about IDPA mind you, just saying.
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    I don't shoot mine very often. It's brutal to shoot and, as far as I'm concerned, was never intended to be a range gun. It's more a get off the top of me and quit pounding my head in the pavement type of gun. At that distance I can probably be reasonably accurate with it.
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    I just got my TCP and put 100 thru it my first trip to get used to it. Going forward I plan on 4 mags one trip per month.
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    I shoot about 60 rounds of target reloads through my Colt Agent revolver each month followed by 24 carry rounds which are loaded to just below +p specs.
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