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Thread: desert eagle???????

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    You may be a gun expert. If so, great. If not, however, remember that the biggest mistake most people make is buying too big a gun.

    Just sayin'.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Ouijonbu View Post
    LOL blitzburgh, really. well sorry to have handed your team a big defeat. we are fierce rivals. but the RAVENS all the way. Ray Lewis for President.

    I am doing my ray lewis dance.... yyyeeessss
    You guys did give us hell last year, that's for sure. I think the tables will be turned this year (of course) but no doubt it'll be tough as always. I love seeing the Ravens appear on the schedule, you know it'll always be a great, intense, hard hitting game. See ya on week 7.

    Edit: I'm glad the Ravens won the Super Bowl or else the 49ers would of tied us for the most SB wins.
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    They are a gimmick. If you want to buy one to add to an already extensive collection for the cool factor go ahead.

    If you're buying it as a defensive pistol or basically your first or second gun don't do it. You can get a lot better gun/ammo/training at that cost.
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    I conceal carried my Desert Eagle 50AE all day once to win a bet with a LEO friend who said it couldn't be done. I wore it around senior LEOs all day and no one noticed until the day was over and I showed them to win the bet. I have both a shoulder holster and a belt holster for it with carriers for spare magazines. It is a blast to shoot at the range and it makes a good gun for brown bear areas. The 50AE has about 60% more muzzle energy than a .44 magnum so recoil is very substantial. They have to be kept very clean and are very prone to limp wristing. I prefer a 1911 for routine carry myself.

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    Contrary to what the others have said, if you have cash to burn, go for it. I've shot both the 44 and the 50, and they are a blast. I'm 6'4" and 260 lbs and the recoil of both of them got my attention, so neither will be enjoyable after a couple dozen rounds.

    But if you are commenting that the rounds are expensive (and they are - were $2.50 a pop before the latest craze), you may be better off not buying one.
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    To me, the only one that REALLY makes sense for defense (against two-legged types) is the .357 Magnum. And I'm not sure how reliable it is.
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    Quote Originally Posted by blitzburgh View Post
    You guys did give us hell last year, that's for sure. I think the tables will be turned this year (of course) but no doubt it'll be tough as always. I love seeing the Ravens appear on the schedule, you know it'll always be a great, intense, hard hitting game. See ya on week 7.

    Edit: I'm glad the Ravens won the Super Bowl or else the 49ers would of tied us for the most SB wins.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Ouijonbu View Post
    I am seriously thinking about buying a D E, it cost about 1200 used, but the rounds are expensive i want to use it for home defense or just for sport. so what are your thoughts
    I consider myself more of a collector than a carrier, so mine is a safe queen's a hoot!
    I found mine on GB, polished chrome, not a flaw, for a great price, < $1000.
    There are three versions, Mark I, II, and III. Mark three has interchangeable barrels in .357. .44 magnum, and .50 AE.
    It also has a rail and looks unique. Mark II came in all three calibers, but not interchangeable unless you change slides too.
    Mark I had a smaller slide release and no rail.
    The DE has a rotating bolt, more like an AR than a pistol. Mine is totally reliable (as little as I shoot it).
    I did a lot of research, and I decided that the .44 magnum is a better choice than the .50 AE.
    The diameter of both cartridges is the same, the 50 is longer. They use the same extractor and bold assembly.
    But, the .44 magnum is MUCH cheaper to shoot, by far.
    As far as shooting, the first thing you notice is, "This thing is HEAVY." Yeah, like 5 pounds, no girly plastic here.
    When you shoot, the recoil is surprisingly mild, in that it tries to push your arms over your head, rather than snap your wrists up.
    It commands attention at the range, just from the "Boom". Better hold on. It's pretty accurate, as much as I shoot mine.
    Racking the slide is man's work, forget about carrying it unless you're Arnold.

    So, if you have the expendable cash, get it. Would I buy it again? Hell, yes. I wish mine was gold, might as well go all out.

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    The gun is really just for fun or for a collector. It's over all impractical. I'd buy it but not as a carry gun or for home defense.
    As someone else said there is the baby version but it has very little affiliation to the desert eagle.
    The baby desert eagle, baby desert eagle ii, uzi eagle, or its original name jericho 941 is only affiliated with the desert eagle by similar looks and they were both produced by IMI. However currently the desert eagle is made by magnum research and the new jericho's are made by IWI.

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    I bet it would do a heck of a job in a bowling pin match.
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    Ive held one before at a LGS. Awesome to hold such a weapon. As for actually using it in a real defense scenario... I wouldnt try it. Im a big guy, at 6'5 and 300lbs, can palm a basketball, and I feel like I have little toddler hands when I pick one up. Might be a good fit for Yao Ming, but even for me, its an absolute monster. It feels like youre holding a soda bottle when you grab the grip.

    If you want a full size, powerful gun for home defense, get a Glock 20 in 10mm... Or better yet just buy a 12ga shotgun for home defense. That 12ga slug will make that .50AE look like a pea shooter.

    But... If you just want a cool rage toy... Whats cooler than a .50cal pistol?

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    I get the feeling much regergitation is going on here.

    First of all, I am 5'6", I can't palm a basketball, and I think my hands are probably smaller than the average mans. I've owned TWO. Recoil is stout, but it's not going to fly out of your hands, people. Internet....sheesh! If I can fire a big ole' .50AE Desert Eagle, any full grown man can. This is a non-issue.

    Second, this thing IS impractical as anything ever made! LOL! Unless you want grizzly repellant or a range/fun queen, go with something else. Some rounds are expensive, but Honady's .50AE isn't any more expensive than any other caliber in Hornady's premium lineup. Speer does make hunting rounds that are about $50 for 20 rounds however! EEEK!

    Point is, don't use a Desert Eagle point-five-o for defense unless your nickname is Bullet-Tooth. Range/fun/bear is pefectly acceptable, however. If you have the cash, Magnum Research will gladly give you the time!

    Just as with anything else, it's a tool. Use it accordingly. You wouldn't use a ballpeen hammer to hang a picture on your wall.....would you???
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    Having shot a DE 50AE, it is a FUN gun to shoot but it is EXPENSIVE! The recoil is VERY manageable, but it is heavy.

    If you have the $$$ to burn...

    I will say that it is more like a toy than a practical defensive firearm for the average guy.
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    Quote Originally Posted by A1C Lickey View Post
    A friend of mine has one in .50AE and I've had the opportunity to fire it a few times. Listen to what's been posted already. It's a nice range toy but definitely not something meant for home defense.

    Find something cheaper and much more manageable for self-defense, then use the extra cash for ammo and training. Or buy it and keep it as a range toy. It all depends on your individual needs.
    Tsgt Lickey,

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    Depends on which model your looking at. IMO the .50AE is too much for home defense, especially if you live where you need to worry about pass through. Couple that with the cost of ammo, if you don't reload for it, the gun is a loser.

    Now, the DE 1911, well I might be able to go for that. >45ACP isn't cost prohibitive to shoot and pass through isn't a major concern.
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