Machinist challenge: Kahr 9mm magazine redesign

This is a discussion on Machinist challenge: Kahr 9mm magazine redesign within the Defensive Carry Guns forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; As many people who've had Kahr pistols might be aware, the magazines aren't the most reliable sort. They allow for all sorts of slop and ...

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Thread: Machinist challenge: Kahr 9mm magazine redesign

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    Question Machinist challenge: Kahr 9mm magazine redesign

    As many people who've had Kahr pistols might be aware, the magazines aren't the most reliable sort. They allow for all sorts of slop and play, in the angle of the cartridge as it approaches the feed ramp. Kahr's still got essentially the same magazine design they've had since inception, and many of the pistols continue to have feeding issues that, according to many, clearly are tied to these "loose" magazines.

    Challenge: Any decent, creative machinists in the house? Anyone with a bug to fix a long-standing problem that might be easily addressed, with a few judicious changes to the feed lips, magazine follower and spring choice? If you happen to have machine tools, a mill or other fab capability in your shop, might you be inspired to fiddle with the concept to see what's possible?

    Wouldn't surprise me if there are a few current Kahr pistol owners who'd be happy to give up some magazines or the pistol/mags for awhile in order to help solve the problem. Imagine ... a Kahr pistol that fed flawlessly, every single time. I'd be all over the CM9 or PM9 in a blink of an eye, then, if only ...

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    The issue is that Kahr will claim that the "slop" at the top of their magazine is necessary, due to the offset feed ramp. Not sure if it would be possible to eliminate the vertical slop, which would hopefully stop the infamous "Kahr nose down jam" problem, while still leaving some horizontal play.

    There is a modification for the mag followers posted on the Kahrtalk forum, which some claim will solve the issues. I tried it, and it did not help - but others have had success.

    Good post, I've thought about this myself. If someone can make a better Kahr magazine, even one that just does not have a propensity for splitting at the weld seam, they would make a decent living at it.
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    A Kahr with magazines that match the quality & reliability of Glock & Sig? Don't tease me! Would be sweet tho!

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    Would love to see it!! Good worthwhile challenge!!
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