Springfield XD 9mm

Springfield XD 9mm

This is a discussion on Springfield XD 9mm within the Defensive Carry Guns forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; This little bugger tried to follow me home from the gun shop today. Thoughts? Anyone using it as a CCW? Holster? How well does it ...

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Thread: Springfield XD 9mm

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    Springfield XD 9mm

    This little bugger tried to follow me home from the gun shop today. Thoughts? Anyone using it as a CCW? Holster? How well does it conceal? draw? Pros/Cons? Issues? Accuracy? Overall experience?
    I was impressed by the overall feel and pointability, trigger pull, and mid-size for having such a large capacity.

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    Is this the subcompact or the regular 4" version? The full size isn't going to conceal nearly as well (again full sized gun). The SC is decently concealable. They just seem so thick to me. If my memory serves me correctly they are thicker and the grip is a little bit longer than the glock 26. With the SC you can easily just put in the full sized magazine. Solid shooter though.
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    4" version.

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    I have 3 xd 9mm pistols. A 5.25 XDm, a 4" Service (truck gun), and a sub-compact Xd, which I carry most the time or I carry a Sig in.40 or a Hi-Power in .40.

    i find the Xd to be a great value, a reliable shooter, and the guns couldn't care less about what ammo you feed it. For my hand I prefer them over Glocks.

    If it matters to you, a bone stock XD will be in "enhanced" service pistol catagory in IDPA matches.

    Theres lots of good guns to choose from these days.
    As of today all Xds (very specifically S) models are being safety recalled where the other models are not effected.

    XDSC is plenty concealable (pen shown for size reference).
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    I just added a XD 9 MM service size...A great pistol, Great Ergonomics, A highly polished feed ramp from the factory, and eats any type of ammo flawlessly :)

    This pistol I actually love to shoot, and I can all day with the XD. Cant beat 16+1 . I also don't mind the larger size but to each his own . Other features include chambered round indicator for looks and tactile feel in the dark. It also has a cocked indicator you can see or feel ,and ambidextrous magazine release controls.

    I cant explain the " It just fits " thing but in my hand it was a perfect . When I bring it up its natural .

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    Quote Originally Posted by warbirds View Post
    If it matters to you, a bone stock XD will be in "enhanced" service pistol catagory in IDPA matches.
    Not after October 1st when the new rules go into effect. With the new rules, all striker fired pistols will fall into Stock Service Pistol division. The reason the XDs were excluded from this division in the old rules was that the division required a double action pistol and the XDs were ruled a single action. Kind of silly for a striker fired gun, but that's the way it was and is until October.
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    Grip safety

    I used to own three XD/XDM pistols. Including the XD9sc

    Bads: (compared to Glock or M&P pistols)
    Grip safety (ref: latest XDS recall)
    More expensive
    Higher bore axis, so more muzzle flip
    Less aftermarket accessories and holsters
    Harder to conceal
    Grip texture of the XDM's is like cheese graters
    Harder to rack slide (really stiff spring)
    Squisher trigger

    I sold all my SA pistols and now own Glocks.

    My $0.02 (Get a Glock or M&P)

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    I've said it before and I'll say it again, I love my XD. Granted it's a .45 and the compact, but that was my carry gun for several years. Personally I never had trouble concealing it, and I carried it in a shoulder holster, OWB @ 4:30 and in a SOB @ 5:00.

    For me it points better than a Glock does. Granted it does have a higher bore axis, but I don't find the muzzle flip excessive.

    In fact, as soon as I get back to The States I plan on looking for a 9mm and possibly making that my carry.
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    I compared muzzle flip, ease of concealment, and the triggers of my XD9 and 45C to my Glock 19, MP9 and MP45C and Glock 30.

    ....Both XD's have significanly greater muzzle flip than either the Glocks or the M&P's due to high bore axis.
    .....XD's are significantly heavier and bulkier than either the Glocks or M&P's making them much harder to conceal
    unless you are wearing OWB under a floppy shirt or jacket.
    ....triggers on ALL my XD's are different....every one. All my Glocks have exactly the same trigger....M&P's triggers are better than the XD's
    but have a lousy re-set.
    .....accuracy is about the same with XD's, M&P's and Glocks.
    ....reliability is also the same.....100%

    Bottom line: XD's are a good reliable gun, but for concealed carry, there are better options.
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