Am I asking for too much or is there a CCW like this?

Am I asking for too much or is there a CCW like this?

This is a discussion on Am I asking for too much or is there a CCW like this? within the Defensive Carry Guns forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; Hi guys! Long time reader first time poster here. Looking for some advice on a new carry pistol. I currently carry a glock26 and I'm ...

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Thread: Am I asking for too much or is there a CCW like this?

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    Question Am I asking for too much or is there a CCW like this?

    Hi guys! Long time reader first time poster here. Looking for some advice on a new carry pistol. I currently carry a glock26 and I'm a pretty skinny guy. 32 waist weight 155lbs. I use a maxtuck with a very good gun belt.

    I'm looking for these criteria:
    -1"ish thickness
    -Glock like trigger (striker?) Or DA/SA
    -Not DAO
    -Preferably subcompact size but not micro/pocket size. I feel subcompact size (height and length wise) is perfect balance between recoil and carrybility, if that's a word haha
    -Prefer no external safety but trigger and grip safety are perfectly fine

    So.. is there any fun that meets these fairly strict criteria? Greatly appreciate any input!

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    How about a glock 26....
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    The Kahr pistols come to mind. Though they're DAO they meet the rest of your criteria. Even the all-metal Kahr K9 9mm will beat the "compact" Glock 19 for dimensions, and the CW9 or PM9/CM9 are even smaller.
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    SR9C first to pop in my head.

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    Kahr? It's kind of Glock-like as far as trigger is concerned. A Kahr P9 would be my choice in a single stack 9 with the criteria listed.

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    Walther PPS, S&W Shield, SA XDS

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    Walther pps


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    S&W Shield 9mm, just ignore the safety. Too small? Then how about a M&P 9 compact?

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    The reduced width you specified isn't going to give you much more than you already have with the 26.
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    Sounds like you're describing a Glock or M&P. I think both brands are around 1" thick for all sizes.

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    I have a P-64, and it's not all that far from your description. I consider mind a perfect balance for all around carry really. It's pretty powerful for it's size, ridiculously reliable (it is a soviet weapon after all), and I can conceal it pretty much anywhere wearing anything...but it's still just big enough to work well in the hand.

    Where it's different from your description:

    1) it is 9mm...but 9mm makarov. That's between .380 and 9mm luger as far as power goes. Buffalo Bore has good defense ammo for it.

    2) It has a safety...but really it just acts as a decocker. It's DA/SA, and the safety/decocker is flush with the slide's surface, and very difficult to move. It actually is hard to use when you want to decock, accidental engaging of the safety is an absolute non-issue, will never happen. I worry about that with my 92FS...but not my P-64. Carry safety off with the double action pull as the safety, I do.

    A couple things to note:

    - Even with an all steel construction, the 9mm makarov round in that pistol can be brutal on the hand. You can definitely empty a mag no problem...but you'll feel it!

    - You have to change some springs when you get one. The double action trigger pull is almost impossible, once you change the spring with a wolff spring kit it's then ok.

    - Recommend a hogue jr slip-on grip. Adds to the width a little...but is still super easy to conceal, and it changes the ergonomics of the gun completely.

    - It has the same dimensions as a PPK, if you're familiar, so it's about the size you're asking for.

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    Springfield XDS. If you want something a bit bigger, then either Glock 26 or M&P 9c.

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    Walther P99
    I like all kinds of foreign guns.

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    You'd be better off keeping the Glock-26 and spending the 'saved money' on ammo and a SD course.OMO
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    If you've got $1500 to spend, H&K P7. If not, maybe a Taurus Millenium G2?
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