LCR with bantam grip and xs sight - opinions needed

LCR with bantam grip and xs sight - opinions needed

This is a discussion on LCR with bantam grip and xs sight - opinions needed within the Defensive Carry Guns forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; Hey all - I'm in the market for a pocketable revolver and can't decide so I would ask the group. Does anyone have an LCR ...

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Thread: LCR with bantam grip and xs sight - opinions needed

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    LCR with bantam grip and xs sight - opinions needed

    Hey all - I'm in the market for a pocketable revolver and can't decide so I would ask the group. Does anyone have an LCR with the bantam grip and xs sights? If so:

    1. is the sight worth it - ie, if I got a 642, am I really going to miss the opportunity to upgrade the sights?

    2. can you pocket carry this gun with the bantam grips? How much difference does the grip make?

    3. do you have a 642/442 and if so, how does it compare?

    I'm tempted to just get a 642 if I can find one and leave everything simple, or get a 360 and put smaller grips and an xs sight on it (at mucho expense). So, if you have the LCR in this configuration, your feedback would be greatly appreciated. This may end up being my EDC if I find something I really like.

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    I have the LCR357 with Tamer Grip. I carry it in my off hand front pants pocket every day. I put the XS Sight on and really like it. I don't wear tight pants. The Tamer Grip probably would not work in tight pants. I also have a Smith 442 with the Uncle Mikes Boot Grip. The 442 fits a little better because of the smaller grip. I never shot a 38 LCR but herd that +P recoil was a little harsh. I don't mind it in the 442, so it can't be that bad. Harsh recoil is my LCR357 with full power loads. I shoot and carry mid range 357 and they are not bad. 38+P in the LCR 357 is great. I hope I helped a little.
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    642 seems easier

    While I like the LCR with the xs sights I find the 642 just fits so much easier in jean pockets. If at all possible I would try to slip them into your usual dress attire at the gunshop before purchasing, then decide. While I like the LCR the 642 gets the nod for myself in pocket carry. The LCR just does not seem to fit right?
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    The 642 boot grip is better than the LCR boot grip. It gives better purchase than the LCR boot grip probably due to the finger grooves and the LCR boot grip tapers at the bottom which I find to be a distraction but it probably does give better concealability. I'm not much on finger grooves for full sized grips but it's my preference for the boot style grips. The 642 also has a shorter trigger reach if that's an issue.

    As too the XS Dot, I had one on my KLCR for a while but ditched it. It worked OK but I grew to loath the express/partridge hybrid. I think the express style sight would be ideal on a small gun if you could actually mount the XS rear sight on the gun to make it a true express sight. The stock sights on the LCR are a little better that the 642 but given my idea of self defense with a snubbie, that rates a firm meh,whatever.

    The Smith has the more affirmative trigger especially in the reset department. Any small revolver will be a hard lesson to the uninitiated. I chose the LCR for it's dreadfully smooth trigger and it's reputation for absolving recoil with .357 loads which it actually does pretty well.

    Having said all that, my KLCR is off to Ruger for the, drum roll........., fourth time with another broken trigger mechanism. If they send it back I'll sell it for cheap. If they replace it I'll trade or sell for a Smith, aluminum or stainless, I dunno..........
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    I pocket carried my LCR regularly with the hogue tamer grips. Never used the bantam grips. It rode lightly As long as the pockets were big enough. I really disliked the sights and wanted the xs sight but never got around to getting one. I did shoot a range gun with one and it was much better than the factory sight. Enough that I would recommend it or a fiber optic replacement.

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    I recently swapped out the sights on my .357 LCR for an XS. I like the big dot for quick acquisition but it takes a bit of getting used to. My first trip to the range I was shooting way low. Turns out you have to sit the dot on top of the rear sight groove as opposed to inside the groove. I also just switched over to the bantam grips. To me it really makes a big difference in comfortable pocket carry although I still don't pocket carry often. As for the comfort while shooting...the new grips are a little less comfortable but by no means do I find them painful to use or unmanageable in any way. I actually like the way I can grip the gun better than I did with the stock grips.

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    I was just comparing a LCR in 357 and 638 last night. The LCR is a tad bigger all around. Only weighs about 2oz more when you have the bantam grip on the LCR. But the 38spl version would be about 1.5oz lighter with the bantam grip. But 2oz felt pretty much equal in the hand. So I don't think a couple oz is anything to really consider unless you weigh 98lb and can't curl 5lb dumbells or squat a 45lb unloaded bar The XS sight is worth it to me. The stock grip on the 638 is more positive. The bantam grip on the LCR kinda feels a little slippery. If that makes sense. As far as how they feel in the pocket I would say equal. As far as how they shoot with the same load, and I've only shot 130gr standard in the 638, I would say about the same. With the LCR I've shot 125gr 357 Remington SJHP and it wasn't that bad at all. Stout but fun

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    Just picked up a 442 yesterday and have had the LCR with both the Boot grip and the Tamer grips for over a year or two. Also just added the Hi-Viz on the LCR and must say that I kinda wish I'd have went for the XS night sight instead.

    My takes on it goes like this.

    The LCR is much better on recoil due to the hogue grips; either one really soaks up the recoil. The boot grip conceals much better than the Tamer, but you can easily get the feeling of not having enough purchase on the grip due to it being so small and with no finger grooves. The best of both would be using the CT laser grips on it, but then the recoil factor goes up significantly.

    Comparing the S&W J frame to the LCR for me goes this way. Overall, the Smith conceals better (slightly), but is also (slightly) heavier than the LCR, by a couple of ounces. It's not much, but it is what it is. The trigger on the LCR really is awesome outa the box and that lends itself to some nice accuracy for a DAO revolver.

    I could go on, but typing on a phone hangs so, bottom line; if you want to mostly pocket carry with your choice I'd suggest this. If you go with the LCR, you will want the Boot grip so it will ride without its butt tipping at the top of your pocket; in most pockets that I have used it in. Using the Boot grip also drops the weight from 13.5 to 13 ounces. The Smith is good to go for the most part for pocket carry but has a couple extra ounces of weight that may or may not be a factor for some.

    Anyway, good luck with your choice. You really can't go wrong with either one IMO. I have four Smiths and the LCR and all of um are keepers and good shooters.
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