I wouldn't have anything shorter than about 4" for a semi-auto pistol.

I wouldn't have anything shorter than about 4" for a semi-auto pistol.

This is a discussion on I wouldn't have anything shorter than about 4" for a semi-auto pistol. within the Defensive Carry Guns forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; The longest barrel you can conceal for CCW is the way to go for better accuracy and velocity... *please discuss what a variable is...

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Thread: I wouldn't have anything shorter than about 4" for a semi-auto pistol.

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    I wouldn't have anything shorter than about 4" for a semi-auto pistol.

    The longest barrel you can conceal for CCW is the way to go for better accuracy and velocity...

    *please discuss what a variable is

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    What distance do you feel you would use it?
    How fast do you want to draw it?
    How well can conceal it?
    What is your proficiency with shorter barrel lengths?
    Any of these can be personal issues or non issues you know yours.
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    My G26 with its 3.42 inch barrel length and 5.3 inch sight radius is plenty accurate for self defense in my hands, but as a general rule you are correct that it is easier to make hits a long ranges with more sight radius.

    Happyguy :)
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    I conceal carry a 5" 1911 on my belt and a 3" Sig P938 as my pocket BUG. I go hunting with a 10 1/2" Ruger Super Blackhawk .44 magnum. They all work well for their intended purpose.
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    MY M&P Shield shoots groups that will fit well within the kill zone of any badguy out to fifteen yds... 3 inch barrel, 19 oz, , my HD gun is a SA GI 1911 4.25" commander , each has its purpose. for me. Use whatever works best for you for your purposes.
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    Quote Originally Posted by .XX View Post
    The longest barrel you can conceal for CCW is the way to go for better accuracy and velocity...

    *please discuss what a variable is
    The longer the barrel, the longer it takes to draw and fire that first round [ as it will take the longer barrel longer to clear the holster ]. The heavier the firearm, the longer it will take to draw and fire.

    All firearms have more intrinsic accuracy than humanly possible. This, it's the shooter, not the firearm that dictates it's accuracy at any particular distance, not the length of barrel. Longest shot I've ever made was with a colt D snub 38 at 315 yrds on a rock the size of a VW beetle. Regularly make shots on hubcaps at 100 yrds with ease from a G26, snub nose revo, and a few others like the Walther ppk .22lr.

    It's always the shooter that's the variable where accuracy is being discussed. My g26 will hold inside 1.2" all day at 15 feet, how much more accuracy does one need in a SD pistol?
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    Yeah, a rifle is better than a pistol, too, in terms of accuracy, but who cares? Most self defense distances dont need extreme, long distance accuracy in a weapon.

    If you start clocking people at 25 yards +, you got some 'splaining to do to LE.

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    1 7/8", it's not the length that matters it's how you use it!

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    I was always told it wasn't size that matter, its how you use it...

    Everyone has their own preferences. What works for me might not work for someone else. I'll go for concealability and comfort any day.

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    Not much to discuss really. If you feel you are only able to maintain combat accuracy with a barrel length of 4 inches or better then that is a smart choice on your part.
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    My 3 inch kimber is accurate out to 10-15 yards. There are definitely short barreled pistols that are plenty accurate for SD

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    My two primary carry guns are a Springfield XD 9 service model(4" bbl) with the grip chopped down to a sub-compact size and a Walther PPS(3.2" bbl)

    I'm, 5'11" and 235lbs. Not small, not huge. Given the right top I can conceal my Government model 1911 with most T-shirts without looking all kinds of sloppy.
    For me, I prefer a longer barrel and a shorter grip. Being that I'm in Texas IWB is my best option for year round carry so I tend to focus more of hiding the grip than the barrel.
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    We're frighteningly** accurate with a 3" and a 3.8" barrel.

    Bear in mind that the sight radius is probably more important for user-accuracy than the physical steel barrel. Most sub-compacts have a 5+" sight radius. G26 is 5.67", G19 is 5.98". One is a subcompact, the other a compact.

    **In fact, so frightening that she says the standing targets jump out of the way.

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    For myself, accuracy isn't too important for a CCW. I'm not bulls eye shooting at 50 yds with my carry gun. My goal is to hit center mass at < 7 yds.
    My order of variables are:
    #1 - reliability
    #2 - concealability
    #3 - accuracy

    In other words, for myself at least, shorter barrels and comfort our-rank accuracy.
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    If that's what works for you...fine. If you need accuracy at a great distance for SD? Well then, they aren't really a threat are they?
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