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Thread: my new toys!

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    Talking my new toys!

    so about a week ago I turned to the dark side and traded a guy for a gen 3 glock 27. it came with two mags and he had already put night sights and a ghost trigger job on it. I FREAKING LOVE THIS GUN!

    ive been through alot fo guns/ calibers to find one that was a perfect mix reliability, concealable, comfortable to carry, and stopping power. and for me it fits all the criterias!

    I was pleasantly surprised when I shot it, I really expected it to be more snappy but it wasnt bad at all. vary controllable and fun to shoot the trigher was smooth and crisp, and I shot it pretty well. alot better than I thought I would my first time out, but im vary vary pleased with it and my performance together. it has without a dought become my EDC.

    the only holster I have for it at the moment is a cheap size 4 Blackhawk pocket holster that an also be used for IWB, and thats the way ive been carrying it at about 4, 4:30, and it disappears. but I looking at a crossbreed supertuck for it.

    recently I hav also picked up a new couple new EDC knives and a EDC flashlight. ill start with the light.

    it is a 5.11 tactical TMT PLx . I glad I picked this thing up for sure. this is my first EDC flashlight so I didnt wont to drop a tone of money on something I wasnt sure if I was gonna keep using and at 30.00 bucks I dont feel like I did.
    a little bit about it: its 90 lumens which is enough, waterproof, runs on two AAA batteries so thats easy to replace, and it has a lense down clip.

    Needless to say im feeling good about this investment as well.

    now on to the knives:
    my main carry is now a SOG flash 2. its almost 8" overall which when i frist got it a was kinda mad because it was bigger than I expected but I gotta say that this thing dissappears in my pocket! the assisted opening mechanism is still super quick( I use it all night every night at work and open and close it probably over 100 times a night) and it has kept its edge pretty well. I have been using this knife like this for about 2 months now couldn't be happier.
    my back up EDC knive is now a Kershaw shuffle. I hadnt heard or seen before but I saw it in the case at walmart of all places for 15.00 dollars!! I couldn't believe it so I picked it up with a couple of boxes of ammo and wow! thsi knive seems a solid as a 100 dollar knife and is sharp as can be right out of the box.

    well I guess thats all i have to say about that. hope you all enjoy cause I know Im enjoying all my new toys!
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    You might want to look at Alien holsters as well. They are as good as crossbred but half the price. they have a life time warranty. I am trying one out now. I have worn it all day it seems pretty good.
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    Nice have great taste!
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    Congrats. Nice new toys.

    One suggestion on your SOG Flash II would be to permanently put your little sliding safety in the OFF position. There had been more than a few times when I have taken my SOG out of my pocket and the little sliding safety had engaged and moved onto SAFE on its own.

    Which would REALLY slow that knife down if you believed (like I did) that it was OFF and you needed the knife in a big hurry for self defensive purposes.

    I mixed and rolled up a tiny little ball of EPOXY PUTTY and pushed it into that little opening to permanently keep mine off SAFE.

    QK Disclaimer:

    Make your own responsible adult decision as to if you want to do that or not.
    Though it has never happened to me ~ it would be highly unlikely...but....mechanically possible for your knife to open in your pocket if you were to deactivate that safety - so decide for yourself if it is worth it for you to do that - or not.

    It is already possible
    for it to move OFF safe in your pocket if you have it on SAFE - so I don't personally see it as a problem to keep the knife in an always known and ready condition.
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    Christmas in November! Congrats!
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    QK: that safety has engaged in my pocket before too. It's annoying but I just havnt done anything to make sure it stays open, but plan too. But besides the safety it's a great knife.
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    Congrats on your new toys enjoy them.
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    Congrats on the G27. I have a Gen 4 G27 and it has been perfect since day one. Take a look at Ozarks Holsters for a hybrid.

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    Welcome to Glock-ville USA. Nice target for first shots. It gets better all the time!
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