Pocket carry kahr CM9?

Pocket carry kahr CM9?

This is a discussion on Pocket carry kahr CM9? within the Defensive Carry Guns forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; So currently I have to pocket carry because of some pain issues in my right hip. I currently carry 642 .38 special. I like the ...

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Thread: Pocket carry kahr CM9?

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    Pocket carry kahr CM9?

    So currently I have to pocket carry because of some pain issues in my right hip. I currently carry 642 .38 special. I like the weight, but I don't shoot it that well. And I would like to stay with the 9mm platform cause I have a lot of 9mm stockpiled and nothing else. When I started carrying the revolver, I carried a speed loader in my other pocket, but that got old fast, so I'm only carrying a total of 5 rounds right now.

    So I was thinking the Kahr Cm9. About the same size/weight and with the 6+1 and an extra mag I could have 14 rounds on me.

    I like the shield, but loaded, it would weigh too much I think. And I think it's too big to pocket carry.

    Does anybody have any other options/recommendations in the 9mm platform?

    Edit: this always seems to come up, but I have a good gun belt

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    I love my Kel tec P11. Once I polished the feed ramp and the slide rails, I have lost count of how many rounds I have fired without a malfunction. A 10rd magazine and you can buy a 12rd magazine from Kel Tec. 12 and 1 from a pocket 9mm. Sometimes I forget It's in my pocket.

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    A number of people pocket carry the PM9/CM9, but it won't work for every pocket/with every person, only way YOU will know if it works for YOU is to try it.
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    What Rotorflyr said. I had a PM9. Some pants pocket it would fit in others it would not. Seems cargo shorts were the best. My AE jeans...no way. Since I couldn't pocket carry it in all my pants, which is why I bought it I sold it even though it was an awesome gun. I am going to have to go to a 380 to get the size I need. Some 380 ammo has had satisfactory results in penetration and expansion so I am now looking at a Kahr CW380 cause I love the Kahr trigger.

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    a 642 used to be my pocket carry gun, but like you, i didn't shoot it very well. (others on this site say, "practice more"). i always wanted a 9mm (considered a S&W 940 revolver for a while) and was very glad to watch the development of the pocket 9mm semi-auto. i bought an early CM-9, and have been VERY HAPPY with it. totally reliable (zero malfunctions of any kind) with many different brands and types of ammo. it shoots right where the sights look (for me), and i shoot it MUCH MORE ACCURATELY than the 642. i carry it in a DeSantis Nemesis holster, with one extra magazine and more spare rounds in a plastic ammo wallet in a different pocket. since i am used to a DA/SA revolver trigger, i had no trouble getting used to the longish trigger pull.

    my only complaints center on the magazines: the top round pops out of the mag very easily and very often. then the new top round pops out. sometimes i'd find two or three rounds gone from the mag. i now carry the spare mag - bullets down - in a form fitting leather pouch which keeps all the rounds in the mag.

    half of my factory mags won't drop free from the gun when empty.

    the slide did come with some sharp edges around the ejection port, which i smoothed out.

    i tend to wear Docker-style pants, and the gun carries well in a front pocket. also in the front pocket of cargo pants. i CAN carry it in the front pocket of jeans, but draw speed is slowed quite a bit.

    i also like the 9mm Shield, and i'll probably buy one someday, but i consider it just a bit too large for pocket carry.

    i rejected the Nano (no slide lock/release lever), the LC-9 (don't like magazine disconnect safties), the Sig 290 (too bulky feeling), and the Sig 938 (don't like the idea of a cocked and locked pocket gun).

    the only other gun i seriously considered was the Kel-Tec PF-9. i just prefered the more solid feeling Kahr.

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    I had a Kahr CM9 for a short time. Besides being uncomfortable to shoot and very difficult to rack, it was too heavy and blocky for pocket carry. Needless to say, I got rid of it.

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    I've seen too many folks have trouble with their small Kahrs, especially the CW9, yet they still charge a lot for them.
    Recently, I decided to get a little 9 for the Hot Summer days. Checked e/thing with no real budget. Ended up with another Kel Tec PF9 6th Gen since my 1st Gen PF9 had been so reliable.
    They are well under $300. anywhere and are still my favorite Summer Carry. I get the optional 'belt-clip' an find I can carry the 12 oz 7+1 shooter in my RF jeans pocket & the clip looks like a pocket knife.
    It also carries well between my belt & pants with the 1 1/2 inch belt covering the trigger perfectly. I got a Shield .40 & a belt-clip from Brownells.com or clipDraw.com ($20.) and works perfectly too, but weighs 19 oz.

    I don't like the trigger much on the PF9, but its certainly good enough for SD use.... I'll use something else if I go to the range. But, 99.999999% of my CC time is just carrying, not shooting in self defense, si I will take the lightweight reliability on those 100* days.
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    Quote Originally Posted by NRA1945 View Post
    I had a Kahr CM9 besides being uncomfortable to shoot and very difficult to rack, it was too heavy and blocky for pocket carry. Needless to say, I got rid of it.
    I agree with it being a little too big for pocket carry, but I find it surprisingly easy to shoot (especially for its size) and remarkably accurate.
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    Gents (and ladies) there is ALWAYS a trade-off between convenience (size & weight) and "shoot ability". The compromise is a completely subjective, personal decision. Small enough to carry, big enough to shoot. IMHO, far too many concealed handgun carriers put too much priority on size & weight. Don't let it generate a false since of security. Only hits count.
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    I can pocket carry my CM9 but have found I prefer to carry it IWB. I bought a cheap Sticky holster and have been carrying it quite often lately. I followed the lubing and break in threads found over on the Kahr Talk forums and it has been 100% reliable thus far.

    I have to agree with Brad426 on how easy the CM9 shoots. Even with 135 grain +P Hornady Critical Duty, the pistol is still very controllable. I also find it to be very accurate and to me it shoots like a larger pistol.
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    I tried to carry a G 26 and XDs pocket and it was a disaster. I needed really baggy pants and big pockets. I looked lopsided as well. I realize the Kahr is smaller but it maybe still too big it depends how big you are. A bigger guy can hide a bigger gun easier.

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    It's about the largest pistol that is still a viable carry option (meaning its on the larger end of the spectrum). If I were to pocket carry it, I'd consider a "wallet" holster. JM2C.

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    carry mine in an Uncle Mikes Size 4 pocket holster. Works great. CM9 weighs 14 oz unloaded which is just a tad heavier than my Keltec PF-9. Anything larger than these two get carried on the belt.

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    I also tried to pocket carry a CM9.......

    It was much slower drawing than I felt comfortable with... Then trying to pull the kahr from my pocket when sitting was very tough. If someone were to get jumped and the fight was on the ground, forget about getting the kahr from the pocket

    I went to IWB carry, and enjoy a Shield in 40 in a remora.

    If I HAD to pocket carry, it would be an LCR
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    I love my cm9 and only have it in my pocket when I carry it. Has been a great gun and I have larger hands but don't mind the grip. It does well in my pockets and I would recommend it. For IWB I have other guns I like better because of size and capacity.

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