Can temp affect CCW?

Can temp affect CCW?

This is a discussion on Can temp affect CCW? within the Defensive Carry Guns forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; I pretty new to carrying, only about 3 months. Since it's starting to get colder I've been curious if temperature outside can affect your CCW, ...

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Thread: Can temp affect CCW?

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    Can temp affect CCW?

    I pretty new to carrying, only about 3 months. Since it's starting to get colder I've been curious if temperature outside can affect your CCW, I guess with functioning/finish issues. My guess is it doesn't, but I'm pretty new and have no clue.

    Does anyone has a preference for the type of CCW they carry during cold weather, or does it really not matter?

    I also realize that wearing more clothes will affect one's choice too, but besides that
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    More clothes = bigger carry gun. Most guns will function fine in cold weather. Damp conditions affect finish more than cold. Unless you have a old style bluing job, it shouldn't really be affected.
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    My body heat keeps my gun nice and warm under my coat and cover shirt, even in sub-zero temperatures. I'm usually not outside very long when it gets that cold. I've been outside in the cold for extended periods of time, and my firearm stayed warm.

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    Well here in South Alabama it doesn't get to cold. When I am going to be out and bundle up I pocket carry in my coat. otherwise its IWB or Smartcarry.

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    Not Much of a Winter Here...

    Florida is pretty nice all year, and it's always IWB (sometimes shoulder carry on my bike)...
    If it does get a little cool, and something 'happens'...things are going to warm up quickly!

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    When I started carring a weapon in a non military atmosphere I quickly found out that I had to give my "meathod" of dress some serious consideration.

    When dressing in the morning I was like a rich teenage girl in a fancy clothing store. It took me some time with several wardrobe changes before I finally "got it right".

    With time and expierance came ease of dress. Leave room in the pants and on the belt. Bigger shirts that were dark colored or had dark patterns on them. Also shirts that had longer tails. If my shorts had velcro on the thigh pockets it was quickly removed. I bought a couple of vests for those "certin" occasions. Like my time in the military,I always carried things in my left(weak) hand. Not to salute anymore, but to present my weapon if needeed.

    There are lots of things that i do in my everyday life that is centered around concealed carring of a firearm. Things that my wife notices that I don't.

    Where you sit. Where you walk. How you walk. How you position yourself in different settings. The lack of alcohol useage when in public. Not wanting to stand in lines. Not wanting to be in a generally crowded room. Not careing to go to places that I can't legally carry. I hate to be touched,hugged, or patted.

    For someone to carry a concealed firearm, IMO your way of life has to take on drastic changes. Especially your tolerance of other peoples actions.

    Good luck with it. -------

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    I'll agree with RSSZ, I felt the "transformation" too. I really didn't notice it when I began carrying, but in hindsight, there were a lot of things I used to do, that I will not do now.

    Tempreture should not effect your piece. What would effect your piece are layers of clothes covering it. Dress well, dress warm, but dress SMART. Make sure when you dress, you are still able to get to your gun. You don't want a sweater, pullie, and trenchcoat over your whole holster, and trying to fight through the layers to retrieve your gun. Also, have a couple of dry runs before you leave the house (before you load up). Before I leave my apartment, I take a couple of draws to make sure I can access my firearm, and that everything "feels right". Oh and when you're done, don't forget to stick the ammo back into your gun. That's important, too.

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    colder it gets more i carry OWB

    as for function depends what you call cold here in Michigan it can get cold enough to slow down a slide depending on what oil/grease you use

    I have put a gun in the freezer then shot it to see if it slowed down and you bet it does also left them outside in the freezing cold when im up north

    Now these are extremes as im guessing it will be under a coat ..

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    A group of friends and I practice defensive shooting scenarios once a month, year-round. The range we use is in the mountains east of Salt Lake City, so it gets pretty cold and snowy in the winter months (there’s probably about then inches of snow on the ground there now). Over the past several years we’ve shot in all kinds of weather conditions including rain and snowstorms.

    We’ve not experienced anything noticeable in how the guns function in cold, nasty weather that’s different from how they function in warm weather.

    Clothing is more of an issue in cold weather than the gun or how it functions. Practice using your gun while wearing gloves, and make sure you can make it run while you’re wearing them. This includes being able work the safety, do reloads, and do malfunction remediation, as well as just shoot. One of our guys has taken to wearing loose fitting gloves that quickly fly off if he flicks his hands toward the ground. He can do this in about a half second, and then he doesn’t have to deal with gloves at all.

    Another issue is getting to your gun through your coat. A few of us have found coats that have Velcro closure tabs outside the zipper. When we put the coat on, we don’t use the zipper, but just fasten the Velcro closures. If you have to open your coat in order to draw, the Velcro releases very quickly with a sharp tug from your support hand.

    When the weather’s not cold enough to require a coat, I usually wear loose fitting, pullover sweatshirts or sweaters. You can draw pretty quickly when wearing these by just modifying the standard draw stroke a little. At the start of the draw stroke, when your support hand is usually brought to your sternum, just bring the support hand further across and use it to lift the hem of your sweatshirt/sweater in order to clear your weapon, and then continue the rest of your draws stroke as you normally do.
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    I use to get caught up in the caliber wars and often switched between my 1911 and my .38, winter, summer. I have decided on a .38 in a Fobus stoked with Gold dots why? First, for the .38 Mod37(pre-lock) with fobus is excellent, sweat proof and good retention. Secondly, I can place the .38 in a jacket pocket with pocket holster. I mean its just so versatile. I doubt I am going to get into a shoot out . Its all about personal choice. Last, they are tools, keep'em clean and in my opinion so what if they get scratched a little. Just my 2cents.
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    Depending on what you normally carry you may not need or want to change, but you better make sure you can still get to it if you need to.

    Also, you may want to put some of your usual oil and grease into the freezer for a while to see if it hardens up. You'll want something that retains its original consistency.

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    I have lived and carried all over the country including Alaska and in terms of caliber have always carried a 45. The only temp issues I had were in extreme cold in terms of the lube I used in my guns. Otherwise no problems.

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