What is your Primary carry caliber? Are you happy with your choice?

What is your Primary carry caliber? Are you happy with your choice?

This is a discussion on What is your Primary carry caliber? Are you happy with your choice? within the Defensive Carry Guns forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; Just checking to see what caliber you Gals and Guys primary carry gun is. I also want to know if you are happy with your ...

View Poll Results: What is your primary carry guns caliber?

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  • 9mm

    171 43.51%
  • 40 S&W

    65 16.54%
  • 38 Special

    28 7.12%
  • 45acp

    77 19.59%
  • 380

    25 6.36%
  • other

    27 6.87%
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Thread: What is your Primary carry caliber? Are you happy with your choice?

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    What is your Primary carry caliber? Are you happy with your choice?

    Just checking to see what caliber you Gals and Guys primary carry gun is.
    I also want to know if you are happy with your choice.
    Please no caliber wars here on this thread.
    I am thinking it will end up 9mm, 40S&W, 38 Special and then 45acp but we will see how it turns out.
    My primary carry is a 45acp.
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    Nov 2013
    .40. Very happy with the low recoil of the PX4 compact compared to other .40s. My glock friend says it feels like shooting a 9mm.
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    CC Gun: Springfield XD-S 9mm
    Other: Beretta Neos .22

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    Oct 2013
    United States
    9mm but recently added 45 to my carry options

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    Right now its 9mm in both the wifes and my edc. Have EDCed 40 45 38 357 and 44 mag over the years. My favorite caliber is 357. But all things considered now days 9mm with no less than 10 +1 capacity and 17 rd back up mags with hot loads we are both good with.
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    For the first 10 years of CC I carried a Bersa .45. Earlier this year I traded it in on a Glock 19 for the extra capacity, and now all my guns are 9mm.

    Within the first week, I regretted parting with the .45, pretty sure sometime in the very near future there will be a G21 in my collection.

    Sara Lou
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    Sterling Heights, MI
    My every day is 9mm. The Mrs keeps .38+p in the household revolver.

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    Gilbert, AZ
    The go-to gun is a 1911 (in different flavors) in .45 ACP. Secondary alternates between .38 and 9mm.
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    Columbia, SC
    9mm - 14 rounds in a compact semi auto (20 rnds if I want) makes me very happy!

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    Things gun forums have taught me:
    -Some people shoot guns others "run" them.
    -I don't dislike Glocks but often dislike Glock owners.
    -Open carry is to a handgun as bluetooth is to a cell phone!
    -Simple math can deliver posts per day... some gun forum members need to get out more!!!

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    Northern Michigan
    9mm. Now that bullet tech has made it consistently expand while still reaching proper penetration, it's about the best current mixture of desirable properties. 20 years ago I may not have wanted to carry a 9mm, but nowadays it's a great choice.

    Edit: also, you're missing .357 mag and sig, .32 acp, .25 acp, .22 wmr/lr, and 10mm, which are all at least somewhat common, and should probably be represented.

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    S.W. Iowa
    Happy with 9mm for now, if Glock made a .45acp in the size of the G19 I would definetly give it a whirl, I know the make the G38 but not interested in the .45gap, shot the G30s not my cup o' tea either.
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    Loudoun County, VA
    I carry both 9mm and .40, but tend to carry the 9mm more often these days. With quality defensive ammuntion, I trust them both to get the job done if need be assuming I do my part.
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    I carry a Beretta PX-4 in 40 S&W everyday as my issued duty weapon. Off duty I split time between a Glock 27, a Glock 30, and a Kahr CM9.

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    Nashville, Tn
    9mm, yes I'm happy - if I wasn't I'd carry something else.
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    Jan 2012
    .45 Sig P-220 one of the most accurate guns I own.
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    Sarg80, the following three on a one month rotation.
    Sig P-220 Primary Carry, CZ-75 Preb police tradein, Browning FN High Power
    Walther 1974 PP RP police tradein if i go light.
    S&W Model 66 (No Dash) for the woods

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    Coastal SC
    These days, it's been getting closer to an even split between .357SIG and .45 - so I voted for .45 to avoid choosing "other".
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