Who likes the 44 Spl ?

Who likes the 44 Spl ?

This is a discussion on Who likes the 44 Spl ? within the Defensive Carry Guns forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; I have been a big fan of the 44 Spl. for over 25 yrs. ...I have owned several SD handguns chambered for that round,,,at this ...

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Thread: Who likes the 44 Spl ?

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    Who likes the 44 Spl ?

    I have been a big fan of the 44 Spl. for over 25 yrs. ...I have owned several SD handguns chambered for that round,,,at this time I have one 44 Spl. handgun and one 44 mag. that I purchased to use as a 44 Spl. SD gun and with the option to use 44 mag ammo in it if I wanted to carry as a back up gun hunting..

    Charter Arms 44spl. Bulldog 2.5 inch barrel

    Rossi 44mag 2.5 inch barrel

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    Love me some .44 spl great rd easy recoil.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Easy8 View Post
    Love me some .44 spl great rd easy recoil.
    Recoil is not so easy in a light weight Charter Arms. Believe me I know .
    Have Fun and Shoot Straight !!

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    Sweet round! Big slug, inherently accurate, pleasant shooting, plenty enough power. What's not to like?

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    Not very practical but ever since "Red Dragon" I've wanted a .44 special loaded with Glaser's.

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    The .44 Special is loved here in the form of a 5-inch blue Smith & Wesson Model of 1926 originally shipped from the factory in March of 1931.

    A 245-250 grain lead semi-wadcutter over 7.5 grains of Unique answers most reasonable requests one could make of any handgun.

    The Model of 1926 (top) visiting a Tennessee friend's 1910 vintage Smith & Wesson Triple Lock, also in .44 Special.

    Some of your friendly Forum moderators even behave in a silly fashion on rare occasions. On a different visit to the .44 Special Triple Lock in Tennessee, the pair were carried outside for some .44 "dual wielding." Not sure the target was hit much, especially with that left hand, but was great fun to sling big fat lead down range double-action. The .44 Special is always grin-inducing to shoot, as well as being one of THE truly effective handgun cartridges for all times.
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    While I do not have anything specifically chambered in 44Spl it is nice to use them for practice and plinking in my 44Mag guns although I do have to manually cycle them in the Ruger Deerslayer.
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    I had wanted a "Bulldog" .44 in the 80s but got a .357 mag instead. A fellow officer I worked with often, was followed home from work one day by a couple BGs. He stopped his car on a deserted piece of road, blocking it, & confronted them with his "Bulldog" 44spl. When one walked toward him with a drawn sidearm, he laid his hands over the hood of his car & clocked him in the forehead.
    The other guy kept walking towards him (like a zombie or some), so he gave him one, too. Hit him in the eye with a 240 gr HP.

    Turned-out, the guys were professional hitters (professional doesn't always mean good). Investigation revealed they were hired by some cartel monkey the Trooper locked up.
    I saw pics of the mess the .44spl snub nose made. Wanted one even more.

    Finally got one last month, but its a Taurus Ultralite ss snubbie as I learned Buffalo Bore & a couple other ammo makers say not to use their +P .44 in Charter Arms.
    Not a problem. I got the Taurus & only weighs 20.6 ozs. When looking down the bbl, you can see one of the HUGE HPs in the cylinder on each side of the bbl.
    It is beyond impressive with its K-Frame!!

    44 special rev.jpg (time for a range trip)
    Retired Deputy- State Trooper (38 long years) 8 yrs RTO - MS Degree- Criminology
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    I can't find any .44 special, so I just use .44 mag in my Alaskan and Blackhawks.

    The only purpose I see is cheaper practice ammo, and easier recoil, except it costs more than .44 mag now.

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    I'm about a year away from a .44 Special, but as of today the first step has been achieved with the purchase of a base gun for a custom single-action.
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    It is a great round except for being so rare and expensive. Reloading would help a lot.
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    44 Special is a super nice round to shoot, but...you better be reloading or rich!

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    My Dad has the stainless PUG. He never shoots anything other than lead through it,

    I'm a big fan of that movie and Glasers as well.

    I bought a blued 3 incher, but recoil was to much for me with hot ammo and I Hated
    to carry two of those heavy ass HKS .44 Special speed-loaders in my vest.

    It also shot low with anything but 240 gr. bullets. The DT and even CCI/SPEER loads
    are 200 gr.

    Those few Glasers that I put through it seemed too hot for the gun.

    The Ruger Blackhawk .44 SP or Bisley models are way cool, but the grips feel too small.

    I much prefer a Super or an old model Vaquero, so another vote for .44 Magnum over .44 SP.

    I've not seen any local .44 SP ammo for quite a while now.

    Awesome big bore caliber IF you reload and like to hunt for .44 SP factory defensive ammo.

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    Quote Originally Posted by TWO GUNS View Post
    Recoil is not so easy in a light weight Charter Arms. Believe me I know .
    Just goes to show that recoil is in the hand of the beholder. I find the .44 CA Bulldog to be remarkably light-recoiling, considering the size & weight of the gun, and the "stoutness" of the caliber!
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    To the OP, I do!
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