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Condition one?

This is a discussion on Condition one? within the Defensive Carry Guns forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; Condition 1 still requires 3 distinct moves for the weapon to fire....thumb safety off, grip safety depressed and trigger pull (which disengages the firing pin ...

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Thread: Condition one?

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    Condition 1 still requires 3 distinct moves for the weapon to fire....thumb safety off, grip safety depressed and trigger pull (which disengages the firing pin safety BTW). That's plenty of safety in my book.

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    Thanks for the info guys!! I did get my holster fixed. I don't want to mention the name, because the company did fix the problem quickly. I am looking at the Kimber raptor II. What do you think?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Harold Green View Post
    Here’s something else to ponder. Many of the polymer guns require only a single operation - depressing the trigger - in order to discharge (yes, I know some have a “safety” on the trigger face, but it’s still only a single operation to make it discharge). Some require two operations - releasing the safety and depressing the trigger - in order to discharge. A 1911 requires three operations - depressing the grip safety, releasing the manual safety, and depressing the trigger - in order to discharge.
    I don't regard deactivating the grip safety to be any more of a separate operation than deactivating the trigger face safety of the Glock. I have never been able to grip the 1911 without depressing the grip safety.

    However, it should be noted about the Kimber 1911 (at least the Ultra Carry that I have) the trigger isn't what disengages the firing pin block safety. It is disengaged by the grip safety. So, in effect, it improves the grip safety, but removes a level of redundancy.

    The thumb safety of the 1911 jams the sear into engagement with the hammer. When the thumb safety is engaged, ain't nuttin gonna allow that hammer to fall. Except catastrophic failure of the sear-hammer engagement, ie. a broken part. All the grip safety does is block the trigger. The sear is still free to flop around. By having the grip safety disengage the firing pin block safety, the grip safety ends up controling something down the firing sequence chain from the sear-hammer engagement. The ungripped grip safety controls a positive block of the firing pin. Even in the event of catastrophic failure of the sear-hammer engagement, the gun won't fire. Unless something is depressing the grip safety (love handles, hole in the lining of your cover garment, contents of strong side breast pocket of cover garment, use your imagination).

    I like the thumb safety on the Kimber. When you engage it, it doesn't go click; it goes kerCHUNK! Same when disengaging the thumb safety: kerCHUNK! I have great confidence that once it is engaged it will stay engaged. It is also easy to disengage...IF you remember to disengage it (Don't scoff; a little force on force training can show how square range techniques fall apart when the targets are trying to kill you.)

    The Kimber slide stop is the pits. With hardball, no problem. With +P defensive ammo, it engages the slide every other shot. (No, my thumb wasn't hitting it; that was the first thing I checked. I replaced it with a Wilson slide stop that has a depression for the slide stop plunger. $70. Works fine now). This is an unacceptable method of cutting costs.

    Can't address guns other than Glock, but Glock rep claims that in normal carry mode, the striker doesn't have enought "oomph" to fire the gun. Assuming this is true, my only concern about carrying it would be during the process of holstering it. If anything gets into the trigger guard (edge of holster, retaining device that engages the trigger guard, shirt tail, use your imagination) the gun will go "Bang".
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    HKdude, how the heck did your safety get disengaged without pushing it? Mine is so stiff it makes a loud click once disengaged. Glad you got the holster fixed/replaced. A safety inadvertently disengaged is a Bad, Bad thing.
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    The angle on the molding on the sweat guard was perfect for it. Keep in mind it's IWB. I could tap it with my finger to disengaged it.

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    I don't have a problem with a company making an occasional mistake, we all do that. The way they respond to problems is counts and it sounds like they stood behind their work and made it right.

    I'm not a huge fan of kydex, it has a definite place in the market but I prefer leather gear for it's performance and feel. Lots of folks out there love the stuff though.

    The easiest way to get comfortable with Condition One carry was already mentioned: Empty the chamber on your HK and carry it unloaded, cocked and locked around the house for a few days. Do everything you normally would during the day - even take a nap while wearing it. That's the only real way you'll convince yourself that nothing's going to knock the safety off and fire the gun.

    Just remember to load that chamber again before you go out.

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