What Features Must Your Carry Gun Have

What Features Must Your Carry Gun Have

This is a discussion on What Features Must Your Carry Gun Have within the Defensive Carry Guns forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; In these days of tactile this extended that oversize more what Features if any must your carry gun have? Must you have the super duper ...

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    What Features Must Your Carry Gun Have

    In these days of tactile this extended that oversize more what Features if any must your carry gun have?

    Must you have the super duper 8 inch long Slide Stop or the mag release button the size of a nickle?
    Or how about the extened Ambi safety on a 1911 that will reach out and touch the 8 inch slide stop

    As for me most of my carry guns are black not becuse i dont like stainless which i do prefer but becuse there tupperware Guns and hard to find a stainless slide at least when i bought them..
    Heres a Rundown of what they must have for me ...

    1911 45(of course) Springer loaded Came with a Ambi extended safety have replaced it with a non extended yet but i will im a lefty so got to keep the ambi.. No extended slide stop for this baby either.

    Added a set of night sights left the mag release button alone.. No mag well or maxi well or funnel which ever ya want to call it even though i have seen them a lot on people carry guns.

    Hk Usp 45acp Just had the safety Changed to the Variant 2 for me being a lefty again Added a Hogue fingerroove slip on grip which i might remove to try some Skateboard tape on in the future. Mag release is a lever type located under the trigger houseing so works well for a lefty to with no mods..

    Springfield Xd Subcompact 9mm havent done anythng with this item yet except fight rust on the slide finish sucks. Gonna try the skateboard tape on this one too.. I think i have carryed this more than anyother gun . Maybe ill do a review on it if anyone wants it ... Did i mention the finsh sucks? This guy is set up pretty well for a lefty i just sling shoot the slide and the mag release will function from which ever side it is pressed from .. Kudos to the designer. Did i mention the finsh really sucks?

    Glock 17 9mm Nothing done to this yet gonna get the skateboard tape treatment and eventually night sights This one is pretty good for a lefty too sling shoot the slide... I do this on all of my guns slide stop is there as a stop i dont use them as a release.
    Mag button is easy enough to release with my middle or trigger finger ... Have seen a add on mag well funnel etcetc for these too held one and man did it feel good forced hand higher on gun ..

    Not super huge as must funnels are actually thought of getting one to try out and carry if i like it for the way it forces hand into a higher grip.

    These are my main carry guns as ou can see not much add in the bell and whistles department just kind of like mine plane jane...

    So What about everyone else do you go the plain jane route or so add ons or all out.. There is a mall ninja at the range packs a 1911 with ever extended oversize etc etc feature on the market plus has a comp i swear its a race gun..

    Ran into said mall Ninja yesterday at work and thought this would be a good post to make.

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    I'm not huge into the aftermarket with guns. I prefer nearly stock out-of-the-box SIGs and HKs. The SIG Pro I have is outfitted with Trijicon night sights and a Hogue Handall grip, and my daily carry HK USP has Meprolight night sites. That's it. The guns have everything I could want or need already built into them.
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    Only thing I will do is get Hakan grips. Will do the same when ever I can get either a CZ 75 Compact 40 or the CZ 75 SP01.
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    NIght sites and standard capacity mag's are about it for me on my P99's. Mag release on the bottom of the trigger guard is the only option for me as my thumb no longer works.:(

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    When I really get extreme, I might change the grips :hand:
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    I guess I don't need any modifications.

    My S&W 624 - Stock
    My Sig P228 - Stock
    My Glock G17 - Stock
    My S&W 642 - Stock (although I have a spring kit to improve the trigger)

    As I get the SA 1911 ready for carry I'm thinking about the grip tape idea for the slide. That's about it.


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    For any new (or new to me) gun:

    The grips must be comfortable, Hogue rubber finger groove on both of my SIG's. But not every pistol needs the finger grooves.

    The sites should be close to the same as my SIG's as far as size and shape. This is for a constant site picture from gun to gun.

    The trigger must get a refine and lighten job (Home shop or Pro)

    If I get the Smith and Wesson Commander sized 1911 SC that I rented this week, it will get better some better sites(maybe night sites) and some custom grips of cocobolo wood from some one(haven't decided who yet). And it may get brought to the custom shop for a trigger job, and an ambi- safety install.
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    Thin grips and skateboard tape on BHPs.
    Beavertail grip safety on 1911s.
    Soft grips on revolvers.
    Trijicon sights on some guns.
    Keep the shotgun handy!!

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    Had my HK safety switched to LH operation. Added a Hogue grip sleeve or skate tape. Other than that I keep em bone stock for carry.

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    A good holster, The right grips and it must be completely reliable.
    Some of my handguns have night sights.
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    I have a tendency to keep my guns stock.

    It's the same philosophy I have with guitars - if I didn't like them the way they were when I bought them, I didn't buy them in the first place.

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    Single action trigger, ambidextrious safety, good sights, and some sort of beveled mag well with magazines that drop free.

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    Ambi safety since I am a southpaw. A set of good low profile quickly aquired sights, a set of well made hand filling grips. However, in the end the ultimate for me is reliability.

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    It must feel nice to my eye and my hand. Moderate weight, good stopping power, night sights are a plus. I do tend to change the grips on most of my weapons.
    People sleep peacefully in their beds at night only because rough men stand ready to violence on their behalf.

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