glock 30 or taurus pt145

glock 30 or taurus pt145

This is a discussion on glock 30 or taurus pt145 within the Defensive Carry Guns forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; Hello I'm in the market to get a new hand gun. I'm looking between the glock 30sf gen 4 . Or the Taurus pt145 mellinum ...

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Thread: glock 30 or taurus pt145

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    Red face glock 30 or taurus pt145

    Hello I'm in the market to get a new hand gun. I'm looking between the glock 30sf gen 4 . Or the Taurus pt145 mellinum pro gen 3. I have been doing a lot of reading on these guns and I would like to know you guys input, and weather or not there is someone by me that has one of these that I can test fire... I live in richlands nc. Thanks guys....
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    Well me personally I've heard far to many Taurus nightmare stories to ever trust my life on one. I really don't think you can go wrong with a Glock. I'm sure this wasn't very helpful but that's what I think.

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    I have 2 Millennium Pro PT145. They are probably my favorite sidearms; have been for the past 8-9 years.

    Most who have never had a .45acp Millennium Pros, will swear the Glock is a better sidearm, they may be right, but I'd never trade.
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    This is just a joke, right?

    I'm no Tarus hater (nor Glock fan boy) but the Glock is way better. Way.
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    I've learned the hard way to stay away from Taurus - I should have known better then, I DO know better now.

    With that being said your still going to get what you want, I would try my best to shoot, or at the very least handle both before you buy.
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    Not a contest...go with the G30.
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    No experience with either gun. I had a Gen 1 PT140 years ago. It was 100% reliable for me. In fact of the Taurus guns I have owned only one ever gave me problems. Taurus Customer Service leaves a lot to be desired. For out of the box reliability I'd probably opt for the Glock (as long as it fits you).

    Just to make it clear, I don't and never have owned a Glock.
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    Quote Originally Posted by jay87 View Post
    Hello I'm in the market to get a new hand gun. I'm looking between the glock 30sf gen 4 . Or the Taurus pt145 mellinum pro gen 3. I have been doing a lot of reading on these guns and I would like to know you guys input, and weather or not there is someone by me that has one of these that I can test fire... I live in richlands nc. Thanks guys....
    First off, the G30SF is a Generation 3 Glock. However, the Gen 4 Glock G30 will have the same trigger reach as the Gen 3 30SF, as long as you do not install the additional backstraps Glock provides with the Gen 4's. I personally like Gen 4 Glocks and currently have a Gen 4 G17 and a Gen 4 G27. I recently sold a Gen 4 G30 because I liked the G30s(not sf) better...and incidentally the G30s uses the SF frame. So....have I confused you enough? If you go down to your local Glock store and compare them side by side, you can see the difference between the models of Glock 30.

    I have never owned a Taurus PT145 Millenium Pro but I have put several rounds through one and it is not a bad pistol. Trigger was not very good and I was more accurate with the various Glocks. I don't remember any malfunctions so if there were any it must have been nothing major.

    I much prefer the Glock 30.
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    I'm a definite Glock lover, and had a Taurus PT145 a long time ago (quickly got rid of it). I don't see much of a value of the Taurus in terms of quality and dependability.OMOYMV
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    There's a reason you can buy a Taurus dirt cheap.......

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    I have no experience with the Taurus, so subjectively speaking I'd highly recommend the G30. In all fairness I'd call your LGS / shooting ranges and see if they offer both pistols for rent.
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    One has a reputation for reliability, the other doesn't. It should be an easy choice.
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    I would never, ever trust my life with a Taurus. Ever.
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    Not even a hesitation on this. Glock 30. I've had the PT140. If the PT 145 is anything like it, Not even close.
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    I'd probably go with the Glock. However, if the Taurus suits you better, remember that most of the people who "will never trust Taurus again" bought Taurus weapons years ago, and the company has reportedly improved its quality substantially in the last five years. Not saying buy a Taurus, just saying take the hate with a grain of salt.
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