Thinkin bout a S&W M&P 40 cal....?

Thinkin bout a S&W M&P 40 cal....?

This is a discussion on Thinkin bout a S&W M&P 40 cal....? within the Defensive Carry Guns forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; Any thoughts, comments, observations............? I think I've narrowed it down between the Smith or the Springfield XD 40 cal.......thanks for a reply....

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Thread: Thinkin bout a S&W M&P 40 cal....?

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    Thinkin bout a S&W M&P 40 cal....?

    Any thoughts, comments, observations............? I think I've narrowed it down between the Smith or the Springfield XD 40 cal.......thanks for a reply.

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    both are good guns. can you rent them and shoot them to see which one you like. did you take a look at the glocks?? they make some of the best guns right out of the box.
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    S&w M&p 9c

    Well I've always been skeptical of S&W Auto's, however, the new M&P really caught my eye. I've carried alot of guns throught the years. I also have 5 Sigs, 3 Glocks, 2Beretta's, 1 H&K, 3 1911's various manufactors. I went and folded and traded a Colt Delta 10mm (Not a Elite) bone stock series 80 Lew Horton for a new M&P 9C. btw not a big fan of 1911's and I do have a blued Colt Delta Elite NIB. I know lay it on me that might have been stupid for a gun that I've never shot but WOW. I'm highly impressed. I'm not one to try and and tell people what to buy but still I was HIGHLY impressed. Got the gun within a one hour I was at my range running some ammo through it 0 FTF 0 FTE 0 Problems. Not to mention this gun had very very small recoil it was so light it was odd, and super fast second, third, and fourth shot accusition. The Ergonomics are incredible on this thing. Plus for a gun very similar in size to a G26 it carried 12+1 with no additional pieces. The removal backstraps really made a difference. I highly would recomend somebody interested in a G26 or a XD to check one of these puppies out before you buy.
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    I was very excited about the M&P. I handled several at shops and shows and came close to shelling out the bucks for one (in 9mm). Then I got the go ahead to T&E one for my agency, and I'm glad I did as I saved myself some cash.

    I loved everything about the pistol until I actually shot it. It had too much muzzle flip, and while I could shoot it accurately, I couldn't run it with any speed and get hits like I should.

    Another departmental instructor tried it and had the same opinion, and suggested that the department not adopt it.
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    tnates, rob- I merged the 2 posts since they are contemplating the same gun, or darn near.
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    If given a choice between those two guns, I would go XD. However, I would also consider the Beretta PX4 in 40.

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    My agency T&E'd it too. We didn't buy it either. The mickey mouse, yellow paper clip looking sear release had the armorers laughing. The tool in the grip, to disengage it had us laughing. The "optional" internal lock was a laugh as well. The armorers were there with us, because the roll pins appeared to be working themselves out. Not as accurate as the Glock 22, but was 100% reliable. We also felt it was butt ugly (still do). Regards 18DAI.

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    I have an M&P 40, without the lock and I love it. Came with two 15 round magazines...extra ones are about $40 a pop

    I've been firing Remington 180 grain metal cased UMC through it and have had no problems with feeding. I've shot some Speer Gold Dot hollow points through it as well with no problems. Not many though, that would get a bit pricey!

    The trigger has a small amount of grit in it, but seems to be going away over time. Not enough to make a difference to me and I'm sure a trigger job would take care of it if you were so inclined.

    Take down is a breeze and is accomlished with a seer release lever rather than pulling the trigger. I didn't notice anything having to do with Mickey Mouse in there, though.

    This firearm is well balanced, easy -for me- to get back on target and I prefer the grip angle over a Glock. XD, Glock, M&P, nice firearms all. Like was mentioned above, go fire some rounds through each because it will come down to personal preference in the end and you can't go wrong either way.

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    33 don't need to use the "mickey mouse" sear disconnect lever. You can take it apart ala XD by just pulling the trigger instead. If a department chooses to teach take down using said lever, it may stop some cop with an less then rigorous safety routine from having an ND. I mean come on, who's ever heard of a cop ever putting a hole in a PD wall breaking down their issued weapon...

    Roll pins backing out were an issue on a few initial M&P's, but it was fixed very, very early on, I believe in the MPBxxx serial number series. They are currently on the MPLxxx serial numbers.

    As for muzzle flip...that's pretty on the contrary to what most people find with the M&P series. It's somewhat known to be a soft shooter, but hey, different strokes for different folks.

    I thoroughly enjoy mine, but that's not to say I don't enjoy glocks and XD's as well. I was deciding between a glock and an XD before I handled an M&P.... ended up walking out the door with one and am very satisfied.

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    I've got an XD 9MM and an M&P .40 (without the lock). They are both great guns for me. The M&P will be lighter with a larger capacity (I believe the XD .40 only holds 13+1). Go for whichever feels the best in your hand.

    You can read my extended range report (and rambling) on the M&P here:
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