Which one to buy

Which one to buy

This is a discussion on Which one to buy within the Defensive Carry Guns forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; Looking for another carry gun. Which would you get. Walter pps,ruger lc9, S&W sheild 9 or 40. Or Springfield xds. Glock 42 is an option ...

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Thread: Which one to buy

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    Question Which one to buy

    Looking for another carry gun. Which would you get. Walter pps,ruger lc9, S&W sheild 9 or 40. Or Springfield xds. Glock 42 is an option too but none can be found.

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    The only one of those that I'm familiar with is the xds. I have the 45 and I love it. Very easy to carry. Barely know it's there.

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    I have had 2 XDS pistols, the 3.3 and 4.0. Excellent in my opinion. Never a malfunction, accurate and comfortable to shoot. Also had the 9mm Shield. Another excellent gun. The PPS is on my radar, but it's up there in price. Worth another $100-150 for it over the other 2? Not in my book it's not. Also had the Glock 42. Mine was a disaster. Very ammo picky. Had quite a few malfunctions with it. Sold it, life is too short.

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    XDs in 45acp here.
    Lovin' it more than Mickey D's!
    At 1000 rounds now, without a hitch.

    EDC SMALL!!!!!

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    Which would I get?

    The Shield of course!!!!
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    Shield in either caliber is the best IMO. I have it in .40 and I love it. No problems yet. Shot probobly 1000 rounds thru it so fr and it is my edc gun
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    What guns have you had expercian with ? How do you carry ? What of these have you fired ?

    I have owned all but the LC9 which I wont buy due to the LCI and internal lock ditto the lc380 ...

    That all said for me I did not like the shild as it was a bear for me to take down .. The pps I very much liked due to the paddle mag drop system and how smoth it was but both it and the shilde are not pocket guns unless you have deep pockets ..

    The XDS is a true pocket gun and so long as you get post recale they are very nice easy to carry and shoot and hide well

    PPS for me seem to have less holsters options then the rest .

    42s are startign to come on scene most I have seen on GB are around 450 or so 465 with shipping .. Glock 26 maybe ? Not a pocket gun but good gun ..

    For pocket I say the XDS .. For all else shot them and see what you like I say ....
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    Held a G42 this week. I was so impressed. Small yet stout. Wow...I would love one.

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    Love my shield, dead solid perfect from day one. Of course you can't go wrong with the XDS in 45 either...if you don't mind grip safeties.
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    I would go with the XDs of your choice. You cant go wrong with that pistol, mine has been flawless since i took it out of the box. Its a great little gun. I would recommend, if you feel its necessary, the finger extension from pearce grips or at least one of the higher capacity mags. Whats cool about the 4.0 is that it comes with a 9 round mag and a 7 round mag.
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    Shield in 9 or 40.my shield has been flawless

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    Speaking of the Shield.... any word if Smith is going to ditch the manuel safety? I shot it's bigger brother the M&Pc and no safety to worry about, just like my G26.
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    I have a lc9 and a 40 shield. Both are great in their own way. I believe it or not love the long dao trigger on the lc9 for concealed carry. The shield is so much smoother and just as easy to carry in the size department. Much better shooter at the range too.

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    Your nickname may be Glockman, but you could change it to BerettaMan.
    Which one to buy-my-beretta-pic-1.jpg

    PX4 Compact in 9mm
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    I have been through a LOT of guns looking for the holy grail of CCW. I am not impressed by anything out there right now. With that said, if I was going to get another carry gun right now, I would not look at anything less than 9mm. IMHO, the two best choices out there right now, without getting into the 1911 class (which, incidentally I tried and was not impressed): sub $500 would be the Shield in 9mm, over $500 would be the Sig 938. Different triggers, obviously, but both are thin and easily concealable and shoot a respected and reliable round.
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