Sig P250 vs Walther PPX "the affordable DAO's"

This is a discussion on Sig P250 vs Walther PPX "the affordable DAO's" within the Defensive Carry Guns forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; These both seem like nice models for what they are. Safety-less, hammer-fired DAO's that are priced to be an "every-man's gun". With a close comparison ...

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Thread: Sig P250 vs Walther PPX "the affordable DAO's"

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    Sig P250 vs Walther PPX "the affordable DAO's"

    These both seem like nice models for what they are. Safety-less, hammer-fired DAO's that are priced to be an "every-man's gun".

    With a close comparison between the Sig P250-compact and the Walther PPX, they are almost identical on paper, with discrepancies in length, height, weight being minute and almost irrelevant. The only real difference between them I've noticed is that the PPX is a touch taller in the hand, an ounce or two heavier. However, these aren't necessarily bad things, as the PPX manages to squeeze an extra round in it's mag and seem to shoot a little softer than the P250C.

    Both of these guns are owned by a few friends of mine, so I've had a few chances to take them for a spin. I'm thinking of getting a PPX just as a cheap plinker or nightstand rig.

    I'd like to hear what you all have to say about each pistol if you've got some time on your hands. The only real benefit i see that one has over the other, is the Sig P250's ability to "double-strike" a round (something i wish the PPX had).

    I've got a glock, revolvers, a handful of shotguns and rifles ect, ect ect. I'm not looking for suggestions of other guns to get, just your thoughts on these two. Thanks in advance for lending a hand if you can

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    I have zero experience with the Walther and only a single outing under my belt with my buddy's P250. But I really liked the P250. The one big difference that I like about the Sig is its modularity. The ability to go from subcompact to compact to full-size is a great feature in my opinion.
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    I think the P250 is a better pistol.

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    The Walther is made by Umarex.
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    Never messed with the Walther, but the P250 has a really nice, smooth double action trigger. Surprisingly nice considering what it is. It's one of those guns I've always wanted, but never go out of my way to look for.
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    I've never fired the Walther but I carry a P250 sc 9mm everyday.

    Never had a single issue in 1000+ rounds.

    Long trigger pull but smooth as butter.

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    I have a p250 sc in 40. Like it quite a bit. Functions flawlessly. I like the long trigger pull. In a stressful situation the long trigger pull will not be a problem for me while a short light pull with me might could yield an unintentional discharge. Yes, I know about "train, train, train."

    The double strike seems to me to be less important if you use top quality ammo. I have used the double strike feature when shooting the cheap by the case cartridges. I concluded that it was the ammo not the gun that would cause the need for a doublestrike....perhaps every 300 - 400 rounds. Interestingly, every double strike caused the cartridge to fire.

    No experience with the Walther.


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    I have the PPX and had(sold) the P250. The trigger on the PPX is head and shoulders above the P250 IMHO. However, you must keep in mind that the PPX is not truly a DAO pistol. It's more analogous to a striker fired pistol ala Glock or M&P. It's a pre charged hammer fired pistol, the hammer is cocked partially and the trigger fully cocks and releases. It does not have double strike capability.

    I never really got to like the long(but smooth) DAO trigger on the P250. It just wasn't my cup of tea, so to speak.

    I'm not sure about the PPX being made by Umarex. Mine is marked Walther, Ulm Germany. It does have less of a warranty than other Walther pistols and the barrel/chamber/locking block construction is drastically different than other Browning actions from Walther. It appears to be a MIM block with the barrel/chamber press fit and the feed ramp welded in place, which I'm sure contributes to the lower price.

    The PPX is shooter though. Very accurate and follow up shots are easy due to the very manageable recoil and extremely nice trigger. While I only have around 1k rounds through mine it has not shown any problems yet. I shoot my hand loads primarily but ran a box of WWB and a couple mags of Critical Defense through it as well.
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    P250 all the way.
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    +1 for the p250 love mine!

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