5 guns you don't own but wish you did

5 guns you don't own but wish you did

This is a discussion on 5 guns you don't own but wish you did within the Defensive Carry Guns forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; Okay, here's a 'just for fun' thread. 5, and only 5, guns you don't currently own but wish you did. My list is going to ...

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Thread: 5 guns you don't own but wish you did

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    5 guns you don't own but wish you did

    Okay, here's a 'just for fun' thread. 5, and only 5, guns you don't currently own but wish you did. My list is going to seem pretty pedestrian as many of them are bread and butter staples for a lot of you. That and I'm not really into a lot of super exotic guns.

    1) A full size 1911 with wood grips and a mirror polished slide.
    -Because they are gorgeous and who doesn't love a 1911?

    2) A shorter (not snubbie) barreled .357 Magnum. Likely a Smith & Wesson Model 19. Nice and shiny, too. I love the Model 19.
    -Something that begins to get into the realm of 'bear repellent' when hiking, but isn't too unwieldy. Can also be a carry weapon when traveling on my motorcycle and I can easily conceal under a vest or jacket.

    3) An AR-15 (yikes, I don't have one! A sin around these parts I know!)
    -Because it's an AR-15

    4) Some sort of .22 pistol for plinking. Walther P22, Bersa Thunder .22
    -Because I love shooting handguns but it gets pricey!

    5) Berretta CX4 9mm Carbine
    -I would love a Carbine with a bit of a punch to it. And 9mm is affordable to shoot! (and, okay... it looks sweet)

    How about you all?

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    I'll chime in quickly because dollars to donuts I'll change my mind as this thread gets going.

    1). Beretta 92 DAO Made in Italy
    2). Beretta 9mm Carbine (same as you, romans)
    3). S&W 617 6" 10-shot .22lr Target revolver
    4). Taurus View
    5). Beretta .22lr Bobcat

    The S&W and the Taurus are on the have-to-have list.
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    Sure, I'll play
    1) A nice 44 Magnum (Dirty Harry Style)
    2) Beretta Nano
    3) M4, you never know
    4) Dressed up 1911
    5) 50 Caliber anything
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    Ex Member Array rammerjammer's Avatar
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    Oct 2009
    Omaha, Nebraska
    Manurhin MR73
    WWI German Luger
    M1 Garand
    Ruger Alaskan
    Chiappa 5" White Rhino
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    East Tennessee
    1. Ruger SR-556 or FN FS2000 (haven't decided which I like best yet)
    2. Mossberg 500 12ga
    3. Beretta Cx4 9mm (yeah, I'm hopping on this bandwagon. I want a Px4 to share mags with it, but that's besides the point)
    4. H&K HK45
    5. Walther PPS 9mm
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    I am lucky that I have bought a lot of guns over the last 43 years and my bucket list included a lot of guns that I did not like after I owned them. The Browning HiPower is such a gun. I bought the Practical model with a chrome slide. A real beauty that gave me hammer bite despite putting the smallest hammer they sell on it. A lot of 1911s also went through my hands. I love them but hate to disassemble them ever since getting arthritis and nerve damage in my hands.

    I love the Colt Defender so much that I bought three of them. None of them were reliable enough to carry so I got rid of them. I had a real Colt SAA that looked good but I found the trigger guard to be too small for my fat fingers and the grips not suited to my mitts. One of the finest guns that I owned was a Sig X5 with a 2.5 lb. trigger. A SAO beauty that made it easy to look like a great shooter. Did not like the light trigger since I do not have full feeling in my fingers. I need some resistance to feel the trigger well. I can go on and on and talk about the guns I sold before their custom holsters or carry ammo arrived. 40+ of them passed through my hands just in the last 4 years and I have been buying guns for over 40 years. So I already bought all the guns I ever wanted, sold them and then wanted more and sold them and then wanted more and ...... Well, you get the picture. These are the ones that I kept and will never sell just like the other never sell guns that I used to own. It is a sickness. I just bought two new guns last week and I do not even have room in my safe for them. :)

    Sig M11-A1
    HK P2000SK
    HK USP 9mm
    S&W 340PD Scandium
    FN FX45

    The 340PD and Sig P938 get carried the most. the HK P2000K is my traveling out of my retirement community gun. The Sig is my going to the big city gun. The FN FX45 is my main home defense gun. 15 +1 rounds of .45 goodness.
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    Mar 2013
    1) HK 45 Compact
    2) CZ P07 Duty in .40
    3) IWI Tavor SAR
    4) Dan Wesson Titan
    5) Ruger SP101

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    VIP Member Array WrongRecroom's Avatar
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    Oct 2013
    AZ moutain lands
    1. M16 with belt fed upper
    2. M60
    3. UZI full auto resg in 9/22/45
    4. Lathia 20mm anti tank gun
    5. 5.7 with a 2k rounds of black and green tip round
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    Jan 2012
    RIA Tactical .45 (next on list)
    .357 Magnum Henry Lever Rifle
    Glock 30S
    2.5" Smith 66
    .308 AR type (not sure which one yet)
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    May 2013
    Gulf Coast of Alabama
    Colt Python w/ 3'' bbl
    Colt Commando (.38 spl)
    Colt Series 70 Gold Cup
    Beretta 686 Oynx in 20 ga
    Henry Varmit .22mag lever action
    Retired Police Lieutenant, Former MH-53 Pave Low Gunner, Retired USAF Reserve, Glock Armorer, AL Retired LEO Pistol Permit, NRA Certified Pistol Instructor, LEOSA Qualified
    Active Fraternal Order of Police member
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    Senior Member Array Addictedhealer's Avatar
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    Jan 2014
    Ruger gp100
    Kahr Mk9
    Ruger sp101

    I gotta get to work!! With a baby on the way looks like it might be a bit.

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    Dec 2012
    upstate sc
    My realistic wish list:

    Dan Wesson 1911
    Sig P226 9mm
    M1 Carbine
    Colt New Agent .45 acp
    Beretta 686 Onxy Pro O & U 12ga
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    Jul 2013
    M-09 LF
    SIG P210
    Walther P.38 Code 480 or Zero Series
    Walther PP Super (again)
    SIG-Sauer P225 (again)
    H&K UPS45 (again)
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    I like all kinds of foreign guns.

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    VIP Member Array scottync's Avatar
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    Jun 2013
    Tobacco Rd
    M1 Garand, Benelli Super Vinci 12 gauge, Ruger Super Redhawk, Kimber Fastback Nightmare, SW 686
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    VIP Member Array DingBat's Avatar
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    Colorado, Rocky Mountains
    M2 - Ma' Duece- Full Auto- 10k rounds. tripod mount.

    HK P7 M8 - (w/"American"- 1911 style thumb mag release)

    P90 - the Full Auto version, W/ 10k rounds of the GOOD ammo...

    Knight Armament - LMG (or Stoner 96) - (w/ 10k rounds, pre-linked)

    Boys Mk1 Anti-tank Rifle (i'll not be as greedy and say 1k rounds, of AP, is enough...)

    This is my list.... I would trade the Boys for a Crate of Stinger missiles but.... in spirit of being "guns"....

    EDIT- Nobody said "realistic" that I saw...
    "If it's worth shooting once, it's worth shooting - how many times was that?"

    "You cannot control the Enemy. You can control yourself. The Victory lies within."

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