My XDs was having off center light primer strikes because it was failing to return fully to battery. I read on a few threads on XD Talk that putting the Tripp Research springs in the magazines would help solve this issue. I also cut about 2mm of the rubber extractor spring as I read on other threads. I did that and went to the range to try it out today. They were right the issue was solved. I shot 50 rounds of federal bulk ammo and no matter how weak I gripped the pistol it always returned fully to battery and had 0 light strikes. I then shot 50 rounds of Tula and again had 0 light strikes, however I did have multiple failures where the spent casing was getting stuck in the chamber. Which had never happened before with Tula or any other ammo. I then switched back to federal for another 50 rounds and perfection again. Any ideas why these changes would cause my gun to not be able to cycle Tula but work excellently with Federal?