test Driving my new Kahr

Test Driving my new Kahr

This is a discussion on Test Driving my new Kahr within the Defensive Carry Guns forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; Just picked up my new Kahr CM9 and so far I am very pleased with it. I have standard Bersa Thunder 380 (not the CC, ...

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Thread: test Driving my new Kahr

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    test Driving my new Kahr

    Just picked up my new Kahr CM9 and so far I am very pleased with it.

    I have standard Bersa Thunder 380 (not the CC, Combat or the Plus) that has been a very reliable gun. It is easy to shoot, easy to breakdown and easy to clean. I am someone who likes the safety mechanisms due to my various job requirements. Nevertheless, they have never caused me any problems. However, it is a large (Length: 6.6”, Height:4.9”Width: 1.3”) and heavy (Weight:20 oz.) for a gun that shoots 380. With summer coming I was looking for a smaller, lighter pocket pistol, possibly something I can carry while I go jogging. Also wanted to upgrade to a 9mm. I can't find .380 ammo around me anyway. Already have a S&W SD40 for the increase caliber and capacity as a home defense gun.
    I really liked the Sig P290RS and P938. I was ready to buy a Sig290RS with a laser at Gander when I decided to check out the LGS again and he said he could get me a new Kahr CM9 or CM40 for under $400, which in these parts of NY is pretty good. Given the price and weight difference I decided to go with the Kahr rather than the Sig. I choose the 9mm because I think a .40 would be too much recoil for me in such a small package. Also the 9mm mag carries an extra round. I also grabbed a used 7 round mag with pinky extension they had lying around.

    I have only put 50 rounds of Remington UMC 115gr FMJ through it but so far no hiccups. I have read about Kahrs having some troubles in the first 200 rounds until the gun is broken in so I was a little anxious about this but the thing was flawless with both mags. The slide is challenging to rack and I still getting used to not having a hammer and a decocker. It seems weird to not have a saftey.

    This morning I did follow some of the prep and cleaning instructions they have on KahrTalk Forums - Powered by vBulletin under the Kahr Tech section.

    It so small and light I can see myself comfortably pocket carrying this gun with a pocket holster at times but I think my main carry method will still be IWB.

    Still carrying the Bersa until I've put another 200-300 rounds through it but I am trying to decide is whether or not to keep it. It has been super reliable and I do harbor the hope that my wife will want to get her pistol permit someday but she has told several times she does not want to. However, it won't fill any role I can think of. The .380 ammo if too expensive to plink with, I won't carry it if the Kahr continues to be reliable and I don't need a night stand gun although I don't think a low capacity .380 without a light would make a good choice for that anyway. And selling it would allow me to buy more mags, ammo and fund more training for the Kahr.

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    My CM-9 is not my favorite EDC gun, but since I got it, it has become my most frequently carried gun. It's been 100% reliable from the start, is small and light, and I feel better about carrying a 9mm than I did about .38 Special. I pocket carry in a DeSantis Nemesis, with one extra magazine. I also shoot it much better than I do my a Smith 642, which adds to my confidence.

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    Great little EDC gun. I've got the PM9 (same thing you have but with Corinthian leather). It's been a workhorse for 6ish years now and it looks as good as when I bought i brand new. Kahr's are great little shooters. Congrats

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    Quote Originally Posted by AnthonyC View Post
    Just picked up my new Kahr CM9 and so far I am very pleased with it ... for under $400 ...

    ... the thing was flawless with both mags. The slide is challenging to rack and I still getting used to not having a hammer and a decocker. It seems weird to not have a saftey.
    I think you'll find it fairly accurate, too. In my own hands, I've had a couple PM9's and a few P380's. The PM9's have been amazingly accurate, rivaling many mid-sized pistols.

    As for carrying IWB, you might find it to be a bit challenging to get a good "combat" grip on the first go, unless your holster is well designed and presents the full grip to you. Something to think about. Though, if pocket carry isn't your thing or you find it won't fit in your pockets, IWB or OWB isn't a bad choice.

    If you're finding the slide hard to rack, consider that the recoil spring does weaken after several hundred times being cycled. You can do multi-racking of the slide much the same as you'd do dry-firing. It'll soften things up for you, as well as toughen up your fingers. Try the overhand approach to racking the slide, as well, if you're not already, instead of grabbing the rear of the slide between your thumb and forefinger. Much more of a positive cycling, easier to deal with a stiffer recoil spring.
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    Lol "test driving my new kahr" I get it! Because it's pronounced like "Car"

    Buh num tsssssss
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    This was taken after first range trip with new CM9 about 2 yrs ago. It has yet to miss a beat! Good shootin' little gun!
    Attached Thumbnails Attached Thumbnails Test Driving my new Kahr-fa-047-2-.jpg  

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    Congrats. My PM9 has been flawless through about 300 rounds. Great shooter, my ED pocket carry during warmer weather.

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    Very nice, how long does it have that new Kahr smell?
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    Glad to hear your pleased with it.

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    Welcome to the Kahr club!
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    Forget about the what if or maybe's and run it wet and shoot the heck out of it. They tend to run fine if you don't think about it to much . Just know you are not going to run the same round count thru it in a range section you would or could with a run of the mill 26oz + handgun. Maybe 25% as much??

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