What full size gun do you carry?

What full size gun do you carry?

This is a discussion on What full size gun do you carry? within the Defensive Carry Guns forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; OK,I've tried to carry a full size gun(Glock 17,Ruger Sec. six)and I just haven't figured it out yet.I now pocket carry a snubbie..how do you ...

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Thread: What full size gun do you carry?

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    What full size gun do you carry?

    OK,I've tried to carry a full size gun(Glock 17,Ruger Sec. six)and I just haven't figured it out yet.I now pocket carry a snubbie..how do you guys carry a full size gun(4" )and not have it print like crazy?
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    The only full size guns I have are a Rossi 357 with a 4" barrel and a Tuarus PT-92FS. I only CC the Taurus OWB with a Vest or coat as a cover garment. My routine CC guns is a Tuarus 605 and a Makarov .380. My normal mode of dress for work prohibits a cover garment. So I pocket carry or use smart carry.

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    tuckables holsters

    I used a high noon split decision with my Walther p99, is a tuckable holster, consfortable, cheap, jus tucked under my shirt, not a lot of printing, I prefer it over my Tuck this from Desantis( used in Taurus mil pro Pt111)

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    SA XD.40S&W, IWB Galco Sky-ops (btw I hate the holster) Tucked.

    Works Like a champ, been in a crowded house party and no-one said a thing, not even a sideways glance.

    I have a Triskel on order from Garrity, I can't wait for him to finish it. I can only assume It will conceal as god if not better yet be so much more comfrtable.


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    My CZ75B works just fine with OWB carry. But then I am big enough to it

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    I use an OWB for full sized guns. I carry any one of a number of them. I was carrying a 1911 4" for quite awhile. This week I have been carrying a S&W N Frame 624 (44 spec). I also will carry Sigs P220, P226 or P228. I wear a stiff shirt or jacket as a cover garmet without any issues. I usually also have a S&W 642 in my pocket as a BUG.

    A good belt and holster and it works well. The trick I have found is getting a belt holster combo that keeps the gun in close to your side. That and typically my cover garmet is one size bigger than I would wear if I weren't carrying.
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    Rather what Scott said ..... EDC is SIG 226 ST - quite big and heavy, which I like.

    Because of lifestyle and cover garment options I can OWB this (Eagle Defender) - and that holds in tight too. Really no problem and printing is pretty much a non issue.

    So - IMO much will depend on how you can cover things up.
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    Depends on how "full" the full size is, plus the holster

    Quote Originally Posted by TonyB View Post
    How do you guys carry a full size gun (4" )and not have it print like crazy?
    A lot depends on what you mean by "full size". Normally I consider full size to be a steel 1911 with 5 inch barrel, a Beretta 92, an H&K USPf, or a steel revolver with 4 inch or greater barrel. These are indeed hard to conceal without printing.

    But there are quite a few "medium size" guns with approximately 4 inch barrel that are easier to conceal. Three that I have carried are the Glock 23, the H&K USP 40c, and the Kimber CDP Pro. These are not hard to conceal with the right holster and belt, under a good cover garment. Here is my Glock 23, which only weighs about 23 ounces empty, in a Kramer horsehide belt scabbard which pulls it close to my body and conceals quite well:

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    Para P16/40 (converted to 10mm)...

    Tucker OWB strong side holster...

    Thick 1 3/4" belt...

    Adjustable 1 1/2" suspenders (leather)...

    Back-up is a K40 in 40 S&W (left hip in Tucker OWB)...

    Other items: Surefire P6 with Kydex holster, spare mag on weak side, Dozier fixed blade fighter (horizontal front carry), Leathermans tool, keys holder (leather)...

    All very comforting (and comfortable). The good support equipment (belt, suspenders) make it all work with little effort....

    1911 Magazine Solution (7 for carry - 8 for fun).Use seven round magazines/flat follower with dimple, 11 lb magazines springs - PERIOD! Don't blame the 1911 platform if you have FtF, FtE, or anything else magazine related. THIS IS BROWNING'S DESIGN - YOU ARE WARNED! Avatar = KaBoom! G21

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    When I carry a full size, it's a Glock 17. I think the Blackhawk CQC OWB holster does a nice job of keeping it close to the body.

    I'm not sure how it would be with a full size, but with my Glock 26 I use an IWB Comp-tac. Great holster that really doesn't print much at all.

    Glock 26
    SA 1911 A1
    Glock 17
    Kel-Tec 3AT
    Phoenix Arms .22LR

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    F/S 1911 in a MSVMII, Para P14/45 in the same MSVMII. S/A XD45 Tactical in a Blade Tech IWB plastic holster. And I carry either one in a Tommys fannypack.
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    As others have mentioned, a lot depends on what you use to cover it up.

    My dedicated set up is a Glock 21, 45 ACP with a double stack mag, one the large scale, it rides in a K&D Cochise Defender IWB at around 3:30 to 4:00, just behind the hip bone, it covers nicely with a golf shirt or sweatshirt, best is an un tucked button down shirt with some kind of a printed patern. My build is 5'-8" at a newley reached 205 lbs, there is a little bit if a gut started.

    Chris had a nice diagram before showing the easier carry method to body build comparison.

    The main thing, it has to stay in close to the body, and the cant needs to be adjusted to match the location, seems to be the further you are from 3:00 the more cant you will probably need.
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    Easy..I'm a "full size" guy.
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    when i carry fullsize i carry a 1911 5" and normal edc is a 1911 4 1/4 its easy to carry with good holster and belt

    sure you will need to alter your dress style a but

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    Usually a full size 1911, 1911 Commander or Glock 23........all hide easily & I'm not a big fellow.
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