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Straight Poop On the P3-AT

This is a discussion on Straight Poop On the P3-AT within the Defensive Carry Guns forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; Another satisfied owner here... I have a 2nd gen with factory Hard Chrome finish. Lives in a Nemisis pocket holster any time I'm wearing pants. ...

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Thread: Straight Poop On the P3-AT

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    Another satisfied owner here... I have a 2nd gen with factory Hard Chrome finish. Lives in a Nemisis pocket holster any time I'm wearing pants.

    I fired several hundred rounds through it after I purchased it to test it for reliability... passed with flying colors. Never a single failure. Now, I put a mag or two of my carry ammo (Gold Dots) through it every range trip, and that's about it. Blow the dust out of it once a week, and clean after firing it.

    As far as longevity... if this thing starts showing problems in a few years, I'll just pick up another one. Don't really expect any trouble with it, from my other experience with KT handguns.

    I have a P11 that I've put several thousand rounds through without any major issues. I did have the underside of the slide mushroom a bit where the hammer rides on it. Never caused a failure, but when hand cycling, there was a definite 'catch' when the mushroomed bit passed over the hammer. 10 minutes with a bit of emery cloth fixed it right up.
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    ALS, the beauty to the P3aT is it disappears/doesn't print, shoots well, is a 380, its light, inexpensive, and its faster to reload than my j-frame=the perfect BUG. When I can't carry anything else (rarely), this is it. Sure, a larger caliber as a primary makes sense, but why not try carrying your Ruger and keep the P3aT as your BUG. You can always sell it an then regret it:)

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    New P-3AT

    Took my new P-3AT out to the police range (my son's a cop) Saturday. Between the two of us we put about 80 rounds (mostly FMJ but I did include one magazine of Gold Dots) down range. No problems, went BANG every time I pulled the trigger. Recoil wasn't too bad; not the most accurate pistol I've fired but I was hardly expecting it to be.
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    Ended up with a Seecamp .380. It's probably wrong to have sold the Kel-Tec and spend so much, but it's done and I'll have to live with it.

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    Mine shoots very well but extracts the cases a long way off and usually not useable again. Steve48

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    So far, my P3 has been flawless. I have had it several months and have about 100 rounds through it. I love it!!


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    1st Gen Here...

    No problems...ever...would never sell it...great little gun for the pocket...


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    2nd Generation. 650 perfect rounds from various mfgrs without any issues at all. Read the excellent site KTOG.COM for a while prior to getting it. Many tips there on use, carry, fixes, mods and such. Fluffed and buffed it first.

    Started looking for a small 9 but very happily ended with the P3AT which is the perfect no fuss, no print EZ 100% carry peice.

    I enlarged the grip with tape and overgrips so it could be squeezed for better Point shooting and handling .... totally comfortable. But my other weapons are 357 and 44 mag so any recoil is insignificant.

    Great pointshooter: retention, 1/4 hip, 3/4 hip, full point etc up to about 25 ft.

    Give me a buzz if you've got a used 2nd Gen for sale at 150 or less.

    Edit-- With so many thousands sold there are inevitably some defctive ones. KT service is legendary for taking care of its herd.

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    Have had one for a few years, great BUG - the most invisible gun I own.

    In the begining I had several FTFs (rather common and KelTec will repair/smooth if you send it back) till I polished the ramp with 500 rounds, and since then I've never had any malfuntions. KelTec's first releases have had a less than desirable reputation; current 3PATs should be just fine.

    If clothing allows, I prefer to carry a snubbie as my BUG.

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    I've had 2 Kel-tecs, the p-11 I'd not recommend to anyone. My p-32 I just cannot replace though. I got it when they were new on the market and the wait time was over 9 weeks. Only thing it does not like is cciblazer hardball. several thousand rounds through it no problems. 2 friends have the .380 and have had no problems. luteai

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    I really like my Kel-Tecs. P-11 and 2nd gen P3AT. Both are so easy to carry. The P-11 with the belt clip and the 3AT in pocket holster. I also have a Para LTC lightweight commander size 1911 that I prefer for ccw, but I often find myself just tucking the P-11 inside my waistband with the belt clip instead of fooling with the IWB holster and the LTC.

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