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What do you all think about this setup?

This is a discussion on What do you all think about this setup? within the Defensive Carry Guns forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; Yeah see if it was for me, I'd just get the Makarov. The problem I have though is that I can't find anyone that actually ...

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    Yeah see if it was for me, I'd just get the Makarov.

    The problem I have though is that I can't find anyone that actually sells them locally. I'd have to buy one from AIM surplus and get a transfer, and that leads me to consider other things instead.

    Does anyone know if there's a good defensive factory catridge for the Makarov 9x18 caliber?

    And aren't Llama-Bersa the same thing, kind of like Rossi-Taurus?

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    Speer Gold dots. I'm sure there are more out there. I know 2 guys with Mak's and they seem to like em.

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    Well that answers one complaint about the Maks.

    Well I tell you what.

    I will keep an eye peeled. If I see anyone around here actually selling a Mak, I'll buy it for her.

    If I see the Bersa at a really good price, I'll buy it got her.

    If I agonize over it too much, it'll take forever to solve this problem.

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    This is the first thread I have ever heard bera bashing. I worked in a gunshop, and we sold lots of those Thunder 380s - I almost bought one. Not one customer ever returned one, or complained. Figuring you aunt isn't a firearmns enthusiast, and is going to shoot maybe once a year, even a gun with a supposed 4000 round lifespan will outlive her. I know several people who swear by the Bersa!
    If she's not a "gun" person, a SA auto would not be a good choice, like the Llamas and such, so go ahead with your choice. I will state the Makarov is a good handy little pistol, and the cartridge is not bad at all in a good loading.
    Make sure she shoots several mags full through it, and it gets at least 200 down the pipe before she starts carrying it.
    If you have some scratch you can kick in, do buy her a decent rig, a paddle or so that will be comfortable. The cheap holsters are uncomfortable, and it seems she may be the type to not carry if is isn't comfortable, right?
    Good luck!
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    Quote Originally Posted by mikaldulee
    Try a Makorov or P64. Cheap($120-150), semi automatic, easy to use, and durable. I own a P64, it will do the trick. Fobus also makes a Mak holster.

    Ditto on the Mak. My brother loved his until his wife took it for her own. I'd look at the gold dots too, but really in the .380 hardball will do just about as well and the extra $ can be spent in practice.

    As far as holsters I'd opt for a clip on type with a thumb snap. Personally I've never warmed up to the 'plastic holsters' and have stuck with the nylon and leather.
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    FM Hi Power or a Bulgarian Makarov.

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    FWIW...the 9x18 in the Makorav is a bit more powerful than a .380 and ammo is plentiful now.

    Ive got a PA63 also. Its just a PPK clone and it'll hide well and its built like a tank.Its in .380. It cost me 99 bucks several yers ago, now I think they are up to 130-140$.

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    Well, Im sorry I didnt see this thread before........alot of good information.

    The Mak is a killer little gun that will outlast most of their owners. Ive had many and put a gazillion rounds through them. The Makarov 9x18 is about 20% more powerful/energy wise than a 380 is. The are reliable to a fault......ammo is cheap when you can find it......if you cant do it locally, buy it online....dams ammo, makarov.com etc.. I HIGHLY recommend Barnaul JHP's or Hornady JHP's for defensive ammo.

    I recommend a Mak and Im not alone.....I make ALOT of Mak holsters for people who carry them and have carried ALOT of guns. Thats how good they are...remember its not always the biggest, baddest gun you carry......its one you shoot well and will fire when you pull the trigger and the Mak does that.

    Another choice Id recommend is a Keltec P11.....9mm is better than the Mak for energy, the guns are good and reliable....Ive had 2 and they were perfect.

    Ill make you a deal.....whatever gun you get for her, Ill make you a holster for whatever you have left......hell, Ill give it to her if I have to. And yes Im serious. Nothing fancy but will work when she needs it.

    PM me or email me.......get her a good gun and let me know what it is.......

    Good luck................Eric Larsen/HBE
    If you choose not to decide, you still have made a choice..........Rush

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    Bob from Southern New Hampshire
    Soooooooooooo... She wants a Semi auto? 380 or 32 flavor...hmmmmmm <scratching head> Bernadelli 60 in 380acp might be good but at the high end of the money chain.........What about a Taurus 85 in 38 Spl? secondly, has she thought of a GOOD used handgun. As you know, I have no ill feelings about buying used, better to have somebody else take the hit on it, than me paying full price.

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