360PD Snubby

360PD Snubby

This is a discussion on 360PD Snubby within the Defensive Carry Guns forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; Just pickud up a S&W 360PD. The instructions advise to test each load to assure bullets do not pull loose due to extreme recoil. If ...

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Thread: 360PD Snubby

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    360PD Snubby

    Just pickud up a S&W 360PD. The instructions advise to test each load to assure bullets do not pull loose due to extreme recoil.

    If they do the result could be a jam at the worst possible time. And actually clearing this jam could be a lot tougher than clearing a stovepipe in your favorite auto. So much for revolver reliability!!!

    Anyway: Have any of you fellow 360PD owners actually seen bullets pulling out of the case after firing a couple of rounds? If so with which rounds? I do intend to test them all just curious if anyone has had this less than comforting experience??

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    Never had it happen but I don't put .357 thru mine only .38+p. I tried several types of .38 and never had it happen. Just follow the recommendations of using over 110 grain bullets.

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    I have never had it happen or worried about it with mine... great gun. Obviously it has a little extra recoil because of it's weight but I don't have any probs hanging on.


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    I've officially tested only three flavors of ammunition with my 340pd:

    125 gr Speer gold dot .38 +p (They pulled a tiny, tiny bit- less than a millimeter),
    135 Gr Speer Gold Dot .357 Short Barrel (They didn't pull at all), and
    Cheapo Blazer 158 grain practice ammo (They pulled a scary amount. Way too much. They will go in the M19.)

    The moral of the story is that you get what you pay for, apparently.
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    Never noticed it in the 360PD I had, but I didn't shoot it very much.

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    All the information and first hand feedback I have been privy to eludes to staying above a 120 grain bullet for the 357 as less than that can unseat the bullet from the cases.

    I am searching for that exact revolver right now as a purchase.
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    Before shooting just inspect the crimping of the casing and how the bullet is seated. I had a few Magtechs come loose enough so that the cylinder wouldn't rotate but other than that anything that is considered "decent" ammo should be fine. Also < than 120gr is written on my 340PD which is good advice to follow.

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    I've tested .38+P Gold Dots and the Short Barrel 135gr Gold Dots in .357 and encountered no bullet pull issues. Not surprising considering the short barrel rounds were engineered for these snubbies. Winchester White Box in .357 and Cor Bon 125 gr JHP in .357 both pulled badly in my experience so I would avoid those.

    FWIW, Golden Sabre's and Cor Bon DPX in .357 are said to work well too but I cannot personally vouch for this.

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